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By: Steph A.
Mr. Formal
These guys are simply runs kind of business that is unfortunately becoming all too rare. MICHELLE is one in a million. We worked with them throughout an entire high school year. Needing tuxes for dances, concerts etc. MICHELLE treated us like we were small town neighbors. Always greeted us by name the minute we walked in. And nothing was too difficult or too short of notice for her. She made it happen. And not like most people make it happen these days. She didn't huff and puff and complain and martyr herself. She just made sure she made it happen. Whatever we needed.. Even when we forgot at times and gave her hours notice for full tux shoes etc.. She'd just calmly say..." No problem, I've got his measurements on file right here, I'll have it ready for you!" She remained professional and is VERY good at what she does. I am rarely impressed with customer service anymore. Usually you get the run around or have to listen to someone explain to you how hard it's going to be to " make that happen for you".. And how improbable it is. Not with Michelle. I knew she'd never leave me hanging. She took amazingly good care of us. And her fun, easy going personality allowed my teen to even really enjoy her. Usually he's rolling his eyes by the time we get out of a place because it's a nightmare to listen to people's excuses. But we'd a get in the car with the tux after leaving Mr formal and working with Michelle and my 15 yr old would say " she's awesome". Thank you Michelle for saving my sanity many times, and just getting the job done and getting it done right. And thank you for being such a great example of customer service and decency to my son. It's nice for them to see that not everyone out there makes excuses for not getting things done and whines about how hard their day or week is. Quite frankly.. The customer doesn't give a ** darn.. The customer just wants an easy, non stressful, quality and enjoyable experience. Michelle gives you that with and easy going smile and a " see ya next time"... Yes Michelle.. You will definitely see us next time!
By: lauraandjason
Mr. Formal
My fiance' and i had to go to MrFormal to get his suit for my best friends wedding. I'm her maid of honor and she will be mine. my wedding is in the fall so we do lots of wedding stuff together. Jason my future husband had decided to get his tuxes at a different place he used before. But after going to Mr Formal and getting his suit (which he looked super hot in) we will get our tuxes there. The employees were so fun to work with and made sure everything fit perfect for everyone in the wedding and did some alterations while we waited!They even got the ringbear who was throwing a tantrum to calm down to put his on and he was soooo cute!! now i'm rethinking having kids in my wedding. WTG Mr Formal you rock!
By: stephanie.hergenrather
I love this place! It has the best eclectic fashions and styles that can be found nowhere else in Boise! I appreciate the superb quality of their merchandise and the friendly, excellent customer service. If they don't have my size, they'll order it. If something was wrong with my purchase, they'll fix it. They even open their store for budding artists to sell their wares - like that fantastic, one of a kind metal jewelry among other things! The corset selection has no competition in town that can beat it. This store is a rare gem in the city and one you don't want to miss.
By: mzfit
This is an incredible boutique/emporium of all sorts of awesomeness! They have the best corset selection in Boise - of the best made corsets we have found when taking my wife out shopping. Beyond that they have a lot of clothes and accessories that are goth and steampunk and just different from what you would find anywhere else. The owners are nice and helpful - willing to order in other sizes if they don't carry an item in the size that you need. It's a great shop!!
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By: Glen C.
Mr. Formal
Fitting today for tux for daughter's wedding in September-could not have gone better. Michelle is knowledgeable and the selection and fitting process could not have been smoother. If you're a person who needs formal wear rarely, occasionally or often; this IS the place to go in Boise.
By: Cynthia L.
Outdoor Adventures
Rent from this place!! A great, hard-working family owns the business, military friendly. We rented a pontoon for 8 hours and two jet skis for an hour each. We had no issues and they were extremely friendly and accommodating. Definitely will be going here again.
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By: Danielle O.
Best gas station ever!! They have all three grades of NON-ETHANOL fuel! They also have super good prices inside their store. It's family owned and operated so the workers are always super cheerful and helpful!
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By: Ronnie B.
Hands down best clothing store in boise! Best place to shop if you want friendly faces and fashion that's not mall fashion. There's honestly no other place like subspace.
By: vacationwisher
Mr. Formal
Michele, Chris and Shari are the very best. They all seem to love their jobs and love helping customers. You could not be in better hands!
By: Marvin C.
Idaho Youth Ranch
Great service. Great prices. Clean environment..................................................
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