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By: Angie R.
Carmike Cinemas
Thank you so much for having an affordable place to take your family. Movies for all ages. The dollar movie theater is so clean, the bathrooms are really, really clean and inside each theater the seats are very comfortable. I enjoy going to the movies there on Lorna Rd and take my family all of the time. The service is good the movies are up to date and the people that work there are very, very nice. Angie R
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By: Ferlando P.
AMC Theaters
Great place to see a movie ����. Clean and friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend this location. Plus affordable.
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By: awb0261
Carmike Cinema's Movie Line
Absurd staff! This is the only movie theater I have ever been thrown out of in my life. My family and I went to the Carmike Theater on Lorna Rd, the $1.50 theater, but there were no seats available for our movie after we bought the tickets and concessions. The manager gave us three free passes a result. He told us we could use them at any Carmike location. We finally decided to use them at the Summit location a few weeks ago. We went with some trepidation because we were not completely confident we could use the passes from the $1.50 theater at a first run theater. When we went to get our tickets and popcorn from the concession counter the girl there said we couldn't use them there because we had only paid $1.50 initially. We explained how we had come to have them and that the Lorna Rd Mgr had assured us that we could use them at any location. With an attitude and great reluctance she agreed to, "make an exception."After finding our seats, my wife expressed her displeasure at the attitude of the concessions girl/manager. So I went back to complain and that's when things got stupid. I went back and told this Asst Mgr that she had been rude to my wife and I and my wife was upset about it. She turned and walked away from me without a word. Like I said, rude. This apparently was to get someone to relieve her so that she could speak with me away from the concession counter but she didn't tell me that however. She had just turned her back to me and walked away. So it seemed she was being even more rude to me than before.The mgr came back and we stepped to the side and she tells me she was not rude to us Seriously? Isn't that a matter of perspective? All I was looking for from her was a small apology. Before we could finish talking the A nasty little fat woman came over with these two men and interjected themselves into the conversation. I kept asking her why I was even talking to her, it was none of her business. The employee/assistent manager should have asked her to move along but she allowed them to continue complicating the situation. At one point the fat woman's man asked me if I wanted to step outside. What? Really? When I was speaking to the girl/mgr I was not yelling, as I would later be acused of, but I certainly used a stern voice and my displeasure was, I'm sure, quite apparent. When I could address the girl/mgr between the interruptions of yelling by the little fat lady, she was not at all aopolgitic. In fact, she tells me I have to leave. I'm like, "WHAT! Because I tell you that you were rude to my family I have to leave? You couldn't just give me an apology for your behavior?" I explicitly told the girl I was not looking for any kind of compensation, just an apology. She said she hadn't done anything wrong to apologize for.So the theater calls the police because I said I wasn't leaving because I had come to watch a movie. When the police arrive, which was completely unnecessary, they tell me I have to leave. I am shocked to say the least. They point out, correctly so, that they don't make judgements but they are there to execute the businesses right to serve whom the please. I do understand that so I left. There was no time during this ordeal that this girl/mgr felt threatened. She never claimed to be. She did claim I was yelling at her but this is not the case at all. I yell at ball games or when I see someone about to get run over by a car. This day however I did not yell. Was I irritated? Yes. Was that obvious in my tone? Ah, yeah. This was probably her perception becsuse she wasn't in her "Safe Zone". I have been a manager for many years myself. This manager is more incompetent than most and that is a high bar to get over. She handled the situation in the worse way possible. All she needed to do was to offer some form of an apology, but instead, i dont want to ever enter another Carmike Theater.GO TO A DIFFERENT THEATER!
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By: M B.
Regal Cinemas Trussville 16
People who say this theater has good staff, seating, popcorn, etc. obviously have never been to a Carmike theater, or any theater for that matter. The staff is usually rude, and couldn't careless about their job and etiquette. Half of the time you say something like no butter, and they will still add it, along with serving you up an attitude to go with it. The popcorn is okay, but always over-salted, which is fine if you like that sort of thing.The seating is the worst seating I've sat in at a theater. It is cramped, stiff, and doesn't help if you have back issues like myself.When I first started going to this theater instead of the Carmike I used to go to, it was apparent the screen sizes were smaller. There prices a bit higher too.I don't recommend going on a Saturday night because you'll just get an auditorium packed full of people who like to talk during the feature, or in my case, add their own commentary and laugh at a horror movie.Employee in auditorium did nothing about it.
By: Robin S.
Regal Cinemas Trussville 16
This is our date night hang out. We used to go so much, we got to know all the managers by first names(smile) Very family friendly & very safe. Love it!
By: jcleland
Regal Cinemas Trussville 16
Great location,love staff. Always so clean!
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By: Samantha B.
Carmike Cinemas
The women behind the concession stand were very rude. I asked if this is where I purchase tickets and no one even said anything to me. Except one girl who said I don't know in a sarcastic tone. Just because the theater is cheap and not kept up doesn't mean that you should act like immature rude little children.
By: Mindy B.
Carmike Cinemas
I enjoy this movie theater, but was dissapointed when I went there last week. I am a preschool teacher for a therapeutic preschool. We took our students to see Rio 2. I purchased a large popcorn so that I could share with my 4 students. I asked if they could give me 4 small cups for the kids to have the popcorn in. They would not give us anything and were going to charge us $4.50 per cup!!!! This summer when we would take our students to the Regal 16 in Trussville they always gave us cups for our kids popcorn!! Was very dissapointed in Carmike this time around.....
By: Sylvia W.
Regal Cinemas Trussville 16
The theatre is always clean and the employees are friendly and very helpful...:)
By: james.carr.3745
Carmike Cinema's Movie Line
the staff are great and very helpful and friendly . the management are visible and ready to solve any problems that might come up. it is very clean and good deals on drinks and popcorn. the seating is confortable and sound is good. also a good location.

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