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By: Tiffany S.
Lowcountry Day Christian
Incompetent. Impatient. Mediocre. Overpriced. Before enrolling my daughter (3 y.o.) I told them that she's never been in a structured environment (meaning a set/strict schedule) and this is her first time ever being in daycare. They reassured me that it wasn't a problem and they would give her extra attention...that was only to get my $$$. The 3 weeks she was enrolled were a nightmare. I had anxiety about dropping my child off each morning. They only care about money in this establishment, not the well being of your child(ren). I should have waited and researched a little more. And I definitely should have taken prior reviews seriously.
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By: Casey J.
Lowcountry Day Christian
I'll start by saying we originally started here because we were on the wait list for amazing creations. The baby room. The older lady, was excellent. She was extremely caring. Would definitely recommend her. After about two months we did start to see things with the other kids though. At one point, we saw one getting dragged by the arm in a very bad way. Also saw a kid getting pushed into a chair extremely hard. So as far as the baby room4-5 stars. As for the rest, we cannot speak but so much, but it scared us enough to move. Administratively it was ok. Some odd things here and there. Wasn't the best customer service. And security was..... Off and on. Hope this helps.
By: B M.
Lowcountry Day Christian
My children have attended this school for over two years and we have had nothing but a positive experience. The teachers are loving, professional and they have learned so much. They run a pretty tight ship it seems so if the staff wasn't there long it was probably for a reason. Please experience the preschool for yourself before you listen to negative reviews from obviously angry people.
By: S S.
Lowcountry Day Christian
Worked there, trust me these people treat the kids horribly. Went to pick up my son one day and he had DRIED blood on his face and no one could tell me what happened. I never returned and when I spoke to the person in charge they threatened me if I told anyone. Can I give ZERO stars, whoever are giving them 5 starts just don't know how they are treating your children after you leave. PLEASE stay away from this place.
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By: Paul C.
Lowcountry Day Christian
I could write some long review about horrible experiences on a day to day basis, but I will simply say this: If you love or care about your child, you will never let them go here. Period. Leaving them here is literally risking their well being every minute. You may as well pick a random stranger off street to watch your child.
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By: lisa.pittmanmcginnis
Lowcountry Day Christian
My daughter was working there and after she tried to report a situation which by law she is required to do, they fired her and painted her as a disgruntled employee. She is now being treated by the police as someone who made a false report. Please contact me or post on here so that I may contact you to have other people who can speak on her behalf about being intimidated if you speak out against them. Thank you.
By: Luciana Q.
Lowcountry Day Christian
I took my daughter there for 2 months . First, she was in the infant room and it was ok because one of the lady's was very carrying and sweet with my daughter. (oh! except she always had a diaper rush). When it was time for her to moved to the other room it was terrible . Every time I picked her up she looked like she cried all day . Sometimes ,she will finish 8oz of milk and two bananas (she was only 1 yr old ). One day I picked her up with scratches on her face and nobody could tell me exactly what happened to her.. but instead they gave 3 different version . The office is not informed of what is going on in the classes at all! . They didn't even know my daughter was hurt until I asked about it . At that point i realized why 4 of the ladies that were working there keep telling me don't bring her here when is time for her to be in the year old room "They don't really watch them "and "I wouldn't even feed my dog with the food they make here" ,"they don't clean the toys"... The day after my daughter got hurt I walked in to the classroom and I saw the teacher pulling a baby to the dining room from the arm (not in a nice way). So that same day I took my daughter out . I had many unpleasant moments while my daughter attended to this place.I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE !!!
By: Anony M.
Lowcountry Day Christian
We have auto pay, we pay our bill ontime every time. Our credit card information was compromised and used for fraudulent purchases. We canceled the card on the first of the month. They could not wait until we received a replacement card without (1 week or less) before they wanted to impose a late fee. This is the same week that my child is out sick with bronchitis, a fever and an ear infection. Guess i'll be making a special trip with a sick child to avoid a late fee. On another instance: I took my child for well baby Dr. Visit at 10:00 and was back at daycare at Noon on the dot. I was confronted about how it was so inconvenient to them that I brought my child back during nap time. The published nap time is noon. I was there AT noon. There are 3 staff members in the room where my child stays. If it weren't for those three people providing the actual care to my child we would have been gone a long time ago. Not impressed with the administrative staff of their "business" practices to good customers. I get it Daycare isn't a charity it's a business. We don't routinely ask for special accommodations, we have never picked our child up late, we are conscious enough to work our schedules (dr. special lunches for birthdays and whatnot) around the daycare schedule (nap time, feeding time) etc. 2 stars because Aside from the 3 caregivers in my child's room that are sweet smiling and attentive I'm not impressed with this place the least. We are exploring alternatives.
By: Amy B.
Lowcountry Day Christian
Wow shocked to see the bad reviews below. Low Country Day was voted number 1 for a reason! They have by far exceeded my expectations for our boy. I credit them for much of his early learning abilities. All of the staff members have given him one on one time and they have the best program in our area. The school is clean, and everyone is so caring toward him. I would never even consider putting him anywhere else. Every time our boy has been sick they call immediately and take wonderful care of him until we can get there. Our boy has made many friends there and speaking with other parents everyone is happy with the school. I also hope if you are considering the school you go check it out for yourself. You wont be disappointed!
By: jekiss
Lowcountry Day Christian
I couldn't disagree more with the ratings given below. My daughter has been there for almost three years. I just had a son seven months ago and didn't think twice to have him attend daycare there once he was three months old. My daughter was doing sign language before she could speak and she didn't learn that from home! She would run to her teachers when she got there in the morning and would be welcomed with open arms. This has continued in each class she was moved up to. Daycare is daycare....not in home care. These wonderful ladies are not able to hold every child at all times. If that is the type of care you are looking for, then no daycare will meet your standards. However, kids there learn how to properly interact with others and learn to read and write at a very early age. Everyone is entilted to their opinion, but I would hate for someone to avoid this daycare because of two write ups when there are hundreds of kids that thrive there.

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