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By: Deb M.
Fitzpatrick, John E
I have suffered with migraine headaches for well over 25 years, I was referred by Dr. Jay Vida in brick to see Dr. Paul Gilson...after going to a number of Doctors, probably around seven, I also went to Jefferson Headache center which is suppose to be the best.Dr. Gilson knew I was having rebound headaches from taking Excedrin, Put me in the hospital and was the only Dr. who dealt with the real problem. He is thoughtful, kind and knowledgeable. I received the BEST medical from him possible. I am beside my self with excitement that I no longer suffer from rebound headaches. Thank You Dr. Gilson you are the best!!!
By: Guy M.
Chern, Kenneth Y, MD
I have had several surgeries over the past 9 years before meeting and now coming to Dr Chern, and I can honestly say I feel he is on a different level than any other doctor I have had in the past. He takes the time to go over all details with you and so does his staff, and is not in a rush, and explores all options with you as well before taking the surgery. He has been a pleasure and so is his staff, and will be doing my new shoulder surgery this fall. I strongly recommend him.
By: J L.
Dr. Roy D. Mittman, MD
Dr. Mittman was extremely pleasant and efficient. He put everything in layman's terms on what was happening with my knee, what was going on internally, and what needed to be done to improve and maintain. One of the best doctors visits I have ever had...wait time was non-existent. I would strongly recommend dr. Mittman.
By: C C.
Dr. Christopher Spagnuola, MD
Dr Spagnola was great. He know the insurance hurdles that have to be jumped and attented to them promptly. The result was insurance did cover both knees in on visit. That saves met from addiontal copayments and work time lost. John the tech /am was super with everything: coaching breathing, water, etc. great visit.
By: Roseanne S.
Martin Riss DO
This has got to be one of the most compassionate Doctors I have ever had the pleasure to be treated by! He takes his time with you! He is very understanding. He is easy to talk to and he makes you feel comfortable! Thank You Doctor Riss for being the wonderful Doctor that you are!
By: Shannon D.
Dr. Keiron Greaves, MD
Dr. Greaves was so sensitive to my pain and never made me feel like I was alone, without help during my procedures. He listened to everything I had to say and he healed me. I could never say thank you enough to him for taking my pain away.
By: Lindsey P.
Dr. Christopher Spagnuola, MD
Physician and staff were all professional and direct in explanation and delivery of care. Dr Spagnola was very pleasant and listened attentively to my complaint of pain and very swift and effective in administering the steroid injection.
By: S R.
Chern, Kenneth Y, MD
Dr Chern was very accommodating in working with me to alleviate my pain and obtain better function without surgery at this point due to personal circumstances. The physical therapy staff was very helpful and excellent to work with.
By: Jack A.
Chern, Kenneth Y, MD
I have been seeing Dr Chern for both my knees for about a year. He is the very best. He always gives me all the time I need and explains everything no matter how busy he is. This is my 3rd round of injections and they do help.
By: K B.
Dr. Christopher Spagnuola, MD
I could not happier with the care provided by Dr. Spagnuola and his team. Each surgery has been a total breeze, he provides the top care for his patients! So thankful to have had him taking care of me.
Tips & Advices
This depends on the facility. Patients should call to find out if they'll need a referral from their physician prior to making an appointment.
Aside from hyperbaric oxygen treatment, most wound care centers offer:
  • Debridement: The removal of dead skin and tissue surrounding the wound. This can be done surgically, using a whirlpool bath, syringes, enzymes that dissolve the tissue, or wet dressings that dry on the wound and absorb the dead tissue.
  • Dressing: Wrapping the wound in a protective film, gauze, gel, or foam.
  • Compression stockings: Tight-fitted fabric sheaths that encourage blood flow.
  • Artificial skin: A covering that is applied to the wound for several days as it heals.
  • Ultrasound: The use of sound waves to promote healing.
  • Growth factor therapy: The use of materials naturally produced by the body to encourage quick cell growth.
  • Negative pressure therapy: Creating a vacuum around a wound to encourage faster blood flow to the area.
Depending on where the treatment is administered, hyperbaric oxygen treatment  can cost $100- $1,000. After insurance is applied, patients may have a copay of $10 -$50 or a coinsurance fee of 10 percent to 50 percent.
Most wounds should heal within two to six weeks. An individual should seek chronic wound treatment if a wound has not begun to heal after two weeks or is not completely healed after six.
Most health insurance plans cover wound care. Patients should check with the clinic and their health insurance provider before seeking treatment to be sure.

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