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By: sharon.s.keane
St. Vincent's East
I do not know what "star rating" to give here. This is regarding a ER visit for my daughter after a car accident in April. The wait was not overly long so I am okay with that. The physician was very pleasant, thorough and took good care of my daughter. My problem is with the billing system. I was frazzled and not thinking about anything but getting my daughter taken care of and trying to do the right thing. I gave our medical insurance information and insisted on paying what I knew was ER copay. I wasn't thinking about medical coverage through my auto insurance until the agent asked about medical bills. I immediately called and gave the information to the ER/hospital. THEN, I received a bill (the first one) from Premier Medical Collections. I called and was told that this was not actually a collection agency, but the billing company for the hospital. I gave them the information that my insurance agent told me to provide them with. They were very rude. They didn't want to take the information. They refused to send the bill to auto insuance and started spouting privacy rules and told me they would fax a form to me and I could fax it back. Trying to get them to understand I didn't have access to a fax machine was a nightmare . In my experience as a medical biller, the information they were refusing to send didn't need a release to send it to the insurance company so the bill could be paid. From there, it was a complete nightmare. It took months to get it straightened out. The people at Premier were rude, incompetent and had no real knowledge of how to do their job. They refused to send a detailed bill to the insurance company. I spent so much time on phone calls back and forth to them, I should have gotten paid for my work. My agent finally told me just to send her the bills I had received and she would go ahead and release a check after she personally spoke to them on more than one occasion. She decided they were ridiculous and incompetent as well. When I called to follow up , I was told they had not received a check. The back and forth started again! My agent sent a copy of front and back of cashed check to me and Premier. The whole time I was receiving nasty-grams from Premier. I will never use St. Vincent's East again solely due to their billing policies. Since it is now October and I am just now writing this review should tell you that I am still trying to get one of the bills straightened out and get my refund for the 125.00 copay I paid in April.
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By: Shaunda P.
St. Vincent's East
This has not been a good experience for my husband or for me some of the nurses are on point. My hat goes off to these people they have to be ready for anything but unfortunately there are some nurses that make you wonder how or why they choose to work in health care. We are at st.Vincents East in TRussville, when we went through the er I had no complaints we came by ambulance we were there for several hours before they moved us to the 6th floor. My husband was severely dehydrated vomiting and all around very sick he is a type 1 diabetic as well they didn't hook him on any fluids till almost 7:45 after being in his room around 3:00 then denied him water after giving it to him downstairs in the er. So after that we went to bed didn't really see much of anyone else for the rest of the night CAndie was awesome at catching up what the previous. It's did not including keeping my husband with something to drink since the previous nurse didn't have time to make him any but did bring me a pitcher to put some water in it for him. Okay I thought new years and they are busy ok then this morning the nurses come in and tell him not to drink anything g or eat anything for a test they were going to do 8 hours later when I asked how much longer by this time he was extremely thirsty from throwing up and being dehydrated they say we don't have any test ordered and that he should be drinking fluids. Wtf then he decided he wanted to find somewhere else and he got very upset and the NUrseMAnager was great at resolving the problem and nurse Kelly which had just came on shift made sure they stayed in communications with me and the doctors which the other nurses should have kept us informed. But not only do they fell to stay informed they also never explained either of us what was causing everything. We never found out why he was sick until nurse Kelly and the NUrseMAnager did some investigation and they informed me I was not happy especially when you are told that he was already suffering from possible internal bleeding
By: Kris B.
Ambrosia, Jerome V
My mother went in severe back pain and an MRI was done. She was given nothing for pain at all that day and was told that she would know on Monday about the MRI. On Wednesday at 3:30 she was finally called and told that she had a compressed vertebrae fracture and that someone could come get some pain prescription for her. She is 93 years old and does not drive so her son in law had to go from Hueytown to Center Point then wait an hour for the prescription (dr had said it would be ready< but they had to get him out of surgery to sign it) Then take it to Gardendale and get it filled and get it to my mother. He also said he wanted her to see a spine specialist and that he would set up the appt. So far we have heard nothing about an appointment and since he did not do anything else he said he would do, why would we think he would do that appt. I have never seem a place that was more disorganized and a dr that just told you what you wanted to hear and did not follow up. We will NOT be seeing this dr again with my mother and we will NOT reccommend this dr to anyone. My mother's name is Virginia Heinl. She was made to hurt from Friday until Thursday because the dr did not think it was important to give her anything for pain on the Friday when she had the MRI. He could tell she was hurting, that is just not right.
