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By: rollerderby_fan
Low's Bridal Shop
I finally got my chance to go to Low's recently, and it was just like everyone says, AMAZING! I drove in from Nashville, TN and it took about 4.5 hrs. There was a bit of traffic, and I actually ended up being 30 min late to my appt because of it, but they were so accommodating and it was no problem at all. There are a lot of little things about Low's that make it really stand out among other bridal salons. To start with, their inventory size is in the thousands, also the look and feel of the whole salon is classic and elegant. One thing I found really neat was all the gowns they had displayed on mannequins. It was really cool to see so many dresses "on a body" not just in the bag. I for one, love some of their rules. For instance, you are only allowed to bring 4 people with you, Men must stay in the lobby, and food and drink must stay in the lobby. This means no champagne toast when you buy a dress, but I didn't miss it at all. The dressing rooms here are HUGE! The room I was in had a private restroom, 2 pedestals, and 3 mirrors. In every single dress they allowed me to walk up and down the hallway outside my room which was full of fantastic lighting and had mirrors at both ends. They had literally thousands of gowns. I didn't even count how many I tried on, but they just kept coming until we found the One and I was there for a few hours. My biggest delight was their incredible Plus Size department. Yes, Department. They had the gowns organized by size in different rooms, so one room would be full of sizes 26-32 while another room would have all the 22-24s. It was wondrous. And when they say they carry all the way to size 32, they don't mean they have like... 3 dresses that are size 32, they have racks. I was floored. For once I tried on dozens of gowns that were too big and had to be Clipped!! And I have never seen so many gowns straight out of my magazines. I actually tried on a few that I had brought pictures of. Our consultant, Tiffany, was hands down the best consultant I have worked with so far. She wasn't pushy, or overly excited, or fakey, or anything. She gave her opinion when we asked, spent time with me looking at photos, discussing my tastes and things I had tried on previously, and she really let me just be in each dress and look and think. She was great, and she seemed to have all the time in the world. After we chose my dress, a stunning ball gown from Allure, she even took us down to peruse the Bridesmaid department. So we picked that dress as well. Beware the Bridesmaid department though, they do not carry Plus Samples, so plan for your smallest maid to be the one to try on. On the whole, I could not have asked for a better experience. The location was perfect and we had a celebratory dinner back in Memphis on our way home. A bit of business: If you are wanting to take home a gown that day, you must pay in full, and to order they require a 50% deposit. The price range of the gowns were Very reasonable, I tried on Many that were even under $1000.I cannot stress enough how much you must go to this salon if you are shopping bridal or formal. They were a dream come true for this curvy girl.
By: renee.dowbnia
Low's Bridal Shop
The best part of this store is the selection and ambiance. It is a very beautiful and big store with tons of dresses, which in my opinion is better than going to a bunch of small boutiques. Unfortunately, the bridal consultants' lack of expertise and knowledge of the dresses made the store very difficult to navigate. I went into my appointment with pictures of dresses I liked so the consultant could get an idea of the neckline and silhouette I wanted. I expected her to have some knowledge of their inventory and to suggest dresses based on my preferences and price range. Instead, she took me to every room and made me go through the racks looking at every dress. I told her I found that very difficult, especially since the dresses look different on the hanger than the do on a person. Also, I did not want to see (and potentially fall in love with) dresses that were far outside of my price range. Although I told her I wanted more guidance from her more than once, she did not help me and instead stood there while I went through every rack in every room. It was exhausting, tedious, time-consuming, and a little heartbreaking since I did see and have to pass up dresses I loved but could not afford.Despite this, I finally settled on a dress that I found on a mannequin (probably because I could see what it looked like). When I tried the dress on, the sample size fit me like a glove. When I was ordering, I asked the consultant I'd been working with and the other consultant who was placing my order what size they suggested I order. We were debating whether I should order up a size (8) or stay with the sample size (6), and both kept asking me what I thought. I responded, "you're the experts; you tell me" and they said they thought the 6 would be fine. They did not tell me that the sample dresses stretch from people constantly trying them on, something that I did not know because I (like many brides) am new to shopping for wedding dresses. When my dress came in and I tried it on month's later, it was very very tight. And no, I had not gained weight. At that point, I was told by other bridal consultants that the samples stretch. A little too late, no? I was panicked, and all they could offer me was the suggestion to wear it around the house to help stretch it out. I took their suggestion and it has been working. Still, worrying about fitting into your dress is a nightmare I was hoping to avoid, and if this store's employees were more knowledgeable about the field they work in, this wouldn't have happened. Bottom line: this store has the inventory, but needs much better customer service.
