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By: Jacob M.
Vape This
I guess when filling online orders customer loyalty isn't a concern for these guys. I placed an order for several items on Dec 5th. Shortly after I received a call from someone informing me they didn't have the battery I ordered, and asked if they could send something different. Really not a big deal I understand logistics and keeping up with mass inventory can be a major task for a small company. Anyhow I finally received my order and a few weeks later some threads started jumping and stripping on my Magneto MOD on the safety for the push button. I contact these guys to see about a "REPLACEMENT" part, not a whole new MOD, and I'm shot down. They conveniently only offer a two week warranty. Needles to say I'm not impressed and will not order from someone who can not stand behind their product. I'm not an idiot and I am extremely mechanically inclined.This issue is from poor design and threading at manufacturing. Would it be to much to ask for a replacement part? I could return the malfunctioning piece and they could work with their vendor on replacing the product at the time of their next wholesale order. I guess I'll pass on a little advice; don't pay retail cost to someone who doesn't have retail conduct towards their customers. Do yourself a favor and order from "Fasttech. com" You will have to wait a bit longer for your items as they come directly from the manufacturer, but at least you'll get a fair price and if you have an issue like mine you will only be out of pocket for half of what these people charge, oh and also they offer a replacement warranty for up to six months and money back for up to 45 days.
By: aprilina
Vape This
I've been a loyal customer for over a year. Ive made amazing friends and quit smoking analogs the day I bought my first mod/tank. Always allow their customers to try new flavors and even try out their mods/new builds, so you know your getting just what your paying for before you do. Also they have an amazing rewards system that records your points and you get 15$ free to spend every 100 points. For the comments below: sorry they had a bad experience but this place is a 5 star company. And 5star employees that are TOO nice!! Never Rude. Never. Love this place!
By: Karen P.
Vape This
I've been a loyal customer of Vape This! for over 2 years & have always had a great experience there. At first, I was a little annoyed by the vapor hanging in the shop but that problem has been rectified. The employees are always friendly, helpful & respectful. I am not much of a comparison shopper but the location for me is ideal. Give them a try-you will have a good experience!!!
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By: jvm56
Vapor's World
I continue to use Vapor's world because the help is great!! Michael is very knowledgable and helpful, friendly and fair on prices! I just they stayed open later on weekend's
By: rb99
Vapor's World
I love this place! They said I would receive my package by Wednesday, and I received it Monday! So far so good I can't wait to try the "Marlboro" flavor!
By: cindy.cowles.9
Vapor's World
This place is nice. Decent selection of flavors, big selection of e cigarette items and very friendly, helpful staff.

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