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By: Shelley W.
The Cottages of Bradenton
I've been here about two months now. I was sent here from Cross Breeze Care in Sarasota for assisted living. What I've now been told by outside health organizations is that this facility is classified as " a locked-down dementia unit". I am not a flight risk, and yet the doors going outside are locked. And am told by outside staff at no one's available to take me over to the office in the other building, and I'm not permitted to go it alone. And neither do I have dementia! I'm 60 years old, my brain's working fine. With a few exceptions, there is a lot of hostility coming from the staff here. Most hate their jobs it seems.The things you do need help with, such as with me to get my contact lenses RX from a fairly recent exam from a private doctor. I'm told Mobile Vision comes here in Thursday's. And that they'd be able to get the RX. Nobody seems to know what's going on. Now I'm told they come once a month, but nobody knows when that day is it how I can be sure to see them.II'm out of here ASAP! I do not recomend this facility unless you or your family member truly has a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer's, and is not safe at home and needs to be safe.
By: Sally S.
Gulf Coast Property Management
Owning a property locally, I really didn't see the value in hiring a property manager. That is until my tenant stopped paying rent and answering my calls. I let it go on for about 2 months, 2 months of listening to broken promises and excuses. I consulted an attorney about my options for eviction and they wanted a $2K retainer. $2K??? I was barely breaking even on the property and that would have wiped out any profits I did make. After scouring the internet and chatting with a few companies I decided to go with Gulf Coast. No joke, within 7 days the tenants had left. The property was in OK shape. Not perfect but OK. Between Gulf Coast and myself we cleaned the property up, made some small repairs and started advertising for new renters. Well that was 7 months ago and I could not be happier with how its worked out. Yes I am only around the corner but Gulf Coast take care of everything. i just collect receive the money. There was one problem with the stove but it was repaired under warranty. I usually don't write reviews but this company saved my skin and I will be eternally grateful. Thanks to everyone there.
By: Henry F.
Belmont Park Apartments
I lived here for a couple years and seen property managers come and go, some nice, some not. I'm so glad my lease in up in less then 2 months. Maintenance when they do come to fix a problem, it takes them weeks and it is never done right. They make promises that she never delivers on. They also makes up rules as they go on. This was once a nice place for the price, but now is riddled with drug dealers, plus drug paraphernalia everywhere. EX: Empty drug baggies, and even used needles that I saw 2 times in the last 60 days. Plus empty beer bottles all over the place. This is suppose to make myself and family feel safe here. .The upkeep is terrible. I haven't had pest control in over a year. I live on the 2nd floor and the walls are so thin, I can hear my neighbors full conversations. Not to mention, if the people above me just walk normally I can hear every step. I'm so glad my lease is up in 54 days from today, and yes I am counting down. My family and I do not fell safe anymore, and my 6 year old son should not grow up in an apartment like this. I will never come back and I will take this as a lesson. Everything is not what it seems. Cops are here 3-4 times a week. They even changed the name to Oasis because Belmont Apts has such a horrible reputation, but for some reason checks are still made out to Belmont. If this place was to get inspected there would be so many violations. I can keep going and going. When you come and look at these apartments expect the red carpet treatment. Once you sign your lease and have your 1st problem, please do not say you were not warned. People who have been here years are moving because of these problems and the new management team that took over that replaced the old one. Ask them for the corporate number and you will never get it. The only reason I am giving it a star is because you have to and it does not even deserve a star. One more thing make sure your cars and doors are locked as so many break ins happen here.There is only 2 reviews on this page and both negative which includes this one. On the link I am going to provide there are 23 reviews about Belmont and 22 are negatives. Just type in Belmont Park Apts Bradenton Fl with the link belowhttp://www.apartmentratings.com/.....Do more searching to find more negatives. My advice if you come look at a rental here before you leave and if you get a chance see if you can find a tenant and ask them.
By: Edward C.
