By: god4rib
Taco Bell
The food was very tasty. The prices are certainly fair. Overall, we thought this mexican restaurant is fantastic! Ate here with my parents earlier.
By: wormsoldtimer
Taco Bell
The costs are certainly fair. Overall, I'd say this is a great restaurant. stopped here to eat with my parents earlier.
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By: Doyle M.
Not a bad place to eat get your order right 8 out of 10 times good food not over priced good service most of the time
By: Brian M.
Burger King
I'm not a BK fan but I like this one. Foods good and the staff great. It's the only one I'll willingly eat at.
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By: Doyle M.
Panda Express
Not bad place to eat be careful some of it is spicy good food fair price eat here once or twice a week
By: Carrie C.
A comfortable cool place to eat..

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