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By: Kerry S.
Hong Kong Restaurant & Lounge
Best kept secret in Bismarck, ND! This is truly the best Chinese restaurant I've eaten at from California to Pennsylvania! The quality will surprise you in the most positive way. The soups were wonderful, thick with ingredients and full of flavor. The egg rolls are amazingly fresh, made fresh at the time of order. Everything is made fresh at the time of the order. Pineapple Orange chicken has thick juicy chunks of chicken, full of genuine flavor without being overly sweet. Mongolian beef has thin sliced beef that is tender, with vegetables that have freshness and firmness of perfectly cooked garden product. All of this and the portions are very generous. Overall, this is superb! Even the atmosphere (decor, music, etc) was very good.
By: briahnnalynne
China Star
Love going here but always regret it afterwords. It always makes me sick. I've seen them close and keep their leftover food and sushi wrapped up to warm for the next day! They aren't fresh! I heard the best is on Washington where FGI Fridays was. I heard it's amazing. I am glad they have cheap sushi even though it's so nasty. I go here only when I'm super drunk. Never any other time because this place stinks. I also know it's a family runned place and they always take stray dogs in but never find owners and the dogs always disappear. Not trying to steriotype here but it's true! Trust me, pick somewhere else to go unless you're absolutely drunk.
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By: Renee H.
Golden Corral Restaurants
The resturant is closed!!!!!!! What more do you need it's not open closed down. Closed down closed down
By: Tony R.
The China Garden Restaurant
Best Asian cuisine in Bismarck. Always great food and service. A Must in Bismarck!
By: Kathy M.
The China Garden Restaurant
Wonderful food and service. I have never been disappointed.

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