By: frank39
Zola's Pizzeria
We planned on eating seafood on our first night in Brookings but ended up at this excellent little pizza joint on the harbor. Cool husband and wife owners were making fresh pizza dough and manning the large oven. We weren't planning on staying but after a couple of local beers from their massive selection and watching the pizza, breadsticks and wings come out of their huge oven - we couldn't resist. Their breadsticks were superb and could be a meal on their own. The wings, broiled in the pizza oven, were the best that I've had in Oregon. The pizza was amazing! Super friendly staff, cool decor and reasonably priced. If you find yourself in beautiful Brookings, I highly recommend a meal at Zola's Pizza.
By: Tami Y.
Figaro's Pizza
It may not be the best gourmet pizza, but I will say I like it better than Papa Murphy's...maybe even Wild River. My kids love it and me and my wife like it. For family value I give it 5 stars for overall quality...a 3.5. I have eaten at this Figaros many, many times and never had any of the issues described below. They do offer 3 thicknesses of crust...just a thought.
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By: Jazmine A.
Zola's Pizzeria
Zolas is awsome. Everybody is cool with what ever. They r funny friendly and enjoy the cimpany. And there pizza and chicken wings r the best. And they dont cook there pizza in a machine they do it over a fire. Best pizza out there. The cheese is stringy and the crust is perfect every time. I recomend zilas pizza to everybody.
By: Manda S.
Zola's Pizzeria
Best pizza on 101 mmmmmm.....mmmmm!!!

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