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By: Katie T.
Juniirs Traveling Tools
Hello my name is Mrsnizbi here's my story I was driving on us 49 hab never broken down in my life I'm only 31 years old but my silly little jeep that I love so much just died.so o had called my dad well to have the car towed was over150.00 so my father remimbered a flyer that had Ben put on our house months back.oh by the way it was 9:00 at night and the tow driver couldn't be there for up to two hours. So my f a there decided to call juniors traveling tools. Juniors secretary answered and said she we old have him call us right back. So we were like uh ho. To my s up rise my phone rang within 3 minutes. It was junior. I ev planed the problem to him .I c ouldnt tell him much but that it d ued. Junior told me don't worry to turn on my flashers g e t out of the car because I was in a dark area and he stayed on the phone with me the entire time it tool him to get there,which was 20 minutes. Upon arrival junior allowed me to sit in his truck and listen to air 1 radio. After about 15 minutes juni I r came over to me and explained my compressor clutch had loved up and was causing the motor to be pulled down and die.so after a few phone calls he was able to get ahold of one of g I s friends that had a junked motor like my jeep and juniir t as liked him into selling us the clutch instead of the whole compressor which the as u to parts store wanted over 250.00 for plus ypu had to flush the system and change somthing called an orifice tube and an accumulator or the compressor would have no warranty.at this point my father decided to go the rout of the used parts incentives it we o u ld save us 500.00 plus if you open the a/c system you have to flush it ,more money so that's what we did well 198.99 dollars and a free dinner l ate th a t juniir bought my baby was back up and runnung.junior was my knight in shining armor. So for any one to c as ll him any thing bad hurts me, he is in church every week at shreveport word of God ministries. I'm sure he has forgiven you.
By: Deanna G.
Juniirs Traveling Tools
Jr. became my mechanic by accident. My truck stopped running at my workplace. My Dad called Jr. for me and within a couple of hours Jr. was onsite and fixing my truck. I just recently had to call Jr. again for a leak. He is honest, trustworthy and dependable. He is out to make an honest living and he does it without ripping folks off. Thanks Jr. for all your hard work and dedication to what you do! Jr. is MY mechanic of choice and I'll gladly pass on his name and number without fear of him ripping off the people I know.
By: Henry R.
Juniirs Traveling Tools
I have looked up this customer and have no customers with that name. If you feel that way please call me to discuss it. I have been a certified auto mechanic for 30 years, and am well known in the area. Again I'm sorry you feel that way but I have no way of contacting you or even knowing if your just a competitor trashing me. Have a nice day junior
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By: Scott R.
A Better Windshield Repair Or Replacement Co
Best customer treatment! This guy went above and beyond to help me with my glass needs. Replacement of all except the rear glass in one day. Totally honest and top notch workmanship! Even gave a better price than quoted because he got a good pice on the glass. Wish all business were this good
By: Jamie K.
A Better Windshield Repair Or Replacement Co
excellent service! great working with this company, they really have an attention to detail and worksmanship which is important when dealing with windshield installation and safety. trust A Better Windshield Co. for your auto-glass needs.
By: John R.
Juniirs Traveling Tools
Junior has been my mechanic for the last 4 years and has always been honest with me and his businesses partners are pastors, so I'm not sure who you felt with but it wasn't the junior I know. He is by far the best tech I know. John Ruiz
By: Hannah W.
Nichols Lube Express
Best service I've gotten for an oil change. Friendly, professional, and quick employees provide great service. Also a nice, clean waiting room for the few minutes I had to wait. I would highly recommend them!
By: Erin S.
Cars Etc
Great family-owned and operated business. Clean facilities! Owner goes out of his way to make things right and affordable for the customer without reducing quality.
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By: Scott G.
A A Truck & Trailer Repair Co.
Was very courteous and reasonable. Jim really runs a 1st rate mobile mechanic service. They listen and educate you on what's going on. Thanks a million
By: John C.
Nichols Lube Express
Great expertise and a fast oil change every time. Nice, comfortable waiting area. An all-around great business.
Tips & Advices
Among the common scams pulled are needless repairs, where a garage charges you for work that isn't necessary. Another popular one is attracting customers through a cheap oil change or tire pressure check. Then, when you your car is being repaired, they give you a long list of other corrections they'd like to make, therefore boosting the total cost of your bill. The best way to combat these types of problems is getting a written estimate before work is done so you can see how much repairs are expected to cost. If the final bill is higher than the estimate projected, ask to specifically see the work. Make sure information is put in writing as well. If a problem remains, you can have proof that work was not done to your satisfaction.
For winter driving, features such as the defroster, heater and exhaust system are paramount. Look in your owner's manual for specific directions on how features should be checked and repaired. Many newer cars have a cabin air filter that can be replaced when needed, allowing warm air to continue to flow in. Also, check tires before winter driving, as they need to be at the proper pressure to perform well on snow and ice.
In the spring and summer, you want to be sure your air conditioner and cooling systems work correctly. Given the high temperatures, overheating is a common problem. Look over the system by ensuring there is enough coolant available. If it needs to be refilled, it is best to open the hood and add more to the car before it gets too warm out. Also, clean out fan ducts and other ventilation sources necessary for summertime driving.
Some fixes to your car can be done without paying a specialist. Issues like replacing oil and air filters are relatively simple, with instructions provided in the owner's manual on how to make these changes. The same goes for replacing broken windshield wipers or burnt-out headlights. Such issues should be repaired quickly to guarantee safety, but don't require a visit to a garage.
Yes. Not every type of auto repair work needs to be done by a certified mechanic. You can fix some of a vehicle's issues just by paying attention to how the automobile is running and having a basic understanding of auto repair. Look over the ways weather may impact your car and what preventative measures you can take to avoid having to take it into the shop.

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