By: clg4899
Tony Roma's
Dined there first week. Service was excellent, food, fantastic. Returned for breakfast a few weeks later and it was difficult to find a server. Went to lunch, all was well. Returned for dinner and had a waitress who must have had 12 tables from hither to yon. She forgot our order. Took 20 minutes to get the order in and another 20 to get our food. No check back to ask if we were okay.Too much variability. Probably won't return. Sad, started so well.
By: Jack B.
La Quinta Inn Bloomington - Normal
Clean – nice front desk personal – Good value & I love you love dogs!! I am definitely happy that you do share the same passion with me when it comes to animals. I believe it helps you in giving the best possible service to every client you have.
By: David R.
La Quinta Inn Bloomington - Normal
Very nice motel. The ambiance is perfect for relaxation and enjoying great time with the family. This is definitely our home away from home! Also, the staffs were very hospitable and kind. We were very satisfied with their customer service.
By: Dudley C.
La Quinta Inn Bloomington - Normal
Clean / Cheerful / 1st stay in La Quinta will use this company again. Staff very helpful. La Quinta Inn is definitely a top choice for future travel. Thank you so much for the excellent accommodation and customer care you have shown.
By: Mary D.
La Quinta Inn Bloomington - Normal
Nice room. Every one in the area is responsible and they all seem nice. I would highly recommend this place to anyone I know. For sure, they too will like it. Great place, great staff and perfect ambiance all in one place!
By: Marron D.
La Quinta Inn Bloomington - Normal
Excellent stop here !! If I were to evaluate the entire experience, all I can say is that it is very impressive. For sure, I will be recommending this place to anyone who like to have the same experience I have.
By: Phillip M.
La Quinta Inn Bloomington - Normal
Yes, it was lovely. I will be coming back again in the near future for the type of quality customer service they offer to each and every customer. Thank you so much for your dedication to customer satisfaction.
By: Robin C.
La Quinta Inn Bloomington - Normal
Yes it was very well stocked with things I needed - extra pillows! La Quinta Inn is the place to be not just for me but for everyone who wants to experience nothing else but the best stay possible. Thank you!
By: Cathi T.
La Quinta Inn Bloomington - Normal
I had a 5 star experience. Everything went well from start until the end. The level of attention they have for each customer is definitely amazing. This is definitely one of the best experience I ever had.
By: Deborah B.
La Quinta Inn Bloomington - Normal
The place was clean & the staff was very helpful. There was plenty of space for dogs and I love that this is a nice place to stay in for pet lovers! I will recommend this place to my friends and relatives.

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