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By: Somer N.
Fred's Super Dollar
I would like to say that Fred's has great prices on cigarettes.... However there is only one complaint and that would be the little blond that works there. I've been nice to this girl several times, even watched her interact with a gentleman before me (with a very nice demeanor), so I thought "hey MAYBE" she may crack a smile.....? I spoke politely and made small joke and needless to say THE GIRL SMIRKED, AND NEVER EVEN LOOKED UP, SMILED OR ANYTHING!!! This girl has completely ruined my experience at Fred's if she's working.... Although on the upside there IS A VERY NICE SWEET GIRL, younger still like the other BUT SHE IS WORTH KEEPING FOR SURE!!!! Anyone that can't treat a customer politely don't need to be face TO face with them daily MAYBE she should stock shelves instead;) I hate putting bad review and I have to say this is my first. But I don't deserve her attitude or her ignoring politeness..... REALLY!?!?! Oh and the gentleman that works there, he's a good person, helpful, and just want to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR NON JUDGMENTAL LOOKS, A SMILE EVERY NOW AND THEN.... BUT THAT OTHE GIRL IS AWFUL AND IVE (TRIED) TOO MANY TIMES TO JUST SHOW KINDNESS AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HER PROBLEM IS WITH ME???? Oh I guess maybe it was cause her boyfriend was watching her work one day and I wasn't paying attention but the woman I had cut her hair before so I spoke up. Let me tell you I didn't even look great so if that made her jealous or inferrior I WAS NOT EVEN TRYING IN FACT IT BOTHERED ME TO TALK TO AN OLD CLIENT WHILE HE JUST STOOD THERE LISTENING GEEZ!!!! He could've stood by the pop machines maybe gave her some space or something lol

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