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By: Betsy W.
Chiropractic Arts
Well this my 4 review about Dr.Pewe let's me tell u about him and he has my family's Chiropractor for almost 24 years now and he is kind,sweet,loving with his patient's and knows what best for them and if i don't have Chiopactic care in my life it would make Dr.Pewe very sad and i am thankful for Dr.Pewe has done for my family,friends that go see him and he has been there for me every step of the way and i can't live without him in my life and he gotten rid of my headaches ,muscle spam,and sometimes i had to go back in to see him with my bad headaches and thank-You Dr.Pewe i can't tell you how i am thankful for u in my life and for your brother Dr.Daniel Pewe as well and if it wasn't for you i would be 10 times worse and you are the best chiropractor for my family and friends who needs help and thanks for all u do for me to help me and i am glad to be your paitent in your life and Daine knows what she does and your staff has been good to me as well and i don't want to lose you from Betsy Wilcox
By: jenandden
Moriarty, Michael
I have been going to Dr. Moriarty at Energetic Chiropractic for the past 8 years. He is extremely professional and very good at what he does. He practices applied kinesiology which uses muscle testing to determine what areas of the body need to be worked on as well as to determine allergies, food sensitivities, glandular and organ needs, etc. I recommend him to everyone I talk to who is looking for a good chiropractor or a doctor who can help them feel better. Also, is staff is wonderful and caring.
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By: Jesse N.
Advantage Walk-In Chiropractic
The service is outstanding! From the very first visit they informed us how much insurance would cover, expected costs, etc. They are always friendly, give suckered to the kids, have a good play area, and most importantly they are skilled helping adjust you back to normal. If you are looking for a chiropractor office that is good, friendly, straight forward with costs, and almost no waiting times then you should give them a try.
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By: Colette B.
Balance Chiropractic Clinic
I was in a car accident 12/2014 and suffered from low back, neck, and knee pain following the accident. Dr. Troy treated these conditions and I had excellent results. My low back feels better than prior to the accident! Laser Therapy helped tremendously. Dr.Troy referred me out for my knee pain as I needed surgery. Dr. Troy is very skilled in his profession and will refer you out if necessary.
By: Kari M.
Wellness Chiropractic Care for All!
I've been seeing Dr Paula for over a year. I have really enjoyed her easy walk-in system and the membership option. It's been a really affordable way to receive chiropractic care. Thanks Paula!!
By: Dawn G.
Chiropractic Arts
Dr Pewe is wonderful. He is very gentle and kind. Definitely knows what he is doing and takes his time. I always recommend him to everyone we know.
By: Amanda C.
Hollingsworth James Chiropractic Phys
he's been my doctor all my life. Handles cold & flue. Very cheap & he gives you a little antibiotics to take home with you.
By: Leslie M.
Jenkins Chiropractic
Martha Jenkins has a light touch is very thorough caring and compassionate.

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