By: Hernandez M.
Cross Way Driving School
I had a GREAT experience with CrossWay driving school. The only reason why I rated them "semi-perfect" score is because their website isn't informative at all. When you go to the school they give you a flyer with different price ranges. I feel like they should add all of that information to their website. Other than that a very good school... I've seen them negotiate good deals with clients/students that failed before and gave them a decrease in package deal, that's always good. I already knew how to drive prior to paying for 1 session. I literally paid for 1 (45 min) driving session so that they can set my appointment date, and to show them that I can drive, and that I'm very experienced. I'm considering my CDL A or B maybe out of pocket or hopefully I can get an vocational program like Vessid/Access VR or something else. I recommend this school to anyone especially if you are a newbie. I noticed the boss there wasn't one of those types that want you to fail so that you can continue spending money. He is actually the opposite of that, on test day... 2 - 3 hrs before the test, he was actually telling me the do's and donts. Just over all he seems like a gentlemen. ����
By: Kendra A.
Cross Way Driving School
I had a great experience at CrossWay. I tried over 6 driving schools over the past 6 years and they were by far the most professional. Luis at the 3rd Avenue Bronx location was the best instructor, he was patient , knowledgeable, not overbearing and helped me get over my anxiety enough to pass the test finally! I recommend this driving school to anyone.
By: Sarah R.
Cross Way Driving School
Love this driving school, I had already drove before but always had issues with the parking, I took 2 classes with The instructor LUIS he was able to teach me things I didn't understand, Yasmine from the office was very attentive with me, thank you I would recommend this driving school to anyone ����
By: Masquil M.
Cross Way Driving School
To be honest I have learned a lot with this driving school in my opinion they're probably the best driving school in New York if not the entire Bronx . I'll recommend anyone this driving school they truly care and they surely do not leave you disappointed .
By: Tina E.
I signed as a member and the trips are awesome!! The rep was also knowledgeable. The hotel I stayed at was 5 star. There was also a show for two and a dinner cruise for two. It was an awesome experience.
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By: John A.
Cross Way Driving School
The Best instructors the best service the best driving school, I try all the instructors and they are all good, they have patience and care . I highly recommend this driving school.
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By: Jessica R.
Cross Way Driving School
I had a great experience with crossway driving school, they taught me alot and i was able to pass my road test
By: dougf74
Batista Travel
went on a few months ago and loved it!

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