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By: mmaxon
Maverick Car Company
I recently purchased a 2002 Jeep Wrangler from Maverick Car Company. I was a little nervous when I decided to start looking for a pre-owned vehicle. You know, the normal worries… hoping to not get stuck with a lemon, wanting a fair trade in value on my current vehicle, hoping not to get caught up in some high pressure sales crap. I was very pleased with my experience at Maverick. I felt that I received a fair offer on my trade in and that the price I paid for the Jeep was fair as well. What really impressed me though was how well I was treated after the sale. I bought the Jeep as is but after a few days I noticed a couple things that concerned me that I hadn't noticed during the test drive. I called Maverick and told them my concerns. The next day someone drove out to my work, gave me a loaner vehicle so I could still run my errands at lunch, fixed the problems, and delivered it back to me. The way I was treated before, during, and after the sale is why I will defiantly be recommending them to anyone I know and why I will defiantly keep them in mind the next time I am looking for a vehicle.
By: John D.
Combs Car Corral
I purchased a car a few months ago, a 2006 camry, my salesman is Jimmy Koch. When I test drove the car, I noticed a small coolant leak and they said thew would take care of it. Soon after we drove the car home the problem got worse to the point that we couldnt keep coolant in the car. When we brought it in to be fixed, they discovered that it was the head gasket and they stepped up to the plate with no argument at all and fixed it.2 days ago, I called Jimmy and told him that the car was having an issue and he said to bring it in, they were busy but he would do his best to get it in. Before I could make the appointment, the car died. They not only towed it in, but just told me that they are going to put a motor in it for me at no charge.Bottom line, they take care of their customer to the very best of their ability. Obviously if I hadnt told them about the coolant leak in the first place, they wouldnt be able to do as much for me. They have gone way beyond what I could expect and I will never buy a car from another dealer.
By: Trevor M.
Combs Car Corral
I have owned my truck for nearly three years now. Have not had any issues other than standard repairs. I have also gone back in to entertain trading in my truck, and the sales rep suggested I sell it on my own since i would not get out of the truck what it is worth. While he probably should have tried to push push push, it is much more respectable to deal with honest people who are going to do the right thing for the customer.I decided to hold off. Recently I found out my pads and rotors need replaced, which should have been replaced with the purchase of the truck. Due to some miscommunication this never happened, while I was under the impression it had. I was extremely suprised when I received a call stating that it looked like the work was not done, and I am going to get the pads and rotors replaced free of charge, nearly three years later.Will most definitely be getting my vehicles from them in the future!
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By: Jim A.
Instant Equity Auto
My wife and I headed this Saturday to "look" for a newer car and we had in mind pretty close what we were looking for and a price range. Our first stop was at Instant Equity Auto on Fairview in Boise. We were greeted by a very polite young man (Justin Allen) who showed us exactly what were were looking for, first one was more than what we wanted to spend then the second one was the car we were hoping for. The entire staff was very helpful, and made the process pretty painless. If your looking to buy a used car, I think this location and the people who run it will do their best to help you find the car you want. When buying a car is it always buyer beware, do your homework, understand financing and get the best deal you can. If your going, asked for Justin Allen! You'll like his attitude and he will treat you right!
By: Jocelynn S.
Combs Car Corral
At first I was skeptical about getting a car from Combs Car Corral due to all the negative feedback I had heard but I chose to give them a try and I have to say that I have been very pleased with my vehicle and the service. They are always there to help me and the salesperson who sold me the car was very helpful in getting me into a car that I could afford. I have not had any major issues with my car except for the usual repairs and have been very pleased with it threw out the 2 years I have had it.If I ever need to get another vehicle I will definitely go back to Combs.
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By: Kevin N.
Arcade Auto Sales
I hate car shopping with all of the high pressure that used car salesman tactics. I was driving past Arcade Auto and saw a car that caught my eye. After pulling in I was able to look at the car without somebody jumping on me immediately which was refreshing. They let me take it for a test drive by myself which really made me comfortable. When it came time to talk numbers it was very simple and they had several financing options and got me an amazing rate with a credit union. I wish my previous car buying experiences had been this simple and refreshing!!
By: Shaun N.
Combs Car Corral
Just bought my third truck from Nampa Combs!! Vincent found the exact truck I needed and got me into it quick and easy!! I like dealing with combs they work with me on the down and keep me on an affordable payment that's comfortable!! Yes the interest is a bit high, but with damages credit like mine it was my best option. I have bought three 90,a Chevy extended cabs from Nampa Combs Car Corral and I have had good luck with all three!! They find clean trucks and make sure everything is in good working order!! Thanks again Mr. combs!!
By: bmogie
Instant Equity Auto
I just bought a car from these guys and I can't imagine how it could have been a better experience. Andy helped me out even after closing hours and was on the phone with Ed working out details. I felt like they wanted my business more than $. And they sure didn't make much off my sale - in fact they may have lost money; and I know it was a good deal because I've been watching every listing in the valley for a couple weeks. There was never any pressure, only good service and good deals. I wouldn't hesitate to send a friend their way.
By: String P.
Dennis Dillon Auto Park and Truck Center
We had a sensor go bad (who knows what kind?) while we were on the road. The check engine light came on and the transmission kept disengaging into neutral. They took our GMC pickup right in and gave us a loaner vehicle so we could finish our shopping. After about an hour, the service department called and said our pickup was repaired. When we picked up our pickup they stated that there was no charge for the loaner vehicle because we only had it for about an hour during our shopping. "That's great customer service!"
By: josh.dollins
Combs Car Corral
They've always been polite and really worked with me on getting into a car in a tough financial situation (albeit they benefited from high interest and a fairly high price) anyway like others here I question the cars they stock mine has been a pain going through a couple sensors and repairs but then again the car has 134000 miles and I got it from them with 113000 so to some extent this stuff is to be expected and these are used cars folks and combs doesn't build them

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