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By: M I.
Super Shiny USA
The review by JB is one I can understand.I have been a customer at this place for 20 years. I went through two owners, and now this one. Helen and Jeff. They have absoluteness no regard for good customer service. He can't put together a sentence and he has no clue as to how to say sorry, or you are right .... She's a complete thief. I have never had to pay this laundromat a single cent more for doing my blankets, but suddenly when these two took over as owners, I noticed my bill for laundry service had gone up a bit. She was charging me $ 3.50 extra per blanket to the already weighed pounds of laundry I gave them to do. The she rang my credit card, and the next time I came in told me I owed her money from the time before, it was a few dollars and I frankly did not have my receipts so I gave her a few additional bucks. HOWEVER, the very next time I came in, dropped off my laundry for service, gave in dry cleaning and shirts and said to Helen, I'll pay you now, she said You Also Owe Me From Last Time. WTF, this time I took out my receipt which I had placed in my wallet and babbling Jeff came over and started to research out my receipt, spending almost 20 min trying to find his copies, which he eventually did and as I said, Helen was trying to clip me for another $ 50.00. Then when he finally realized I was right, he wanted to give me a store credit, but of course I insisted on him refunding the amount immediately to my credit card. She had walked away at this time and he was annoyed that I did not want a credit... Amazing how he understood that and was able to communicate with me that he wanted me to take a store credit, but could not say SORRY we made an error. What I did was I simply called him and her a crook, thieves. You have to watch them.On the good side is, they do laundry very well, they don't skimp on the products, it comes back well wrapped, clean and smelling nicely... But the two of them are either challenged or simply idiots. Not on ounce of customer service at all. NOw, they have some laundry of mine, dry cleaning and shirt and when I have it delivered or pick it up myself, it will be the last time I ever use them.
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By: Larry S.
Glady's Wash & Dry Cleaners
The best laundromat in Brighton Beach!!They have the only big dryers (45lbs) around which is great for drying big blankets and comforters. Also the wash machines has the text message system which lets you know when your clothes are finished by way of text to your phone. Open 24hrs
By: Alex K.
I R A Dirt Busters Inc
I have been using this laundromat and dry cleaners for several years and must say they are the best in the Boerum Hill area. Very reasonable prices and very nice and helpful staff. They offer free pick up and delivery for laundry and dry cleaning.
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By: Richard B.
Wavewizard Laundromat
I was forced to use a new laundry service. after 25 years. store refused me cause of med conditions. I'm a 60 yr old alone. I waas happy to find Wave Wizard no problems the took away at noon wash was done return by 4pm . price. not bad.
By: darkprincess8402
Sue-Lee Laundromat
Good Service during the morning time from Saturday-WednesdayTreated with respect and that makes me feel happy
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By: Nour S.
My Favorite Laundromat
Great laundromat, very clean, and prices are great.

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