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By: Sam G.
Sparks and Favor PC
So my wife has been going here for a while and really liked her gyno Dr. Brown. They usually do a great job. However, my wife got pregnant recently and we wanted to get her in for an appointment ASAP because we thought she could be 8-10 weeks along. We played phone tag with the billing dept. and nurses for two weeks just to talk to the right person to make the appointment, with them KNOWING she was pregnant for the first time and really wanted to see a doctor to know what was going on. Then today when we finally got her insurance info squared away and were ready to make an appointment, they told us that we have to pay for the entire delivery in advance (before we even had our FIRST appointment) or we could break it into three payments of about $400. They didn't mention anything about a pre-payment during the two weeks when we were trying to make an appointment. I really feel like the nurses and billing staff didn't care about my wife or our pregnancy and we'll be going elsewhere. Dr. Brown is great but the other staff really dropped the ball with us.
By: Robert N.
MedCenter Hoover
My daughter fell and cut her knee at Oak Mountain Park the day before Thanksgiving. I took her to MedHelp on 280 only to find it closed. It was 3PM and the hours on their website were listed as 8A-8P. Another urgent care on 280 was also closed so I called MedCenter. I was relieved to find them open and took my daughter right over to them. Every staff member, from the front desk to the support personnel in the back, was very pleasant and exceptionally caring. So too was Dr. Crawford. As an MD myself, I have regrettably found the medical care here in Birmingham to be less than optimal on a number of occasions. Not so at MedCenter. This was not brain surgery, just a few stitches, but very professionally and competently done from start to finish. Thanks and a tip of the hat. I would not hesitate to return.
By: oldmanray
Carr, Dennis D DMD MD
Dr Carr Is a good Dentist. I do not trust his office staff. Their business practices are not very ethical. They overcharged me for an extraction and when I caught them and requested a refund they stalled for 7 weeks. They did a panorama xray unnecessarily on me when I had arranged for my primary dentist to send a current xray and I verified that they had it. Their Panorama equipment is somehat poor and they should not have done this xray. They checked my insurance coverage and saw that it had been long enough since the last one for it to be covered but they should have let my primary dentist do it with their better equipment. Dr Carr needs to monitor his staff more closely.
By: aaaaaabby
Narrows Health & Wellness Clinic
I love the Narrows! I have been a patient there for 7 years. The office staff is VERY helpful. You don't have to have an appointment and they have always gotten me back very fast! The nurses and doctors have always listened to my symptoms and sat and discussed my treatment options. They feel more like a teammate in my health than the normal patient/doctor relationship. I have also had several referrals done from this office and they were all done by the next day. The billing department goes above and beyond in helping with my insurance. I tell all my friends and family to go to the Narrows. You won't get better treatment anywhere!
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By: Angela J.
Dr. James M Abroms, MD
I appreciate Dr. Brandner for not only allowing me, but inviting me to be a willing participant in my own health care. With a family history of devastating heart disease and diabetes, Dr. Brander has taken my health care concerns very seriously and has taken an aggressive approach to getting my numbers where they need to be. He does not settle for that being almost good enough. His bedside manners are a tremendous asset as well. He injects humor into your visit and makes no difference between his patients; Mountain Brook or Bessemer, all are given the same heart-pleasing care. I highly recommend him.AJ
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By: Tracy S.
Bouchard Alain Dr
I went in to the hospital in 2014 with what I thought was a heartattck. Dr Bouchard came in daily and checked on me not convinced it was a heart attack. He set me up for an angiogram and while waiting I went into a what I call a bad spell I couldn't breathe and didnt know what was happening and Dr Bouchard and his team went to work turned out I was in congestive heart failure. He took great care of me and has been working with me ever since. He also recommended and got me in with an awesome rheumatologist who works directly with him. Together I am better than ever! His staff and team are awesome
By: marge.gillvandine
St. Vincent's East
I was sorry to read about the other peoples experience with the hospital. I, myself have been admitted a few times and was always treated nice. Never had any problems with nurses or anyone else. I will not go anywhere else. As far as the E.R. goes, never had any problems except once you r put in a room sometimes the waiting seems like forever. As far as billing goes, they will work you ( I know this from a friend } I guess it depends on the problems at the time and the person. There drs. are super and I would trust my life with them.
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