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By: cheryl.allen.750
Bloomington Meadows Hospital
Malachi 3:15 says from now on we will say Blessed are the arrogant who through their evil work get rich. There are so many other bad things you could say about this hospital then a simple little statement calling it a band-aide station. The list is long as to why anyone would avoid this self proclaimed hospital and medical center. They want all the money they can get to set on their lazy rear ends and collect money they don't earn or are authorized by the patient to collect. If you are looking for a place that pads the bill, and steal money so they don't have to work for their money, but feel they are worth it because they graduated from college and that what their professional ethics say they don't really care they can decide who lives and who dies and their quality of life and treatment while they are alive and in the mitts of a unscrupulous doctor who doesn't give a damn about their lives, they care about their own quality of home and the money that they need to have what they want and they feel they are so worth it. If they were worth it they wouldn't need to take hostages to be paid. But neither would the court system. If they could actually earn a living doing what they studied in school they wouldn't have any need for slaves or to treat other people not in their professions like they were put here on this earth for their own personal use. But even the sheriff in this town who earns 105,000 dollars a year doesn't have any respect for the law. And to allow someone who has actually had to have two and three jobs at a time to get away from Indiana and they continue to hold them hostage and say simple minded statements like well it's not nice to sue someone when they have wronged you or you shouldn't tell on anyone, it could hurt you. This hospital offers half assed treatment, and are known by reputation for malpractice. And again they do nothing to clean up their hospital or their own reputations but instead insist on destroying someone else who has the right to sue them for malpractice and treatment or rather doing things to them without their consent and knowledge. But then they are probably all graduates of Indiana University hospital which would explain why they can't read professional ethics that are attached to their medical licensing. So much for a board of review on the ethics of this profession.
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By: Brandi H.
Bloomington Meadows Hospital
My 16 year old daughter was sent here for depression I was told she would be with teen females that were coping with the same issues, I was also told that this was a safe place to heal and these kids would never be locked down much to my surprise it was all LIES!!! They locked her in a room with 2 other girls that were in for violence, I was told there was paid staff that monitored them every 15 minutes and this was charted when I asked them to provide the charts the nurse stuttered and said I'd have to talk to the supervisor and charts were never provided!! The staff looked at my 16 year old baby and said I hope your not here to get your ass kissed this place is insane!! It is filthy and inhumane!! They are liars that want money my daughter called me bawling because a staff member hit her with keys!! I called the nurses station at 6 am to check on her and was on hold for 20 mins after my talk with the nurse my daughter overheard them talking about me because I was questioning their honesty!! I would never recommend anyone to take their child here my daughter stated there was another teen patient drooling from being over medication and the staff yelled at her for drooling, I should have know when they brought my daughter in and the secretary joked with the ambulance drivers that she was a patient that snuck up to run the desk in front of patients checking in this place was a joke!! No person should ever be labeled or treated any less for an illness every one of us hit bumps in the road in life!! Please stay away from this place!!!
By: Karen S.
Bloomington Meadows Hospital
My son was admitted, and after two weeks I was told 'had they read his file before hand they would not have admitted him, but now that he was there they were going to work with him' what a joke! Two months later, they still had NOT read his file! How can you treat kids and their trauma if you don't know what they have been through. I finally got my son to advocate for himself and he told the therapist he needed more one on one time with him to work on his trauma. The therapist pffffttt at him and said 'that is not going to happen!' I was sitting right there. I have a lot of regret for not just pulling my son then, but I was discouraged because it could do more harm than good for him if I did that. I tried to get him transferred, but this place ENSURED that would not happen, by giving my son diagnosis' that would prevent a transfer. Run like hell, if you are referred to this place!!!
By: Erin G.
Monroe Hospital
I will note that Monroe Hospital does have Good Patient Care, is clean, and the actually doctors and nurses are friendly and courteous. Monroe Hospital has the worst most horrible and terrible accounting and billing as well as follow up customer service from administration I have ever experienced. They don't seem to care. (Monroe Hospital Financial Department)...Whoever heard of having an actual new account number/ID number for every patient each time they visit your facility...and not linking I have 19 separate visits...I have paid them $250 since 3/6/2013...(sent them the proof of these payments)...I set payments up under the original invoice/ID I was sent...assuming like most organizations this was my customer ID number...under my first patient account...automatic payments each month for my co-payment (in fact i reached my out of pocket and they should owe me!!!)...they have credited every payment to that original PAID ACCOUNT...they have not linked any fact they have marked my other accounts past due and evidently sent them to collections (I have the collection statements which is what prompted my phone calls)...However the lady (Deb) claims they haven't done this (the statements have been scanned and sent to her as well...they can't seem to understand my reasoning and logic that they are in the wrong...they keep telling me it is my responsibility to make sure they run their hospital/billing/financial department correctly...Oh did I mention that they also try consistently to bill me for the amount above the allowable contract with my insurance company...which for those of you that don't know is highly ILLEGAL!!!! I like the care I receive but I am really thinking I am going to have to go to IU Health from now on...they know that you give a patient a central ID number and then bill them with separate invoice numbers that are linked to that hard is that! I wonder how many others have been sent to collections for their oversight.Here are some direct quotes from my conversations with Deb, the "Financial Counselor":She enjoys talking down to people, not taking accountability for situations, and employing the use of phrases such as “you claim to have paid us”, “making sure payment gets to the right account is your responsibility”, “why do you think we put a patient number on the statement”, “don’t you understand”, “it isn’t my job to match up the number you put on the check with your name in the system,” and "do you understand how long it took me to look up all the invoices with the payments,”. I think she needs to understand that indeed it is your organization’s responsibility to ensure that payment sent is matched with the patient. I think it would also be very beneficial if you checked into an updated system that could streamline the process. A single patient ID perhaps with separate case numbers for each visit may help keep this problem from occurring. I shudder to think how many other patients are in the same boat and how many other patients have been sent to collection because they have set up automatic bank drafts under their original invoice from your facility.
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