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By: Dexter L.
Master Rental Center
First of all my experience wasn't all bad however, I left feeling like anything I had to say went in one ear and out the other. I went into the business with the intent to rent a small Bobcat to move dirt on my property. I was told I couldn't rent the Bobcat because my truck was a half ton truck. I had a discussion with them over this because my truck was rated by the manufacturer, and approved by both DOT and the National Highway Safety board to tow the weight of the Bobcat and the trailer. It was a company policy and I could not rent the Bobcat. OK, so I decided to rent a Kubota with front loader which they said my truck could tow. I have previously owned a Kubota of this size and had experience with moving dirt with the tractor. I asked if the tractor had any weight on the back and the answer was no. I was already thinking I shouldn't rent this but went ahead because I really needed it. I took it home and unloaded it and started around my yard where I needed to move the dirt. I had to go down a slight downhill and the rear tires started sliding, with no weight in the bucket. I immediately dropped the bucket and pushed it down hill in order to keep the rear tires on the ground. During the time I used this tractor to move a tri-axle load of dirt, I either had to back down a slight grade or drop the bucked and push it down hill. This slowed my progress some but i was aware this could be a issue. When I returned the tractor I told the man at the counter that they really needed to add weight to the rear wheels because without weight the tractor was dangerous. The only response I received was, "did you rent anything to go on the back". So, am I supposed to rent something I don't need, in order to safely use their tractor?

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