Springs at Braden River
I applied on line through their website. I was told that the Administration fee and deposit would be refundable. I applied under the $200.00 administration fee and security deposit of $99.00 is refundable if I was turned down or terms changed from what I agreed to or else I would have not applied. And the agreement was that the Administration fee there was a special that if moved in by 12/31 would apply towards first month rent. So I applied, next day I was told I was approved but I needed total deposit equal to 1 month not the $99.00 I had agreed to. And how long would it take me to come up with. I told Katie I was not prepared to do that and it would take me some time to come up with the additional deposit. I would let them know if I could proceed with it. Adrian my lease consultant called me to ask how long would it take to do and I advise him I don't know and asked about refund and was told it would be refunded. I emailed and also called Adrian to find out total amount that I would need to move in and I have the email showing that I would need $99.00 plus $1046.00 plus $45.00 plus the prorated amount of rent for current month. So not only was the $200.00 not applied and also $99.00 deposit plus $1046.00, when I agreed to pay $99.00 deposit and 573.61 pro rated minus $200.00 for a total of 472.61, plus $45.00 transfer of water for total of $517.61. Now it becomes $1,763.61 total to move in. I then email Adrian and again I informed him that I would not be able to do that. I told to refund me the Administration fee which again I was told he would mail to my PO Box address. A week later I called and Adrian was off and spoke to Katie and asked her about my refund. And was informed it would take 3 weeks. And about 20 minutes later she called me back and told me I cancelled the transaction so I get no refund. That is really a shady process was I was informed several times about the refunding moneys I had put there. They changed all I had agreed and no REFUND.
By: Jessica C.
Bradenton Village
Warning: be worned if you are going to rent here do not signing anything (lease/pointless forms) before checking out the unit itself, take photos and document the condition of everything. Also keep documents of everything I got screwed over with legal fees and court fees? Really?! Dont ask why, not even the property servicer could explain that to me. When we moved out we got a letter stating there was a microwave missing fyi none of the untis come with one, plus they charged us for broken towel racks that were never broken, only loose which were loose before moving in. I recieved compliments on how well I kept the unti even by their own inspectors I even cleaned the unit before left it in excellent condition and am being charged $378 for "damages" and other "msc. Fees" I can't imagine how much i'd owe if it was in bad condition besides that, the manager is horrible, needs immediate termination i have no idea how she has a job with that attitude and the way she treats residents. The units are roach infested and contain mold, they make you sign a mold form that states YOU are responsible and at fault for it and they will not fix it themselves. They scam people when their suppose to give low income an equal opportunity to have decent living, they abuse of this. You have been warned. Please read other reviews and articles about this complex before determining wheather its worth it because you will find out. Unfortunately when I moved in, there were yet anyone to review about them.
By: Evandro M.
Gulf Coast Property Management
Not only do these people understand their business, they actually appear to care. I rarely post reviews but I was so blown away by the service I received in comparison to what I encounter in usual business dealing I needed to comment. We needed to move out of state and hired Gulf Coast Property Management to take care of renting out our house. Their team made things very easy for us. They marketed the house, found us tenants and took care of all the maintenance, including specific requests for things we wanted to have inspected yearly. Expectations were met. We eventually sold the house and they helped us with that too.
By: Samia D.
Cypress Winds
If I could choose zero stars for this I would. 1 star is too much. I was duped into this place, they refused to show me an actual which I should have known it was a big red flag. They only showed me the model unit. The day I moved in I was surprised to see how old and run down my apt was. I've had nothing but maintenance issues, not to mention the noise all around me and everyone smokes. I have only used the pool once since it's so dirty and everyone at the pool smokes around the children. Management is extremely rude and don't care about any of your complaints. Once they get you in they tear you like crap. Everyone I've spoken to has issues with them and their apts. don't let the pics fool you it's all for show, the apts look nothing like it. I can't wait to get out!
By: Sam D.
Cypress Winds
Bad service by management and the apts are very old and need lots of maintenance. I regret renting here. I was not shown an actual apt only the model unit. I asked but they said they don't have one to show (yeah right)! I was shocked when I moved in how old and how much work needed to be done. I should have moved right out that day. Office staff is very rude as well! I will move out before my lease ends! I will not recommend this place to anyone!
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By: Islande M.
Bradenton Village
Bradenton Village apartments are crooks. They are very rude, horrible service and took my security deposit and sent me to collection after I moved out saying I did not clean the apartment. I'm a clean freak by the way.
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By: Caleb Y.
Palms Of Cortez
The Office Manager that has just recently come in is very rude. The neighborhood is now filled with criminals galore, and the new management doesn't even care.

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