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By: Chris B.
Rage Pizza
The pizza is AMAZING! I've been waiting for a place to have pizza comparable to the old Stone fire and there finally is! HIGHLY recommend. . forget the chains... eat here!
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By: Michael C.
Coney Joe's
Coney Joes-Brighton, MIDo NOT go there! Tell your friends not to go there. Service slow and rude. Been going there twice/ month for 6yrs, after today no more! The owner is RUDE! She screwed up my order then blamed me. didn't even eat my lunch, just left. Never going back.
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By: tcr73903
Little Caesars Pizza
5 dollar hot and ready is always a great deal. I come here a couple times a month and have always had great service. If you are going to get the hot and ready just give it a quick check and 9 times out of 10 it will look great. Clean fast great service.
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By: Jeri C.
Guido's Premium Pizza
The delivery man was very rude and saying he was a manager no manager should act the way he did telling me that the price quoted was wrong but after looking at the receipt no one said a 5 dollar fee for delivery although I really like the pizza I will not deal with rude people
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By: tcr73903
Pizza Hut
These guys deliver a great pizza every time. Thank you for being our families favorite. They do not skimp on toppings or cheese. I use to love Jets the best (which I do if they don't skimp on toppings, but bummer for me as it has been a while since they delivered.
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By: Elizabeth T.
Guido's Premium Pizza
Great pizza and breadsticks. Love the Cajun crust.
By: Connie D.
Cottage Inn Pizza - Brighton
The food is good. HOWEVER, attitude unbelievable. Ordered for delivery and this is the second time they got the order wrong and it was late. NEVER EVER order here or buy again. a Bunch of idiots.
By: Nelson M.
Jet's Pizza
Jet's used to be great but got a swelled head and thinks they are hot s@$t now. It used to be one could order a bbq chicken pizza for $9.99, and it came loaded with toppings. After it took off as a hit they started skimping on ingredients - Jet's Brighton is GROSSLY stingy on all toppings for any order now - so there is almost no chicken or bacon anymore and now the cost is $17.06!!!!!! WOW! Greedy, much? Also, recently they cut the number of boneless chicken pieces by about 25% but don't tell you. You just pay the same and get home and find a partially empty box. Now I go to GUIDOS. Much better and a full pound of chicken for the same price. Food is tastey but the franchise owner is a greedy cuss.
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By: chef1017
Cottage Inn Pizza - Brighton
I've had pizza from these guys before and it was amazing. Tonight, we ordered a small cheese for the kids and got a burnt pizza...took it back and received nothing but attitude and was subject to a few f-bombs. Not happy at all! WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THESE DOUCHE BAGS AGAIN
By: lmhock1
Guido's Premium Pizza
The pizza looks great, but that's about all I'd be able to tell you about it. We've tried to order pizza twice for delivery and both times it never showed up. The first one was last Valentine's Day (2012). We were told it would be delivered in 45 minutes. After 1 hour and 45 minutes, we finally called and canceled. We were told the driver was just leaving the store with our pizza. No thanks. We should have learned our lesson, but decided to give them another chance tonight, a year and a half later. We were again told 45 minutes. This time I called after an hour and 15 minutes to see what the status was and was told that they hadn't even started cooking it yet. Seriously? I'll give you a pass if you're overly busy on a holiday, but on a random Wednesday? The employee answering the phone tonight was incredibly rude and hung up on us when we asked to speak to a manager. We called back and asked again. He told us that if we call back tomorrow and they're not busy, he'd make us a pizza for free. Yes, because that is going to help me tonight when I have 2 children screaming because they're hungry and nothing prepared to feed them because I was planning on pizza. We again asked to speak to the manager and this time the employee told us that the manager was too busy. I can't imagine how a place like this manages to stay in business. At least stop taking orders if you're swamped, don't tell people 45 minutes then not even call them to tell them the change in time, especially when people are counting on you for dinner and don't have anything else around to eat. We've tried it two times now with the exact same result. This time was our last time.
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