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By: Andrea P.
Wiesemann Rental Properties
I rented from the weisemanns several years ago signing a lease with zero income living with someone who didnt make enough income to qauilify. There was a history of domestic violence and they knew it. They rented to us anyways because my ex is always using a story about baby that died to get people to trust him even though he was convicted of drug related crimes and domestic violence against me and another person prior to me and another person since me. During the time I lived at the property I suffered repeated head injurys as the violence continued and I had no options to leave due to injurys and him quitting his job in three different places we lived to monitor me and prevent me from sneaking away as I had always inteneded to from the very week I moved in with him as a platonic roomate at age 17 and he used violence to force a unwanted relationship so that I had to pretend for my saftey. When I told the weismans this moving they acted like they belived me gave me a peice of paper and said I did not need to go to court. I found out the hard way they are liars I did need to go to court because they stuck 100 percent of the debt for a lease I signed having no verifiable income on me and none on the man who held me captive there and caused the property damage because he told them I was a drug addict and he was leaving when he never left until the blue springs police orginized a special task force with the help of neighboors who reported that they never saw me and only heard me screaming for help to get me to saftey. after all this happened I was charged for damages casued by the man who held me captive even though I had no verifiable income signing the lease and he had 100 percent of any income. When I called to dispute this in tears I was screamed at by Sandra Wiesmann and told he had left due to me being a drug addict and I remained at the property but the truth was that he told them he moved and had not and was arrested there proving his presence at the property
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By: Robin M.
Autumn Place
All i can say is im so glad i never moved my family in that place and i backed out ..i read and seen the reviews and photos some people were talking about before i went over to see the place .. They were right about everything and i trust what they said i seen mold lots on mold in the kitchen area it was very strong it made me sick and i also smelled it in the atorage areas to . OMG ! It was like i could taste it in the back of my throat .fist of all black mold is deadly and i have chronic asthma and chronic allergies ..i would have died in one of thoes appartments .and one thing i dont do is snakes i got bit by a copperhead when i was 3 years old and i still remember that .. Once i went to atumn place i couldn't believe it ..that everyines comments was the truth and they described it all to a T. We were in a sictchuation where we were forced to move due by high rent but im glad were in a much better place and not that place ill never go to them appartments again ever ...
By: Sarah P.
Timbercreek East Townhomes
I lived here for 7 years. The neighbors were great, but my experience with the office staff was terrible and I feel like I got scammed. I had to pay a lot up front to move in.....My rent went up every year. And I had to pay a lot to move out. Not only did they keep my deposit, they charged me thousands of dollars for painting, carpet replacement, toilet bolts, light bulbs, etc. The place did need painting and carpet replaced but that wasn't done before we moved in. Who knows how old that carpet was? And I left the place clean. Even hired someone to clean it after I moved out. I've never experienced this before of anywhere I've rented. I have perfect rental history....After 7 years of never being late on the rent and never causing problems, it really didn't get me anywhere except 3,000 more in debt. Renters beware!
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By: Cara D.
Autumn Place
Don't come here all high reviews old written by corrupted employed lies load disrespectful pricing listing and financial help lie falling apart bad people office not compliable mold can't sleep scared and stuck don't trust anyone if not liked by one not kind rip off plumbing issues electrical matnace not good doesn't matter u pay rent on time try to help clean up good tentent they don't like u that's it don't follow there own contract refuse to give actually property owners info so they don't no what's going on if disabled run get blamed and violations or threats if not liked thing they say normal far from u won't get sleep here.
By: Nicholas M.
Autumn Place
This place is a joke. There is so much crime and there are so many problems there. The staff is rude. They do not fix things they just mask it over so it looks good and then after you move in the show begins. Please do not move in this place you will regret it. The manager Lynn is a joke. They have mold in there apartment. To get rid of it they put bleach over it so you can not see it. The hot water is not warm at all. I have seen snakes in the apartments. I have cars broke into and people dealing drugs. The crime is so bad they have to have a police presents 24 hours a day. If you complain they just ignore you. They have more complaints then any place I have ever heard of. They really need to be investigated. Hope you take the advise.
By: Mary L.
The Lodge
This apartment complex doesn't even DESERVE a single star!! they are HORRIBLE. The lady ACTS all nice on the phone , but is a horrible apartment manager. Their maintenance people WALK IN WITHOUT KNOCKING, as well as throw stuff off the third story balcony at 11:00 AT NIGHT being loud and obnoxious while my kids are trying to go to sleep. They change your rates when you don't sign for them to be changed, as well as messing WITH MY DIRECT TV DISH to tear siding of my building not only bein loud and keeping my kids awake from their nap time, as well as taking away MY CABLE that they ARE NOT paying for!!! They also will not give me my deposit back for the only reason that they switched companies so they do not have to honor the reimbursement! DISGUSTED!! can NOT wait to get out of here!Lots of drug heads moving in, people jumping on your cars, trying to get into them, letting the creepy workers remodeling just staying for free in the apartments!!! its HORRID!!!

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