By: misscris84
Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting
To be perfectly honest, I was a bit reluctant to bring my car here due to horror stories about "chain" companies. I was always taught to support your local "Ma and Pa" shop that are privately owned. But much to my surprise, those very same businesses either gave me ridiculous quotes, either too high or too low (yes, too low, as it made me worry about the work they would [or wouldn't] perform); or these businesses just wouldn't even bother getting back with me. Sad! But, Maaco's gain because they gave me a response almost immediately and said that Nic would be in that Friday to help me, which happened to be the day after Thanksgiving. Already, I was pleasantly surprised over something so simple. Where they could have closed their business for a long holiday weekend, they didn't. When I pulled up, Nic met me quickly outside and started on my estimate. He really listened to my needs/concerns, gave me recommendations and also educated me a bit. Because I own a release series car, I was very concerned about color matching, if the bumper could be fixed and if there were any other damages. Nic made me feel completely at ease and it was also nice to hear that everything would be done with confidence. In addition to, I didn't feel like I was JUST a customer because even after I collected all of the information I needed, he got to know me on a personal level. In my opinion, that's going the distance when you don't make someone feel like a walking checkbook. In any case, Nic got the ball rolling that same day. I left my car there and he actually took me home which was another gold star. It took about a week for all of the parts to get in and for them to paint it. Nearly every day he called me with updates. Everything they did, from start to finish, meant so much and left me incredibly happy! I am so very glad I went there! The end result was as if my little bumper incident never even happened. I definitely recommend them and would totally go back (but hopefully I won't have to). Thank you, Nic and team!
By: capafrappa
Truck Town
This place was very friendly and happy to help me when I was looking for an SUV. I didn't think to check out Truck Town since I wasn't looking for a truck but I was pleasantly surprised in finding out they were more than just trucks! They had SUVs, sedans, convertibles, and vans! I got on the lot and was immediately greeted by a friendly salesman and he walked around the lot with me while I told him what I was looking for. I found exactly what I wanted and much cheaper than the places I had researched. I am VERY happy to have stopped in and I can't wait for my next car shopping experience with them!
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By: Barbie P.
Cooper Fuel & Auto Repair
I was absolutely impressed with the service and kindness of the technicians. I pulled in one day to ask a question. Phillip went out of his way to help and assist me. I left feeling valued and appreciated. I never forgot this experience and spoke highly to anyone that would listen. A few weeks after that my car broke down. I did not hesitate to have my car towed to you. I would also like to say that everyone that I did talk to also spoke very highly of your establishment.
By: Heidi anne H.
Essential Autos
I was extremely happy with the service and attention to detail from the owner, Nick! He is not your average used car dealer. He was very kind, honest, helpful and direct as he sold me a car that I am so pleased with. I have already spread the word around at my job that if you're looking for a used car, give Nick a call to see if he has anything in his inventory that you may be interested in. You definitely won't be disappointed if you do buy a car from this business!!
By: fdsg95
LK's Auto Repair
I had remembered problems with the car that needed to get taken care of after a previous oil change and they again brought them up and the prcing was very affordable, they were efficient on gett the car done early enough since I had to wait. The lady at the front counter was very helpful in explaining things and helping my daughter have something to do while we wait.
By: charless527
LK's Auto Repair
I love coming here. I am always greeted by name and treated with respect. I have never felt taken advantage of. The only thing I would change would be the quantity of staff at the front desk. So far as I can tell there is only one, and she's backed up. Always a ton of work on her plate. At least hire someone to answer the phones. This lady deserves a raise!
By: amelissa807
LK's Auto Repair
We had a van donated to our church that had a transmission problem. LK's Auto Repair took the car in and within a couple of hours they called and gave us an estimate, which was a fair price (lower price than any other place I had checked with)and quick service. I would recommend LK's Auto Repair for all of your auto repair needs. Keep up the good work.
By: David M.
Cooper Fuel & Auto Repair
Jason made sure that all of my front lights were replaced so that I can go another 9 years without worrying about a light going out. You are the best at making sure everything in our cars works the way it should. Liz Milligan
By: egreoge362
LK's Auto Repair
Sorry but Bill doesn't do computers so you have to put up with me! My experience with your business has always been super and I particularly appreciate it that you clean the "inside" of my windshield for me!
By: roderickk772
LK's Auto Repair
All work was done on time and price was fair and no extra... If I felt something was not 100% it was taken care of the next day toa 110%..Great service from both Keith and Linda
Tips & Advices
Using a variety of tools and processes, many of which require specialized training, auto body mechanics primarily repair cosmetic and structural damage to vehicles after accidents occur. They can also enhance a vehicle’s appearance and performance by replacing and adding new parts to a vehicle’s body.
This depends on the severity of the work that needs to be done. Something such as paintless dent repair for a few small dents can take an hour. Whereas auto body repairs for damages caused by a major accident can take multiple days to correct.
All auto body parts can be repaired but there is a threshold for the level of repairs possible. Parts can be damaged beyond repair and would need to be wholly replaced.
Auto body parts can be made from a wide variety of materials, usually based on what the part’s purpose is. Vehicle frames body panels, bumpers, roof racks, and other items that need to be strong and durable are usually constructed from steel, which is known for its durability and resistance to rust and high temperatures. But aluminum is quickly becoming a popular material of construction due to its lightweight yet durable nature. Body kits and other aftermarket parts like spoilers and hoods can be constructed from one form of plastic or another.
Yes, the vast majority of car makes and models have aftermarket parts available for many of their components. But higher-end vehicles typically have less aftermarket parts available since they often use specialized materials and manufacturing processes that are difficult to duplicate for many aftermarket manufacturers.

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