By: Monica W.
Look Of Excellence
On September 27th I has my hair cut at this salon. Brenda, who did the cut, was absolutely amazing and so very sweet. She's the only reason I'm giving two satrs... however, the owner of the salon was across the room jabbering off about another hair dresser that rents a space there. My jaw was on the floor the way the owner was throwing business out there. The woman she was talking about has a daughter who is also a hair dresser there, and the owner drug her into the conversation talking about her own mother. It was absolutely disgusting. And to top it all off, she was throwing bible versus and God in to the conversation, as if it justified the things she was saying. I know most salons live off of their regulars, but as a new customer, it's a horrible first impression. Completely un-Christian like, and I will not go back if the owner is there. Disgusted.
By: Mary S.
Kenneth Clayton Salon
I have been going to Cheri for about a year now and I love her. This is really why she is so great...the other day I went to her and told her I wanted more blonde in my hair (I'm naturally a light brown). When I got home I realized I really didn't like myself that blonde and wanted more of my natural color showing. So I called her back, told her that it was too blonde for me, and asked if she had any time to fix it for me. She told me to come back and she would help me out immediately. She put in a few lowlights closer to my natural color and had me out of there in less than an hour. And this is the best my hair has ever looked! Cheri is great at doing exactly what you tell her you want and amazing with color! I can't go to anyone else!
By: lisa.perinka
Hair Impressions
I have been going to Hair Impressions for about a a year, and I have always been very happy with the results. Kristen Green is my stylist, and she is by-far the most talented colorist I have ever had color my hair. She takes the time to listen to what I want with the cut and 100% delivers! I have not worked with the other stylists, but I have been impressed with all of their work as I've seen clients come and go. I have always been greeted when I enter and offer a beverage if I had to wait. The products (all Paul Mitchell) are very high quality; I am hooked on the shampoo! I really appreciate their email reminders and phone call reminders for upcoming appointments. I would highly recommend this salon!
By: kim.campbell.969300
Click Salon
I was sent to click salon by my boss who refuses to let anyone but Melissa at Click cut her hair. I walked in with long hair that had not been cut in over 2 years. I have always dyed it myself with cheap black hair dye. I wanted a short a-line bib which no on has ever been able to do just right. And I wanted apurple streak in the front and touch up on my roots.Melissa worked on my hair for 3 hours and did an amazing job. I was so pleased with the whole experience.it was so relaxing and laid back. I am a working mom of 2 boys and I desperately needed the pampering that I recieved.amazing place. I, like my boss, will only go to Click from now on!
By: christydjones10310
Q Nails
I received a pedicure from Scott and it was the worse pedicure I have ever had. It was extremely rushed, there was almost no time spent on any stage of the pedicure, so little buffing that after applying the polish he noticed the bad job an tried to go back and rebuff with a different tool. The message was barely felt and was more like a rub and the Polish was gooped on so much that it was literally dripping off my big toes and it wasn't smooth at all. He walked away like it was a job well done and disappeared in the back. I had to ask another employee to fix the mess. I didn't even get assistance in putting my sandals back on. I won't be back.
By: christydjones10310
Hair Impressions
The atmosphere is great, very relaxing and spa like, The stylest were very sweet and helpful as well. However, the Host only smiled at you when forced to and made you feel like you were a bother. We had several women get their hair done (Bridal Party) and EVERYONES HAIR FELL BEFORE THE WEDDING :( which was only 4 hours from the time our appointments were complete. The bride had to put rollers in her hair while she got dressed. I feel like I should have saved my money and done their hair myself. It would've held longer and been a lot cheaper. I would not recommend this salon for an important event.
By: meliaha.blankenship
Hair Impressions
Hair Impressions is the go-to place for cuts and color! Kristen Green has been my stylist for five years now, and she does a fantastic job! My hair looks and feels fabulous after seeing her and the products (all Paul Mitchell) rock!! The Lather Lounge is completely relaxing with low lights and soft music. The staff is friendly, courteous, and professional - will even offer you a drink upon entering. I couldn't ask for better service with the ladies and gents! I would highly recommend Hair Impressions to anyone wanting first-class service!!
By: bmlindsey1
Hair Impressions
This place is AWESOME!!!!! I have not had a great experience in Birmingham with hair salons but, Hair Impressions has truly changed my tune. my hair stylists name was Ray (Raytonya D.) and she was great. I found this salon through a google search and today Ms. Ray and all of the staff from Hair Impressions made my day and my hair was great!!!!!!! I found a new home and stylist for all my hair care needs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW they use all Paul Mitchell products which is a A+ for me.... Thank you so much Ray and the staff at Hair Impressions!!!!!!
By: Gale K.
Regal Nails
Vi and her husband own the salon and have been at the location for 15 years. I was referred to them by a colleague. I wasn't interested at first because my expectations were not high for using a service such at that, from Wal-Mart. (bad hair experience years ago). I have rough heals and have never received such a wonderful and perfect job as Ms. Vi did. My heals have never (not since I was a baby) been so smooth. She did a great job with the entire pedicure. I will be using them every time!!
By: Kathy B.
S Nails & Spa
AWESOME. Moved to Alabama awhile back and have been searching for a clean, great service salon, this is it!! My favorite, will go no where else. The service is wonderful, the place is immaculate and prices are reasonable, hours are great too. They even have chairs for the kids - so cute, they had those in Louisana where Im from, this far surpasses any salon I have found. Thanks Jason and Thi!! - Kathy B. My kids and grandkids coming for Christmas -treating all to a pampering here - so fun...

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