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By: Aprk K.
St. Vincent's East
I wouldn't even give them 1 star. This hospital overall does not care about their patients or their families. Nurses and surgeons make too many careless mistakes. These are mistakes which have cost more than one person I know their life. THEIR LIFE!! Neither had to happen or should have happened. Something seriously needs to be done. Please, Please DO NOT take your loved ones to this hospital (NOT even for something small). Too many people go in and do not come out. I pray something is done about this soon. Please, Do not come here, do not let your loved one die from their negligence.
By: Erin H.
St. Vincent's East
In May 2016 I went to the St. Vincents East ER for self-injury. The wait in the ER to get put in a room was very short, but after that almost everything was terrible. After I got put in an ER room & got some gauze wrapped around my arm to stop the bleeding, the wait was 6+ hours. I completely understand the fact that you have to wait a long time in the ER. It was just a long time to sit there & be overwhelmingly anxious. The psychiatrist they sent in to evaluate me was condescending & I didn't feel that he was listening or caring or trying to be empathetic at all. The doctor who did my stitches was impatient & I could tell that he thought it was going to be much less 'severe' than it was, since at first he was unrolling the gauze very quickly & uncarefully, until he saw the blood. While he did the stitches, he was going too fast & not being careful enough (When I went to my regular doctor to get the stitches taken out, she also said that it looked like he hadn't done the best job). Not only were the stitches sloppy, he failed to care enough to clean all the dried blood off of my arm or to wrap it in gauze to keep the stitches from snagging on everything. Afterwards, I had no choice but to be led up to the mental/behavioral health floor. The facility was updated, which I did appreciate. For some reason, though, the doctor they assigned to me went out of town a day after I got there. Why did they assign him to me when he was about to go out of town? After he left I had a different doctor who absolutely wouldn't listen to me or allow me to leave, though I was 19, had a ride, & a place to go home to. My mom had to drive 8 hrs to sign me out AMA; otherwise I couldn't leave. The food was bad & it took 5 days of me asking for them to finally give me a Powerade. None of the nurses care about you at all - I only saw 2 good nurses during my week there. They badly need to improve on caring for people better, being empathetic & kind, & acting like they care about their job.
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By: Christina christie R.
St. Vincent's East
I'm so ready to change my doctor's here I think think I'm going to go back to Grandview it's really bad there how in the world can you be coming by ambulance and they tell the ambulance driver don't bring her here take her somewhere else could you wait two and a half hours on your stretcher before we even put her in a room my ambulance driver looked at me and said we're taking you to Grandview you'll get better service there
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By: Jerene F.
St. Vincent's East
Omg. Went to the ER at 8:30 in the am 4/21. My neighbor had gout. The pain was extreme. Waited in the room for 3 hours. I'm not kidding. 3 damn hours while the patient Ms Goins was crying, screaming at nurses and writhing in pain. It wasn't until I told a nurse that I was going to blast them on Facebook that we got some attention. The charge nurse was in, then came the doctor or PA. They finally gave her some meds to dull it. When is it normal procedure to let a patient experience that much pain for multiple hours? We understand delay for emergencies but there were no emergencies during our visit. This used to be a great ER. Now it's horrible, compounded by the fact that the room was filthy some type of dried liquid on the floor, partial gloves, and what looked to be toilet paper. I flagged down a cleaning person who was lovely and she washed the floor and that was the only good experience.
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By: Kalai K.
St. Vincent's East
6 hour wait time. Incompetent nurses, the Dr didn't even come in to see us in 6 hours. This hospital should be shut down. You would have had better care at Cooper Green. Whoever is running this establishment should be fired. We've never had such terrible care in an ER than the lack of care at SVE. The nurse didn't know anything, we wouldn't have trusted her in any capacity.
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By: Pam P.
St. Vincent's East
Worst experience I have ever had at a hospital. I would only return here for treatment as a last resort.
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By: Shaunda P.
St. Vincent's East
This has not been a good experience for my husband or for me some of the nurses are on point. My hat goes off to these people they have to be ready for anything but unfortunately there are some nurses that make you wonder how or why they choose to work in health care. We are at st.Vincents East in TRussville, when we went through the er I had no complaints we came by ambulance we were there for several hours before they moved us to the 6th floor. My husband was severely dehydrated vomiting and all around very sick he is a type 1 diabetic as well they didn't hook him on any fluids till almost 7:45 after being in his room around 3:00 then denied him water after giving it to him downstairs in the er. So after that we went to bed didn't really see much of anyone else for the rest of the night CAndie was awesome at catching up what the previous. It's did not including keeping my husband with something to drink since the previous nurse didn't have time to make him any but did bring me a pitcher to put some water in it for him. Okay I thought new years and they are busy ok then this morning the nurses come in and tell him not to drink anything g or eat anything for a test they were going to do 8 hours later when I asked how much longer by this time he was extremely thirsty from throwing up and being dehydrated they say we don't have any test ordered and that he should be drinking fluids. Wtf then he decided he wanted to find somewhere else and he got very upset and the NUrseMAnager was great at resolving the problem and nurse Kelly which had just came on shift made sure they stayed in communications with me and the doctors which the other nurses should have kept us informed. But not only do they fell to stay informed they also never explained either of us what was causing everything. We never found out why he was sick until nurse Kelly and the NUrseMAnager did some investigation and they informed me I was not happy especially when you are told that he was already suffering from possible internal bleeding
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By: Yvonne W.
St. Vincent's East
This hospital needs to be shut down for the unprofessional and horrible actions that have been place there.There is a nurse named Natasha who is horrible.The attendant Chris needs to learn how not to threaten people.
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By: Michael M.
St. Vincent's East
I was dehydrated, abdominal cramping, bloated, nause, vomiting, and diarrhea. Got to the er at 1 and at 4 still in lobby with only 3 others. I was told that I was next 5 times. I left and Donna the blond at the desk was one of the ones that told me I was to be the next one called. I will not be going back to this er ever!!!!
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By: Regina C.
St. Vincent's East
This is the absolute worst hospital you could go to.I fell in Target it took the EMA over 30 minute to get to me.The EMA got me there but i still had to go to triage to sit and wait.I had to tell the nurse,who obviously seen me struggling to walk that I needed a wheelchair.They take me back to a secondary waiting room.I wait for almost 2 hours for me to get a room.The doctor comes in and says I think you will be ok without doing a x-ray.Finally 30 minutes pass...i go to the x-Ray I am sitting in a closed off room waiting on Doctor..If I told you I was in pain, Give me a tylenol or something to ease it!!!!The nurses are horrible...I will be writing another review!
Tips & Advices
This depends on the center. Some may allow brief visits by family members. Patients should ask about visiting rules before inviting people to stop by.
No. Patients should arrange for someone to drive them home and stay with them for 24 hours following the procedure.
This depends on the procedure. Most centers ask that patients arrive one to two  hours before the procedure begins. Following the procedure, the patient will stay at the center until fully recovered from being sedated. This may take between one and three  hours. After that, if the patient isn't experiencing abnormal pain, he or she may leave.
Different states have different rules regarding requirements for surgery centers. However, ASCs are required to be certified as a Medicare and/or Medicaid Ambulatory Surgery Center supplier before they enter into an agreement with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
The most common types of procedures conducted at surgery centers are:
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pain management
Some of the most common procedures include:
  • Cataract surgery
  • Colonoscopy
  • Pain injections

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