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    3124 Vestal Pkwy E


    4.01 mi

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By: Zandeek B.
te best market and is heaper than PRICE CHOPPER by far price chopper will break your budget if you let them , just shop at ALDI AND SAVE THE ARE GOD FEARING LUTHERAN VS THE RUSSIANS GOLUBS BROTHER WHOMTHEY ARE ALL DEAD NO AND THEY they dupe in is getting more purchases and thenthey raise prices at price copper at aldi there is discount prices and no gimmicks and no one free wit other to peedle short expirations merchandise will yiu eat more and get heavy and diabetic just shop at aldi and relax that none is cheating they will cheat at wal mart and price choppe do not be that uninformed the HARVARD ECONOMIST SAYS aldi ill price chopper that quit they opne one store daily evert where in the world there is aldi evene in England shope aldi and do nit try price chopper they rip you apat
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By: Michelle H.
The only thing mainly I can complain about they never have enough cash registers open. Other than that I love the store and I'm so glad it's back open.

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