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By: Diane R.
Faithful Cleaning Co
In early November 2015 I discovered a water leak in my basement. The wall paneling was warped & wet. The carpet was wet & moldy. I called a plumber & they sent someone over right away. After checking out the damage & not being able to determine where the leak was coming from he said I will call Faithful Disaster. Nick called me shortly after & said he would be over first thing the next morning. After he checked out the damage, he said he & his crew would be back about noon to tear out the paneling & carpet. They came full-suited in masks & protective clothing & got everything ripped out, water removed & disinfected & placed several fans to dry everything out. Nick worked with my insurance adjuster to see exactly what they would pay to cover the damage & reconstruction so I didn't have to deal with that. The crew did an excellent job of reconstructing the family room & I couldn't be more pleased with how everything turned out. I highly recommend them!!
By: Rohi C.
Dos Machos Mexican Restaurant
After an incredible lunch today, I had to write an update.Everybody's been telling me "You have to go back to Dos Machos, it's so much better". I was like, Pfffft, yeah right. No way in hell.Today my brother kidnapped me from work and drove me to Dos Machos against my will for lunch.The interior seems much improved. It's easily the nicest looking Mexican restaurant in town. But I remember the service and food from a few years ago so wasn't impressed... yet.Our waitress was on us quickly with our drink orders and back to get our lunch order. The chips and salsa seemed better and when I asked for the spicy stuff, she brought me out a bowl. And it was GOOOD!Ground Beef Enchiladas with beans and rice, smothered in the hot sauce she brought me, and oh boy was it good!I have no idea what changed at Dos Machos but I am happy to report that it's very very good.
By: Tyler D.
Dos Machos Mexican Restaurant
Went out with my wife and adult daughter to dinner. Arrived at 8pm to our reservation and was seated immediately. Drinks and menus were brought quickly. (Great Bailey's Pina Colada!)We ordered various combo plates, as well as a large nacho plate and cheese sticks. Everything was appropriately hot and *very* flavorful!The servers Colton and Joey were friendly, smiling, and attentive to our needs. One can't ask for more than that.The only downside was my mud pie dessert was too frozen to eat, so i brought it home to have when it has thawed a bit. (Frozen but tasty!) The fried ice cream was a real treat!I highly recommend the restaurant. It isn't the "Old Dos", but time has a way of changing everything. Any problems they may have had seem to have been worked out. Well done, Dos Machos!
By: Tuyetlobuhlylo9360 L.
Dos Machos Mexican Restaurant
Every time I have been to Dos Machos, the food has been good, the service excellent. My wife and I love this place. I have yet to order an appetizer or desert because the entrees have such generous portions. The Enchilada Dinner has yet to do me wrong (I did switch it up a bit this time, with shredded beef rather than chicken and refried beans rather than black beans--it was certainly good, but I think I'll go back to my regular for preference). My wife tried the Quesadilla Bomba, and was so impressed, she's pretty sure that will be her regular order whenever we go.
By: Brooke S.
Dos Machos Mexican Restaurant
I stay at the Hilton across the street and eat here at least one night when in town. This place is a solid American-Mexican restaurant. This is not the place to get an "Authentic" street taco but they do a good job on all of the menu items I have tried. The thing that stands out every time is the service. Over the course of 6 years that I have frequented this place I have always been impressed with my server. Hats off to the ownership, they clearly value and teach good service and that brings me back every time I come to town.
By: Marcia S.
Faithful Cleaning Co
Due to strong odors in the lower level of my home Faithful took care of the problem of water damage from a crack in the foundation. After removing drywall and carpet that was damaged they brought in fans and mold extraction to clean the area. They arranged to have the crack sealed replaced the drywall, replaced the floor molding, and painted the room. I was completely satisfied that the problem was solved and would recommend them to others with emergency problems.
By: Ruben L.
Faithful Cleaning Co
I own a building in Billings and the sewer stopped working and backed up. I needed immediate help as it flowed into office space and under carpet and into walls. Faithful Cleaning showed up right away and put their magic to work! They were a great company to work with. They were very professional and cared about the job they did. They did an excellent job at cleaning and repairing all of the damage. I would highly recommend them!
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By: Jeff F.
Wild Ginger
I really liked this establishment! They offer very good Asian cuisine, sushi, a hibachi room, live music and a fast & friendly staff. The lounge is very modern and a very attractive back bar area. They also have a beautiful fish tank separating the lounge and dining area. I highly recommend this restaurant. There is easy access to the parking garage and they will validate a parking coupon for you. Enjoy!
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By: Tanya B.
J P Kitchen Asian Bistro
Went in last night with my daughter and it was amazing. Not someplace I'd go on a regular basis, little spendier than we're used to but what a nice change of pace. The basil limeade is delicious and green tea ice cream. Who knew that a picky eater would actually like tea ice cream. Did find my citrus chicken wasn't very citrus-y but with more sauce it was also a winner.
By: Rajan M.
Dos Machos Mexican Restaurant
the service is what keeps me coming back every time! I usually go on the weekends and I have to tell you to request the waitress with dark hair, pretty face, and postive attitude. She also has a very unique lip-piercing, but its very tasteful:) My wife and kids love her too! The hosts will know who you are talking about if you ask because she probably gets it a lot!

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