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By: deanna.scott.566
Pain Healing Center
At first I did not like the office staff or the doctor, however I can understand why he is so hesitant to prescribe narcotics. Tampa Bay is #1 in drugs in the entire united states. After months of wrestling with him verbally and teaching him exactly what pain i'm in and why he's become very empathetic and understanding. He no longer questions if I"m really in pain and now appears to really care. In a lot of ways i don't blame him for being tough with people without records due to the fact that i met at least half a dozen drug dealers there who get the drugs to sell them. (Which I shared with him as well). It's a sad state of affairs when you have to beg anyone to relieve the pain. I know I've been suffering for 35 years and even had doctors kick me out of their offices accusing me of being a drug addict when all I wanted was an answer as to why I hurt so bad. So give Dr. Benni a break.
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By: Ashley M.
Pain Healing Center
He is an amazing doctor. He cares about giving his patients a better quality of life. Unfortunately there are those bad apples who give bad reviews because they are angry they were cut off there meds or not given meds. He doesn't think anyone is a "druggie" unless their actions or DRUG SCREEN show otherwise. He will bend over backwards for his patients, he'll stay late for anyone, come in early, and has even at times given free treatment to those whose insurance wont allow certain treatments. At the end of the day Dr. Benni has a job to do and with the nature of his business he has to be hard on people when they aren't following treatment plans. His license is always on the line when prescribing the types of medications he does so he has every right to decide who he wants to treat with medications or who he doesn't want to. The patients aren't going to pay his bills if he loses his license.
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By: Mark K.
Pain Healing Center
Dr Benni is a fantastic doctor. He has alot of patience with his patient's and takes time with you,the staff some of them are rude but there are 3 or four there that are just a peach to deal with. They are an amazing medical team and just because you may have to wait sometimes Feeling better is worth the wait.

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