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By: elizabeth.etkin
TCK Mixed Martial Arts
I have been sending my 12 year old son to TCK MMA and to Senei Jadi Tention for four years. I highly reccomend them. My son is very active in martial arts and has been active in several dojos. I beleive this is the best dojo in the Greater New York area. It is an excellent place to learn martial arts skills and techniques and one of the best endurance workouts for any kid or adult. Equally important is that Sensei Tention is very good at teaching the kids life lessons from the moment they walk in the door. Learning respect, discipine, humility and confidence are very key in Sensei's teaching. As a parent, I greatly appreicate his talks with the kids on how to be a good person in all aspects of life. I personally have also taken classes at TCK. As a busy mom of two, and a non-martial artist, I still like to remain active and keep fit. When I go to TCK it feels lilke family and I get a great workout in. They consider each individual persons physical ability and try to push you just a little further beyond where you are comfortable to go. It is a very encouraging environment and whether you are 5 or 85, there's a great workout in there for everyone, whether you are a martial artist or just a person wishing to keep in decent shape. It is a very collaborative, warm and friendly place. Definitely worth checking this place out and I bet you go back!
By: Jimmy P.
Delgado Karate Sport
This school is great, if you are looking to toughing up your child. We live in a complex world of hate and discrimination. Even within our own minority groups. I wanted my nephews to be confident and discipline. They have been in this school 8 weeks and they are more confident in themselves. They have better self -esteem. We as todays' parents and extended family tend to cuddle our children. When we try to correct or discipline them, we are bond by law. Children are taught about abuse and reporting abuse but who is teaching them about respect and discipline. I am talking about discipline of mind and body. I know I am not around them enough and mom and dad have crazy schedules. I don't expect them to feed and support my nephews emotionally, that our jobs. I expect them to teach them self-discipline, self defense and respect. They are rough and tough but fair and honestly good hearted. That is the world our children live in. It's not personal, its' business
By: hlkrol
TCK Mixed Martial Arts
I first met Sensei Jadi Tention 12 years ago, when my then 5 year old son had the opportunity to attend one of his seminars. It quickly became clear that Sensei Jadi not only had great knowledge of the martial arts but an even greater ability to teach his knowledge to students of all ages. We live 250 miles from TCK, which has forced us to attend various martial arts schools over the years. Unfortunately, none compare to the instruction my boys receive at TCK. I take every opportunity possible to drive my boys to TCK. There they are sure to work hard, get quality training and true traditional martial arts instruction. Sensei Jadi always makes us feel welcomed and part of the TCK family. He continues to be a role model for my boys, teaching them, motivating them and molding them. I recommend TCK to anyone interested in quality martial arts training.
By: yourmainstop
TCK Mixed Martial Arts
I have been training here for two years now and can tell you, I would not change schools unless the school changed location. What keeps me coming back is the fact that the sensei really cares about your personal well-being and your growth. I have missed many classes and the Sensei has called to see if everything was okay and when shall he expect me. He also had real heart to heart talks with me. I can tell you now that after training in other places, I never experienced that till now. Therefore, TCK is the place for me. I welcome everyone and anyone to check this school out. I hope this review was helpful.Kind Regards ~ James
By: Christine R.
Delgado Karate Sport
At first I was a little skeptical because of experiences with other Karate schools, but after speaking with Maria the manager she really Explained the program. She even helped me out financially, I'm a single mom with two boys and it's really difficult. The sensei is the most amazing with my boys, he's strict but it's all with love. I've even spoken to other parents there and they love the school. They really Look out for the well being of their kids. I have nothing but positive comments regarding the school so far. I'm so saddened that others have not had my experience.
By: Betsy H.
USA Martial Arts Fitness Ctr
I've been taking classes at this location for almost 14 years, and it remains as when I first started a place that I look forward to going to on a daily basis. It's a friendly, family-oriented environment which helps to keep one motivated during class. Classes are challenging and the Master and instructors are constantly doing their best to make the classes challenging, fun and keep everyone motivated. I highly recommend anyone in spite of their fitness level to join. I've reached my fitness goals and continue to improve while setting new goals as well.
By: hanshirickdiaz
TCK Mixed Martial Arts
I have known Mr. Jadi Tention for many years. He is a man of honor and very well respected in the martial arts community. He has worked hard and has earned his way to the top of the charts as a World Champion fighter and a World Champion instructor. He is a motivator and innovator. I send my students to his seminars and my wife to train at his school. I would only send them to the best.
By: unagirl
TCK Mixed Martial Arts
This is by far the best martial arts school around. Our family travels from Brooklyn to train with Sensei Jadi and his staff in the Bronx. They have great skills and are 110% dedicated . They give excellent classes and can motivate anyone to want to be better. They are great with kids and adults and I recommend TCK MMA to all of my friends and family.
By: stacey.gerber
TCK Mixed Martial Arts
Sensei Jadi is an inspiration! I have been training with him for two years now and can see the huge improvement in my confidence and my skills. He works hard and expects us to work hard too leading the way always by example. His charisma and effortless style of teaching is welcoming to everybody, and will encourage YOU to work at your best level.
By: maundyp2
TCK Mixed Martial Arts
I am writting this reviews to say thank to Sensei Jadi, without his school i dont know i would done with my daughter Claudia, This school has done wonders for her I would encourage any mother who's struggling with an after school for their children please put them in TCK MMA,again just saying thanks.

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