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  • Eric Burke personifies Top-Grade Customer Service

    I have had the pleasure of availing myself of Eric Burke's services on two separate occasions as a landlord. It was a chance meeting that now, for me, is a long-term alliance.

    Eric first helped me with the rental procedures of a property in Boston. In addition to Eric's courteous mannerisms, absolute professionalism and his deep knowledge of the rental property market, what struck me about Eric was his genuine sincerity and honesty. Without accepting any advance fees or even bringing up the topic of money, Eric helped me out tremendously with the dicey procedures of renting out a property. He gave me a lot of valuable advice along with the pitfalls to look out for, and all this was done without signing a contract or any exchange of money. My second encounter with Eric was for another property near downtown, and Eric was involved with me right from day 1 when I first visited the property. I rely on Eric for his advice and his suggestions on many topics including: his suggestions on the rental worth of the property, the amount of repairs/renovation it might need, the long-term and short-term issues, the things to watch out for during inspections, the right questions to ask the condo association, the appropriate offer price etc.

    Eric does his job with an honesty and almost selfless dedication that I haven't seen in other brokers that I have worked with. He is available practically around the clock as needed, and I never had to wait more than 5 minutes to get a response to my emails. His approach to his business is one where he is looking to form longer term relationships rather than a short-term profit, and this is something that I really appreciate and respect.

    Overall, working with Eric felt like working with an old friend (from the day one). I couldn't have asked for more. Very highly recommended!

  • Great!

    My girlfriend and I needed an apartment and had done little research beforehand. While walking around Brookline, we stumbled upon the Nextstep Properties office, where Eric Burke was sitting outside and asked if we were looking to rent an apartment. Even though it was after business hours, he opened the office for us and we were able to see two apartments that night and three the next morning. Even though we hadn't given him any advance warning, he was able to set these appointments up for us quickly and efficiently and was beyond helpful and friendly. He was absolutely phenomenal to work with and I'm so glad we found him!

  • WOW!

    My girlfriend and I were looking for our first place together and someone recommended that we contact Eric Burke at Nextstep and we are very happy that they did! He was extremely helpful and went above and beyond in helping us find the right place. What set him apart from other realtors that we were dealing with was how quickly he got back to us about everything and, most importantly, his honesty. It really seems he does this job because he likes it, not to make as much commission as possible. FIVE STARS ALL DAY!

  • Very friendly and accomodating service

    We worked with Eric Burke to find an apartment, and he was excellent. Extremely friendly and helpful - I didn't have a car, and he wound up driving me all around Central square and Brighton to show me 3 different apartments in a single night. Because I didn't have easy access to a fax machine and didn't have my own car, he drove to meet me outside my workplace to hand-deliver me forms. Great guy, wouldn't hesitate to work with him again!

  • Helped me in a pinch to find a pet friendly apartment

    When I was told I was to move to Boston for work I found out how difficult it can be to find a place when you have a dog! My agent, Donna, helped me find a place in no time flat and even got the landlord to pay half the fee! I am so glad they were able to help me out. I was so stressed!

  • Great Customer Service

    I am currently debating the purchase of a condo versus a house. Indecisiveness is not a trait most realtors appreciate in a client however the brokers at NextStep have been nothing but patient with me. All the staff members have been pleasant and in particular Donna Conway has been responsive and very accomodating. I have been shown properties which meet my criteria and some that I would not have given a fair chance if this knowledgeable group of individual had not pointed out how they fit my profile. I appreciate all that you have done for me and look forward to taking the ""Next Step"" with you!

  • Great Experience

    They were great. Rick was very helpful in finding me a place last minute for September 1st. My owner sold my apartment as a condo and asked us to leave in 30 days if we could. Our landlord has been good to us so we wanted to help him out if we could but were getting nervous after going out with other agents in the area and not finding anything we liked. Rick showed us 5 places and we would have taken 3 of them. Skip everyone else and just go straight to Next Step.


    I was going to rent an apartment through Next Step Properties and when I decided I was going to rent another place the company held all my money I gave them. They started talking about charging me all kinds of crazy fees! I didn't even sign anything and they held my money for almost two months! I finally got it back but I would not recomend going through these guys. Shady business over there.

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