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By: Treniece M.
Little Stars Three Preschool
Little Stars Three is the best preschool/learning center hands down!When I began my search, several places turned me down when they learned that my son had just turned 2 and was dead smack in the middle of potty training. One afternoon, on a referral from a neighboring reputable preschool, the Director met with us. My son instantly fell in love with the people and the atmosphere - we were sold! Forget All State, he's been in great hands since his end of summer 2016 enrollment. The Staff have a great rapport with each other and the parents, but most importantly the students. If there's any discord amongst themselves though, one would not know. I like that because as a parent, it comforts me to know that my child's education and productivity are first foremost.The Director and Teachers are attentive and communicative. I also appreciate that the student to teacher ratio is 6:1 - for instance, my son's class has about 12 children on a busy day, with 2 teachers. I appreciate this because it allows the teachers to be hands on with all children for an array of things, ranging from breakfast to nap, play, meal and snack time, to activities and bathroom breaks. It also brings me comfort knowing that my child is adequately fed through out the day. At home he has a bottomless tummy *smile*, but I let him eat. At school, they honor his appetite without speculation or judgment. After school, he sing songs a list of his healthy meals and snacks!Lastly, flexibility. Most days we arrive at school at 7am, picking him up between 5:30-6pm. These hours are a godsend, as my husband and I both have full time careers. All qualified staff pitch hit to make sure the school is well staffed at all times, and that the children aren't sitting around idle. There's always productivity when I walk in! And even some to take home, as homework is a must at least twice a week. I receive daily progress reports via parent teacher conversations and on paper.Can't get more efficient that this!
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By: mvasquez123
Riverdale Tiny Tots Day Care
Thank you Tiny Tots for the priceless relief you have granted this working mom who has entrusted to you her most valuable treasure for over two years now! I cannot imagine what I would have done had I not found you and your warm, intimate and nurturing facility. In today's world, many day cares are run as just a profitable business, counting heads and charging as much as possible to working parents desperate to find a safe place for their children amongst strangers. From the first day I walked into your establishment, I felt my son was at a home away from home. He has grown so much in the intimate, safe & encouraging environment you have provided. Thank you for giving my child more than a building to be placed at while I worked, thank you for providing him with a shelter full of love & happiness. Parents above all else want their child to be healthy, happy and safe. I am beyond confident when I say any parent that places their child in Tiny Tot's care will find that and more.
By: M H.
Little Stars Three Preschool
When my son started Little Stars 3 he had never been away from home causing him to have limited communication and socialization skills. He started Little Stars 3 in September of 2014 just after turning 3 years old and by November 2014 he was a changed little boy. He has blossomed into and sociable and highly verbal child who is excited about school, learning, his teachers, and friends. The staff is warm and inviting making a comfortable transition for our family. The environment is one of playful learning wherein children are not pushed to study instead grow and develop organically. I must point out Ms. B and Ms. K for their insight in identifying individualized milestones for each child and working diligently towards it. The advancements that my son has made in such a short time frame have superseded all our expectations and we are forever grateful. Little Stars 3 has truly been a blessing for our family and I give my highest recommendation on their services.
By: Roxanne G.
Little Prodigy Daycare
My daughter attended Little Prodigies for two years. I can honestly say as a kindergarten teacher, that not only she was fully prepared to meet the rigor of public school education, but she truly developed a love for learning!! Her teachers made learning fun through singing, play time, crafts, and other organized physical activities. I have never heard of a day care that had a gym on wheels visit regularly or offer yoga classes to children of this age. My daughter loved and benefited from it all. In addition, not only was there that amazing academic and social aspect of the daycare, but the owners even went so far as to take field trips both in the community and to neighboring suburbs for various activities. I highly recommend Little Prodigies to anyone who wants a day care that offers a total learning experience tailored to meet the needs of their child.
By: devtee
Little Prodigy Daycare
My son has attended little prodigy since it opened, he was 2 1/2 years old when he started and is now 3 1/2. I honestly can't say enough about this school/daycare! The teachers are highly educated loving people and the owners are also highly educated loving people. I was impressed from the minute I stepped through the doors and in the year my son has attended I have only become more impressed. My son has learned a great deal and he loves it! It is also a perfect combination of learning and fun which was also very important to me. Sending my son to little prodigy was one of the best decisions I have made. Not to mention I love it so much I travel from Westchester to the Bronx so he can attend!
By: eneida01
Little Prodigy Daycare
My Daughter has been going to this daycare for almost a year now. At the age of three she knows her colors, numbers, letters, how to spell her name and so many other things. Did i mention she is three? She would not be able to do without the help of her teachers and staff at Little prodigy. The facility is great, all the teachers are great! Aside from them teaching them things, they also go on field trips and have little things for them from time to time.. Like bringing in a fireman and having him talk to the kids.I trully love this place! I couldn't be more happier.. I love it so much, my son will also become part of the little prodogy family soon :)
By: Tashina D.
Little Stars Three Preschool
Little Stars Three is an exceptional preschool. My daughter attended this school from 2-4yo and they were very involved in her learning. Being a single mother and working F/T it's hard to put in that extra learning with so many Mommy activities to do after work. My daughter learned everything from her ABCs, colors, shapes and how to spell and write her name! Even though she is in another school she continue to exceed in her learning because of the precise, caring, and loving environment from Little Stars. Also, the staff and teachers are really involved with the parents. I would 100% recommend Little Stars to any parent who want their kids to SHINE!!
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By: Tiffany A.
Little Prodigy Daycare
I was one of those mothers who never trusted daycare centers. I never put my 9 year old daughter into a daycare. Once I decided to go back to work I realized I needed to figure out something for my son. My father in law passes little prodigies every day and gave me the number. I went in for the tour of the daycare and felt so at ease. It's family owned, a decent size and they made me feel so comfortable. I was told my son needed speech therapy and after a few weeks of being there he was non stop talking. My son attended the daycare for 2 years and we have gained a second family. See you all in the summer!!
By: nyla_lozada
Little Stars Three Preschool
My child attended Little Stars Three and he had a wonderful experience. The teachers and staff are extremely warm and welcoming. My son enjoyed many different activities throughout the schoolyear. We had a great time at the family picnic at Glen Island, the Thanksgiving feast was awesome, the Christmas celebration was really nice and the end of year ceremony was beautiful! I would reccommend this school to anyone that wants their child to grow and learn in a multicultural, loving and caring environment where the staff and teachers always put your child's feelings and well being first.
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By: Emily D.
Early Learn & Play Daycare
I saw this daycare on craigslist for my child that's 3. I called to set up a walk through and surprisingly I was impressed. I brought my daughter along to see if she liked it. As timid as my daughter is she took to Emily the owner quickly she felt comfortable. Which was a relief, she loved the aquarium that was in the daycare. The part that surprised me was the contract and how it was broken down. Best part was the free monthly date night trust me ask about it lol I had to call my wife, she said sold. Looking forward to the fall.

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