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By: Danielle F.
Best Friends for
I am the operations Manager at Best Friends for Kidz and this is unfortunate that this happened. When children are at play incidents may occur and we do advise all parent's of this prior to drop off as it is in the enrollment application. The accident took place on the playground which is safe and undergoes a daily safety check by administration. This is a rare incident and not anything all children experience. We do allow children to run and play on the playground as it is developmentally appropriate, we wish we could have caught the child before he fell but unfortunately the teacher was not able to get there in time. Our policy is for teachers to always circulate on the playground. If we ever have an unsatisfied parent we ask that they email so we can try to resolve the issue. We love children and we love our parents too!
By: Natalie S.
La Petite Academy
We love La Petite! Our 7 month old loves it too. We are first timers and they made us feel very warm and welcome. After the first day of our daughter attending, they all knew her name and ours. They are very attentive and you can call all day to check up on your kid and they won't mind! We tried the punch card system first and only dropped her off from time to time when we needed it, but we are enrolling her in full time soon! They also give little reports so you know when your child ate and slept. and for how long. It has a remarks section too for milestones or something you've missed while you were away but that's never been filled out yet. I'm just thinking that's because we haven't missed too much yet! Other than that, we feel very safe that we are leaving her in capable hands.
By: mocklerlaw
Post Sunshine Ranch Enterprises Inc
I rarely write reviews. But, I read some of the negative reviews posted by angry parents (or, in some cases, "non-parents"), and I felt it was necessary to weigh in. This is a nice daycare. I drop my daughter off and pick her up almost every day. The kids go outside a lot. They also watch shows and play inside. You get a report every day about your child. The staff and teachers are nice. I have four children, and they have been in three different daycares over the years. This place is normal and safe. I've never had any concerns.
By: Kelly L.
Best Friends for
Thought I might try dropoff care but never again. My son was hurt when he was only there a few hours and noone said sorry and said they investigated and said that it wasn't the school's fault. So whose fault is it if your son expects to be taken care of and he ends up with stitches after being pushed into a dangerous area at the school. I would stay away from a school who acts like this towards parents. I am hearing this is happening to other parents in our area that is why I am now writing this review. Hire a babysitter it's much safer.
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By: Jah G.
Best Friends for
I love the overall flexible hours concept it's great, and helped me out so much with the drop in care. My child loved when we came to BFF for 2 days a week that we signed him up for VPK! He learned everything and was ready for Kindergarten I was so proud. I wouldn't change anything I love the staff and the admin always there when I needed them. We moved and I wish I could've taken them with us. We miss you
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By: Evelyn M.
Children's Academy
This school has been around for so many years, and continues to be the best in town for so many reasons. Incredible administrators, dedicated teachers, diverse curriculum experiences, leadership, morals, compassion, friendship, teaching children to grow into compassionate, caring, intelligent leaders and community members..... so many, many reasons. I'm proud to be part of the CA family!
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By: Michael K.
Post Sunshine Ranch Enterprises Inc
We moved to the tampa area a year ago. We found Post Sunshine and fell in love with the place instantly. I am not sure how or why the people below had such terrible experiences but I have had nothing but a good well rounded experience. The teachers take real good care of my daughter and are always pleasant. I feel like my child is in real good hands while I am away.
By: Shenel D.
Best Friends for
my kids have attended bff for about 3 1/2 years and I wouldn't change a thing. they are very caring and reasonable with me. there times are perfect because of my work schedule and any problems that I had was handled very professional and in a timely matter. If you have any problems just communicate and everything will be fine.shenel
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By: Katie A.
Post Sunshine Ranch Enterprises Inc
I absolutely love this school! I am a huge daycare snob, and PSR is one of the best. The staff is caring and loving to my girls. My girls have grown so much socially, academically, and behaviorally! I know that my girls are being watched and loved while at PSR!
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By: Tay B.
Miss Ginny's Inc
very nice, clean and professional my kids love this place. The teachers are helpful and loving my kids love this place they are very happy here.

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