By: shelby.asch
Highgate Security and Locksmith
Recently I was looking to install the CCTV to my shop because of the security purpose. So, I checked the net to get the best possible deal. After looking at the reviews of Highgate Security & Locksmith in several sites, I called them and had a very positive conversation. They sent the experts who saw my place and later installed the CCTV and made sure that the system covers every single inch of the shop. I am very happy with their effort and super-fast service. When they submitted the invoice, I was surprised to see the amount because they charged a lot less than what I was anticipating. I am surely going to recommend Highgate Security & Locksmith to everyone I know.
By: matthews101
Highgate Security and Locksmith
Just about a week I suddenly noticed that the glass front door of my shop is not at all secured. So, I decided to replace the old door and get a new one. Then I searched the net and saw many good reviews about Highgate security & locksmith. I called them asked for a quote. After getting the quote I called them again to order the door. They took very little time to deliver and install the product. To be honest, I was amazed to see the design and the quality of the new glass front door. I was never expecting to have such a wonderful service and such quality products within my budget. Highgate security & locksmith simply rocks.
By: crilley
Highgate Security and Locksmith
I took electronic access control system and intercom just about a week ago from Highgate security & locksmith for my newly opened office at Bronx. I heard a lot about them from one of my friends. That is why I asked Highgate security & locksmith to provide the hardware and for the installation. They did really well to get the job done without any hiccups. Price and service wise this company would a very good choice to anyone. I have used their service and experienced their products and from my own experience I can guarantee anyone that Highgate security & locksmith won’t let anyone down.
By: raymond49
Highgate Security and Locksmith
I got their number from a friend. Actually he suggested me to use highgate security and locksmith. So, I called at their office and told them about my requirements. I was looking to install CCTV security system in my office. Their quote seemed to be very reasonable. So, I assigned them for the job. They have kept their commitments perfectly. They installed the cameras within the allotted time and without a hitch. They have supplied the best quality products, charged a moderate amount and made sure that all my requirements get fulfilled.
By: g_byron
Highgate Security and Locksmith
I hardly knew about Highgate Security & Locksmith. Actually one of my friends recommended their name to me and spoke very high about them. That is why I called them for the security solution of my newly opened super shop. To be honest, they have exceeded my level of expectation. I am more than just happy and impressed with their quality of the products, excellent service and very competitive price. I strongly recommend Highgate Security & Locksmith for all kind of security related products and services.
By: terry_shanks
Highgate Security and Locksmith
I would like to thank Highgate security & locksmith for providing me the best quality products at a very low price and for a very timely delivery and installation. I took 2 wooden doors and a glass door for my gas station and they did exceptionally well to provide me the best possible service. I appreciate their prompt and very useful service and I praise their professionalism. I am also happy with the price. In short, they were able to impress me a lot, which actually forced me to write this review.
By: ricardo38
Highgate Security and Locksmith
Recently I moved to NYC from Miami, Florida. I am new here so I googled to find a security company. After going through their web reviews I decided to use highgate security & locksmith. They have supplied and installed a wooden door and changed each and every door locks of my apartment and also installed security alarms. Being honest, I never expected such prompt service and quality products within my budget. Thanks a lot highgate security & locksmith.
By: boyer38
Highgate Security and Locksmith
I am thankful to highgate security & locksmith for their very professional service and competitive price and obviously for good quality products. Recently I moved to a new apartment and took several wooden doors and window gates from highgate security & locksmith. They were fast to make the delivery of the products, installed perfectly and made sure that the products are durable. I do believe that highgate is one of the best companies around.
By: sean115
Highgate Security and Locksmith
I assigned highgate security & locksmith to install CCTV security system and supply the hardware with high hopes because I heard a lot about them from my childhood friend. They did not let me down. They installed the cameras perfectly, which is serving my purpose perfectly, charged very reasonable and took little time to accomplish the task. Highgate security & locksmith really is one of the best of their type of companies.
By: Nick A.
Highgate Security and Locksmith
While talking about highgate security & locksmith one must admit that this is one of the best security service providers. Few days ago I also tasted their service. They were assigned to install CCTV cameras in my store and also they were supposed to install a glass sliding door at the same premises. I have to admit that they did a terrific job. Their service was world class, products were awesome and price was very affordable too.

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