By: shadow_3543
Low's Bridal Shop
I'm sad to say I can't give this place 5 stars only because I had a horrible bridal consultant. Lupe was very gruff and cold right from the beginning. I tried to be very polite and kill her with kindness and respect thinking maybe she would snap out of it, but I guess that's her personality...either that or she hates her job. I felt rushed and like I was causing her trouble. The biggest complaint I had with her is when my group wanted me to try on a princess like ball gown just to see what it would look like. She got upset for some reason snatched the dress off the hanger slammed the door to the dressing room. It was like someone told her she had lost all her vacation time for the year. I wanted to ask her what we had done to upset her, but I didn't have the guts to. I just kept quiet. I was still well within my hour and a half allotted time, so I just don't understand her problem. I think the only time I saw my consultant smile and be happy was when I pulled that credit card out. On a better note, the place was clean and there tons of dresses to choose from. The front desk people were very pleasant when checking in and the place was easy to find. If I could go back in time I would have definitely asked for another consultant as soon as I met Lupe. If I had another consultant I believe I may have been able to say I had a 5/5 star experience.
By: shagoa
Low's Bridal Shop
I went shopping for my dress on February 12, 2013, so this is a late submission. I took the advice of other reviewers and went mid-week. This bridal store is what dreams are made of. The ambience is intimate, antiquey, feminine---just everything opposite of commercial wedding stores. My bridal consultant, Debbie, was great from the very beginning. She immediately asked me to look at dresses in the showroom to get a gage of what I liked and then we started trying on. I am extremely indecisive and she was patient, but firm. She was also extremely funny and knowledgeable about what looks great on certain body types. With her help I found a dress for my body AND personality. They have a great plus size selection! I was told my dress would be back at the end of July and it came back a month early!! My only complaint is their restriction on the amount of people that can come with you. Four is very hard to narrow down with big southern, tight knit families! Another complaint is that their higher end dresses that are available to be ordered in plus size are not in store in those sizes. Plus size girls HAVE to try those dresses on. So I was not comfortable even looking at those dresses for myself. Overall glad I had a magical day there! Thanks Debbie!
By: lnk2013
Low's Bridal Shop
We had such a wonderful experience at Low's just a few days ago. They had an amazing selection and just when we thought I wasn't going to find a gown toward the end of my appointment, we found THE gown. My consultant was so patient and helpful, she made us feel at ease and not rushed to find a gown or even pressured, which makes you want to find one even more. I found THE dress of my dreams. I would recommend Low's to any of my friends in the future. I would recommend, though, looking on their website and finding particular designers you prefer because that will help with the process of deciding what you like. Even if you don't love them in person, it helps to have a starting place!
By: theresa.walker.7587
Low's Bridal Shop
I had the wonderful experience of joining my niece to find her wedding gown today. They were extremely helpful to her and super accommodating to me. I was concerned about how they would handle it because I am in a wheelchair and the gowns that she was looking at were upstairs. The salesperson Katy G. was super. She brought my niece downstairs in any gown that she wanted for me to see. She was so patient with my niece as she put the same dress on several times. Katy even spent extra time with us so that she could choose her bridesmaids dresses while we were there.This was such a fabulous day for me and my family, anyone looking for a gown should try here.
By: trailbossk
Low's Bridal Shop
Low's certainly has an awesome selection of dresses. I recommend going mid week when they aren't super busy because they can spend focused time with you as a bride. I only took my mom and probably tried on 10 dresses. I narrowed it down to 2 and my consultant spent a lot of time with me trying on different veils and figuring out which i liked better. I couldnt have been more pleased with how it turned out, espeically for the price. Their "rules" when you call seem stringent and rigid, but again, if you dont go when it's super busy, you will get better service. I highly recommend visiting them before you buy your dress!
By: Emily J.
Low's Bridal Shop
5 star experience. It was just my maid of honor and me, and we felt welcome as soon as we walked in. Beautiful set up, personable employees, huge variety of dress styles. Tracie was a doll! She was very laidback about voicing her opinion so as not to sway me in any specific direction, but when I told her what I wanted she knew exactly what to look for. I tried on 15-20 in an hour and a half and she never made me feel rushed or uncomfortable. Once I found the dress she made me feel even happier and more beautiful just by her sweet reaction! Great shop, great selection, great customer service. It really is all it's cracked up to be.
By: candi993
Low's Bridal Shop
I had an excellent experience at Low's Bridal all thanks to Paulette, my sales lady. She was knowledgeable and friendly and just really made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I found my wedding dress at Lows and I would challenge anyone to go there and try to say they couldn't find something because they have such a great selection. I will definitely be steering all of my friends and family to Lows when the time comes for them to wedding dress shop!
By: sweetpea776
Low's Bridal Shop
Lows Bridal was great. They had the best selection of all the store I went to try on gowns. Ms. Ann was my salesperson. Many thanks to Ann for her kind sweet manner. She took me upstairs and downstairs. I tried on so many gowns. I found the perfect lace gown and everything to go with it

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