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By: Bianca H.
Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room
I really enjoyed this tasting room! My friend and I used a groupon so we paid half price for a tasting. Even without the deal, I will definitely go back. The wines (most of them seem pretty fancy) were superb, and the bartender/manager personally explained each wine we tasted and gave us all kinds of suggestions. He made the experience very enjoyable. The cheese plate was pretty basic for the price, but just eat before you go and enjoy the wine :)
By: llbean
All the meat is nice and lean and the veggies are super fresh here. But the highlights are the spicy garlic noodles and the skirt steak -- crazy delicious. Not much of a wine or beer list (other than Sapporo and Asahi, which is fine), but they do have a few decent sakes. Surprisingly healthy!
By: Jo jo gun T.
Freds Beverly Hills
Ethics in a business should always be first. It seems to be lacking here, therefore so will be my business ,!!!

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