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By: Anthony M.
Bates Trucking Trash Removal Inc
Thanks for all the reviews, I'm looking for a new trash company. Was looking to cut cost, but after reading these comments I'll stay with what I have. Thanks again
By: Gary J.
Bates Trucking Trash Removal Inc
Just awful. This company has an F rating from BBB because they treat customers badly. In my case they repeatedly missed pick-ups and after I finally canceled I had to wait two months to get a refund. If you call "customer service" you just get a run-around. In my case they wanted to impose a 30-day "penalty" for canceling he service. I then told them I would go to small claims court.
By: Terri T.
Bates Trucking Trash Removal Inc
This company is terrible! They don't pick the trash up, but they take your payments. You contact them, they say they will pick up your trash next time, but they never do! They actually came into our yard, and took our trash cans thinking it was theirs!! What kind of people do this??? They are terrible!
By: Curtis G.
Bates Trucking Trash Removal Inc
Previously my experiences with Bates Trucking and Trash removal Inc. have been quite admirable until today. This morning, due to the fact that one of the employees did not feel it was his responsibility to pick up a few empty paint cans, he took it upon himself to diliberately throw the cans against my house. Unfortunately the exterior of my home has been coated in a decorative layer of custom designed cement, which in fact cost a pretty penny. This type of disrespect should not and will not be tolerated. I am now awaiting a call from management. In the event I am not contacted today I will take this this matter to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!
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By: Pat S.
Bates Trucking Trash Removal Inc
These guys are great. Our city contracts trash through Bates. The "boots on the ground" go above and beyond the call of duty. My wife and I are both in wheelchairs. When it snows, getting the trash can 5 feet to the curb can get tricky. All this winter: Bates Trash has emptied our Trash and Recycle cans whether they were "at the curb" or not. And once emptied? The cans are put back where they belong (not left curbside). Much appreciation to the guys on the trucks!!!If I could vote 6 stars, I would.
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By: Meredith C.
Bates Trucking Trash Removal Inc
They only reason they are getting one star is because they are giving me 5 months of "service" for free. I've never worked in logistics before, but here are my potential solutions BEFORE my complaints!If this company is constantly "behind" on their schedule, then they need to have more routes. If they can't afford this, then they need to decrease their servicing footprint, or the number of days they pick things up from your home, adjusting pricing accordingly.If a new customer comes along, then the drivers should be given a new route schedule. This schedule should either A) be in writing or B) be in a GPS mounted to the dash.Also, if the trucks aren't enabled with GPS tracking yet, they should be. Route supervisors should then download the actual route driven and compare it to the intended route.Issues:1) the recycling container we got (13 gallon) did not reconcile to what their website said we were paying for (huge roll-away). Took nearly three weeks to get that resolved.2) Two months of "service" thus far and our things have been picked up THREE times, even though I called them nearly every day. All of our trash was still on the side walk EVEN on a day where the customer service rep got on the phone with the route supervisor and she assured me things were gone.3) I've been told two different pick-up schedules.4) Getting people to call you back has pretty much been impossible. It got to the point where I asked for the route supervisors cell phone. HE at least was helpful, told me to take all of my trash no matter what it was out to the street and he himself came and took everything away.5) Today on my drive to work I saw a Bates truck, I literally flagged them down before they turned left out of the neighborhood and told them about my house, drivers response: "oh yeah, our supervisor has been on us about that house, we keep forgetting." To his credit, he ended up turning right to head down towards my house.
By: Marlene S.
Bates Trucking Trash Removal Inc
This is the worst trash service ever in the history of a company. I am the HOA President of the Vista Gardens community in bowie and this company picks up our trash and recycle on wed and Yard waste on Monday. They leave behind more trash then they pick up, Even though I complain and send picture weekly the service does not get better it get worst. I have spoken with Rico every week for over 8 months and send him pictures all I get is we will fix it. While he has fix some problems other have continued. I met with Rico and one of the owners for Bates trash less than one week ago to find out why there is more trash on the ground after they leave then it is before they came and to show me what I could to to show homeowners why certain items were not taken. I explained to them both that it would help if they left notes explaining why things were left. All I got was the same old excuses and the service will get better, well low and behold Monday was yard waste and no pick up I called Rico and of course was told they were still in route and would be there. Tuesday morning no pick up I call 311 and left another complaint and sent Rico my daily text and got we will send someone to pick up. I told him how frustrated I am with them every week
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By: Vickie D.
Bates Trucking Trash Removal Inc
there should be a minus star available absolute worst customer service I have exp. with any company. It took them a month to get me a container, now have not had trash p/u for 2 weeks they say it is because of the holiday I have called them several times and can not get through I have left messages no one will return my call. I have let them know to p.u the containers
By: C M.
Bates Trucking Trash Removal Inc
I wouldn't dignify this company with a star. The absolute worst. I watched them empty a trash container, trash fell in the street, I honked my horn , they looked at me and left the trash in the street. They have yet to pick up our streets one day recycle pick up. We are still waiting. What government official gave them a contract!
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By: Not S.
Bates Trucking Trash Removal Inc
This place is incompetent they have missed pickup three weeks in a row they've been paid and I'll talk to them on the phone and they assured me it would be picked up and it hasn't yet again. The worst part is how they just don't answer the phone whenever they feel like it so take your money and then they don't even bother to answer the phone when they miss trash pick up. It's like a bunch of children trying to run a business.

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