By: Diane D.
Preferred Properties
It was my lucky day when I called Preferred Properties and Don Tappan answered the phone.I do not give out compliments easily, I do not trust anyone, I am hard to please, and I will tell you the truth if you ask me for it.I found Don to be honest, down to earth, professional, patient, and caring. He is a likeable man who loves his job. He isn't a phony; I hate phonies!I felt that I was in good hands with Don. He stuck by me even though I was picky and nothing appealed to me. He called me right away when something new came on the market. Over time, I thought of Don more like family than a realtor.In my opinion, if you want the best of the best, cremè de la cremè call Don Tappan. You will want to thank me a million times for this lead.

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