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By: Chellie T.
Katz Jaclyn
My interactions with Jalcyn Katz have been commensurate with those of a business relationship. At the inception of this relationship, she meticulously and tenaciously elucidated her regulations for renting. This process consisted of a meeting lasting approximately 2 hours with other renters. During this time, she reviewed and explained each item on the exhaustive list of regulations and expectations regarding renting. In an attempt to discern if attendees understood each item, she encouraged questions, frequently summarizing. Ms Katz's policies were clear and unambiguous due to her explanation of them at this meeting. In addition, throughout my renting tenure, she continues to prompt me to be mindful of policies to ensure compliance. This endeavor serves both her an the renter. I find Ms Katz's demeanor regarding business to be extremely structured and predictable. I have never been surprised by any interactions with or comments by her. A former homeowner, I find her policies, presentation, and enforcement of regulations to be responsible and accountable. Similar to other professionals who charge for their time, she does as well. She is a business woman. She is not an exception to this tenet, nor should she be. Her practices in my experiences, are conscientious and methodical. She is organized and culpable.In addition, my experiences with her have also proven to be amenable. Although she is rigorous in her expectations of compliance with policies, she has extended great understanding. More clearly, in my experience with her, she is supportive of open communication. Once apprised, she effectively demonstrates a cooperative attitude. I believe that star ratings required for posting commentary to be of no value.
By: Alycia V.
Katz Jaclyn
Were there times when Jaclyn felt like a tough landlord? Heck yeah. That's the honest truth. But more importantly. Jaclyn is professional. Honest. True to her word. And dependable. She laid every expectation on the table from day one. There were no surprises. It was a matter of myself, as the tenant to uphold my responsibilities. I don't know how many landlords I've had that could care less about some fix around the property. Jaclyn has the job done quickly and efficiently, every time. While she holds strict to her agreement standards and expectations, she also took the time to go above and beyond. My truck got broken into and everything stolen out of it. And at the same time, there was a questionable man frequenting the property and even leaving suggestive notes. The police department barely took the time of day. When I called Jaclyn with my concerns, she conference called and had the police at the property and doing their job within 5 minutes. Thanks Jaclyn.
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By: Kathy T.
Katz Jaclyn
I have rented from Jaclyn Katz for almost three years now and am very satisfied with her as a landlord. She is very strict with her rules, but is also very clear about them. She works hard to keep the properties she manages in great shape. She is very straightforward in her dealings with everyone and her willingness to accept pets is all too rare in this town. If you are renting from Jaclyn and you think you can get away with breaking rules or agreements with her then you will be asked to leave with 30 days notice. I live in a four unit building and my neighbors are terrific. I appreciate Jaclyn's thoroughness and her expectation that we will all treat these apartments as our homes....she has been and continues to be a terrific landlord.
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By: Ashleigh P.
Rental Professionals
Not many times am I overly impressed with a company that it makes me want to write a review about their company. I had a wonderful experience with this company, the ladies in the office were so genuinely nice to me and seemed to actually want to help me find a place that I LOVED and was comfortable in. Unlike some places I went to look for a property with in Bozeman. They took the time to go over options, and show me numerous properties over several days of looking while in Bozeman. I'm just overly delighted with this company and look forward to my relationship with them as their tenant. Thanks Rental Professionals.on another note I love the little bulldog that sleeps under the counter :)
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By: Rayna C.
Katz Jaclyn
I currently rent an apartment from Jaclyn Katz. I have been her tenant for almost two years. My experience has been nothing but pleasant and professional. Her tenacity and thoroughness is a refreshing change from my previous interactions with landlords and property managers. When I was originally searching for an apartment, I had a very difficult time finding anyone who would allow my dog. I was surprised that Jaclyn not only allowed my dog, but welcomed him. In addition to charging a reasonable rent, my apartment was impressively clean and everything was in working order.I am very happy with my apartment and with my landlady. Jaclyn's tough, but fair.
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By: Anne J.
Aspen Properties
I just moved to Bozeman from Denver. I had to stay in a motel room while Inwas looking for an apartment to libe in. I shiwed up at Aspen at 9 am and told them I really needed a place right away. Kristin showed me a cite apartment on the North side that had just been remodeled. I came baxk and filled out an application and said I really loved the place. Two hours later, Aspen had approved my application! I was thrilled! Krystal made the lease signing very comfortable and offered me a bottle of water and gave me some chocolate for my new apartment. I had a wonderful experience with the entire crew.
By: ckkirkland
Katz Jaclyn
Unfortunately some people have bad experiences and think they need to tell everyone that their experience will be the same. Just not true. Jaclyn assisted us in buying a property. She went out of her way to make it happen...and happen well! Jaclyn has a very black and white personality....meaning... yes means yes and no means no. Some people cannot deal with this type of personality very well. Maybe your bad experience is partly your own fault. I would recommend Jaclyn if you want to purchase a property. She went above and beyond the call of her responsibilities for us!
By: stevensyellowpages
Katz Jaclyn
Great property manager and realtor. Very honest and forthright individual. I feel like some of the negative comments on here are due to the young college age "no responsibility, entitlement mentality" that is so common in our society these days.Jaclyn is particular about certain things, but the honesty and integrity with which she runs her business and treats her tenants is unquestionable. If you value someone who is honorable, upfront and gets the job done, rather than sugar coat things for your thin skin and sensibilities, then Jaclyn is the right choice.
By: Stacey L.
Rental Professionals
Rental Professionals went out of there way to accommodate me and my two dogs, they took the time to show me properties, helped me with my application, and found me a place that I love. I appreciated that they were very black and white in telling me what they would need and expect from me as their tenant. Thanks RP, you took a lot of weight off my shoulders. I was so upset and thought I would never find a property for my two little babies. But now we have a home.
By: Linda G.
Katz Jaclyn
If you want to live at a property where repairs are done in a prompt manner, where the snow is plowed on time and yards are regularly maintained, Jaclyn will follow through. She has managed my properties for four years and I have been pleased with they way she has maintained the property and found quality clients. If you choose to stay in one of her properties, you will live next door to responsible people in a place that is well maintained in a timely fashion.

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