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By: Jon B.
Precision Automotive Machine Shop
After waiting 10 minutes of being ignored I Asked manager in black PA shirt to look at my set of heads for repair. He stated he would look at them in a minute I waited for 25 minutes and he never returned I then went to my car and pulled the heads out of trunk and brought them to the door where I was to meet him and waited nearly 30 more all the worker bee employees kept eye balling me I finally asked one if they could help me since I was just standing looking like an idiot. I was told no I would have to talk to the boss and workers were there to do the machine work to make money. I took my heads and left. This is an older shop with mainly aged equipment that looks as if general Patton may have left it there and things look very unorganized. I can only hope they have someway of knowing what and who's is where scattered all over the parking lot driveway and outside all around the shop and inside scattered where you can barely walk through. Safety and asset protection night mare. If you are a large shop with a lot of machine work to be done and smoothness quality doesn't matter ie with aluminum and you don't mind being treated as just another dollar this shop is for you. If you are just an individual needing machine shop work just a few times each year and are looking for just a bit of respect or self worth then you should probably stay away from here. If you don't mind being just another job another dollar and don't need absolute precise machining that newer equipment provides them this shop is for you. They are cost effective for larger shops with volume and the little guy if precision is not an absolute factor though. It's your vehicle and your dignity you decide.
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By: Mike H.
Precision Automotive Machine Shop
Precision automotive does all my machine work on all my moters, always perfect, never had any problems with their work, they have saved me thousands of dollars over the years, highly recommend.
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By: gamble
Precision Automotive Machine Shop
Shops that are covered up in work usually are the place to go. Most major repair shops in the area use PA. dont listen to winers.
By: Kevin K.
Precision Automotive Machine Shop
good shop excellent work at a reasonable price.

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