By: princessnyny
B Shoenfold Jeffrey DDS
The only issue I had was with the office manager. The only reason for my low grades is due to the office manager's behavior and incompetence. When I spoke to her about it she raised her voice. I spoke with the doctor who decided that he needed to replace her. Apparently I am not the only patient she had been rude to. She was VERY rude and unprofessional. She also barged into the dental hygienist's office and put on a new suction tube without wearing gloves. I had a problem with the equipment used for cleaning so the hygienist hand scaled my teeth. The manager stood outside the door pacing. She also lost some of my x-rays so I had to come back to re-do them. KUDOS to Dr. Schoengold. I am sure that my next visit will be more pleasant.
user avatar
By: Aaron E.
Advanced Dental Care
Daniel Faiwiszewski is a fair dentist. Personally, I do not think that I will return to his office, but it seems that he is well-trained, courteous, and prompt. His office is modern and clean. When I called his office to make an appointment, nobody was available to pick up the telephone, but I left a voicemail with his answering service, and he called me back himself quite quickly that same day. I was able to immediately make an appointment to see him the very next morning.Daniel Faiwiszewski took his time with me when I was in his chair. He answered all of my questions to help put my nerves at ease.His staff made a slight error with my dental insurance, but it was really not a big deal, and I feel grateful that that has since been resolved.
By: allieindanavy
Concerned Dental Care
I came to concerned dental because I was having some bleeding when I brushed my teeth. The dentist and staff were very professional and explained to me exactly what was going on inside of my mouth. They were able to fix the problem and I have not had any more bleeding or other issues since. I highly recommend Concerned Dental to all of my friends and family all the time!
By: hsarah920
Concerned Dental Care
The whole entire staff is absolutely wonderful! My 3 year old came as well and had an appointment after me. From the ladies at the front to the doctor and the hygeniest, everyone helped to ease my shy girl and she really engoyed her visit. She is still talking about the fun she had. Thank you, thank you.
user avatar
By: Arthur B.
Painless Dental Care
This was my first and last time there. I did not have to wait because there was hardly anybody in the waiting area. Sometimes that is not a good sign. The dentist was rude and chastised me for not having a better insurance plan. I was very disappointed with the level of professionalism.
By: kardiair88
Dr. Charles W Taylor, MD
That doctor is patient, kind, and he truly cares about his work. I was in so much pain and scared to go to the dentist, but I went to him and honestly didn't feel a but of pain. He took his time and made sure I was comfortable. I would recommend him for anybody and all age groups.
By: sandram
Benjamin Katayev DDS
Dr. Benjamin Katayev was attentive and friendly, as was his receptionist. He also informed me of methods to pay for certain procedures my insurance did not cover. Highly recommend. He will be my permanent Dentist from this point on. Go see him, you won't be disappointed.
By: chloee269
Concerned Dental Care
The doctor never fails to be the amazing dentist that he is. All of Concerned Dental staff are extremely professional, polite and accomodating. I really feel that your entire office is interested, helpful and concerned about my well being. I LOVE coming here!! Thank you.
By: joshuaroot23
Concerned Dental Care
I am usually a bit uncomfortable at the dentist office because of all the drills and impersonal dentists but at Concerned dental they treated me great and really cared about the work that I needed done. I am so happy with how my smile looks now!
By: jfrost_coco
Concerned Dental Care
Aside from the results of the great dentists at Concerned Dental, there are 2 major factors that make me continue to go there. The first is the professional, organized and nice staff; the second is I am ALWAYS seen on time!! Thank you!!!!
Tips & Advices
The most common dental problems in children are:
  • Cavities
  • Bad breath
  • Gum disease
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Grinding
  • Canker sores
  • Missing teeth
  • Extra teeth
  • Bite and alignment issues
Thumb sucking is not specifically a dental problem, but it can cause a malocclusion, a condition where the top and bottom teeth don't line up correctly.
To clean a baby's teeth, use a small, soft-bristled toothbrush designed specifically for infants. Apply a tiny amount of non-fluoride toothpaste - about the size of a grain of rice - and gently brush all sides of the teeth and the tongue. Before the baby's first teeth emerge, use gauze or a wet washcloth wrapped around the finger to wipe the gums. This motion doesn't necessarily reduce bacteria, but it does help the infant to get used to the sensation of having his or her teeth cleaned.
Children should visit their pediatric dentist every six months. This recommended frequency does not change throughout a person's lifetime.
No, wisdom teeth do not need to be removed unless they cause pain, lead to dental issues, or are aligned incorrectly.
Yes, dental sealants prevent cavities by filling in deep grooves in the teeth. Without them, bacteria can collect in these areas and cause tooth decay, which can happen with children.

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