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  • My two maltese dogs just love Sparky's

    Sparky's is the best grooming salon I have had the pleasure of dealing with in Los Angeles.
    Sometimes I found a good groomer but, the place was
    not clean, or the dog was ready 4 hours later then promised!
    Connie the owner books appointments to assure your dog's
    grooming time is his no rush or long waits.....ever!
    I have been a loyal customer since the doors opened
    and Danielle Tortorello our groomer work is astounding,
    my dog's hair-cuts grow in beautiful.
    They love going to Sparky's need I say more.............
    It may cost a little more but, you get what you pay for in the end!
    The best grooming salon!

  • Louie loves the place

    Id taken my Cockapoo Louie to several other groomers with mixed results. Now we go to Sparky's on La Brea and we both just love it. He's happy to go in and he is happy when I pick him up. ...oh yeah, he always looks great!

    Everything is top notch, the staff, the grooming, the cleanliness of the place, and most importantly, how the dogs are treated there.

  • By far the best groomer!

    i own two shih-tzus and have been to many grooming places. either my babies dread going to some places or i just dont like the cut that they do...well couple months ago my friend referred me to sparky's....some asian girl groomed my dogs and i was very happy with what i saw when i got back! the cut was excellent and was exactly how i wanted it! another good thing is my dogs dont dread going to the groomers anymore...they must be taking good care of my dogs while they are there...thanks for everything!

  • very impressed!

    My friend took my dog to Sparkey's for the first time a few weeks ago. Not only did my dog look the best it ever had before, but the groomer told my friend a few home remedies that seem to be working. I was very impressed with how knowledgeable the lady was that groomed my dog. Thank you Sheri!

  • My experience is always wonderful!

    I have been taking my dog to Sparky's since it opened and every time we go I am always amazed at the quality of work that they do. My dog looks so much better than he used to when I had to go to a different groomer because Sparky's was not open yet. The first time I used them I knew I had found a new groomer. The great thing is how much my dog seems to like everyone at Sparky's and how professional they act towards me. The place is so cute it just makes you feel comfortable from the get go. I would never take my dog anywhere else and I highly recommend Sparky's to anyone who needs grooming services they are true dog lovers and Professionals. Thanks Sparky's


    I took my puppy here for his first grooming a month ago. It went well, so I decided to take him this month for a ""clean up"". For a ""clean up"" they do everything a grooming involves except a haircut (bath, brush, nails, brush teeth, express glands).

    I don't know what they did to him, but he was NOT HAPPY when I picked him up. He was only there for about an hour from the time I dropped him off until the time I picked him up. When I arrived he was waiting in one of the back kennels, which is fine. I knew that was where they put the dogs until the owners come pick them up. However, he was crying like crazy. I have NEVER seen him cry like that. The woman took him out of that kennel and put him into his kennel and he continued to cry and was clawing to get out. He DOES NOT EVER do that in his kennel. In fact, we have trained him to stay quiet and not even whimper when he's in his kennel. I gave Sparky's the benefit of the doubt and thought perhaps he just really missed me. When I got him into the car he was still crying so I took him out and found that his back nails had been filed way too short. The substance that stops them from bleeding was still on his nails. I specifically asked the woman how he did with the grooming and all she told me was that he did fine. Why didn't she mention that his nails were filed short? Or if he was sensitive when they did his nails, why didn't she tell me that?

    I took him into work with me, where he goes often, and stepped out of my office to get coffee. My boss heard him crying and went to check on him, and again he was clawing to get out. His tempermant the entire day was completely different. He was very quiet and not his usual self. Everyone who visited him could see a difference. While he sleeps he usually makes these cute, little squeeky noises, but this time when he slept he was growling. Again, that is something he has NEVER done.

    I will NEVER take him there again. Please don't trust these people with your animals.

  • Westies welcome

    Sparky's is wonderful. We have a sweet, timid, little female Westie and she doesn't like to be abandoned by her parents but she likes Sparky's, witch speaks volumes about their service. They do an excellent Terrier / Westie cut and are even willing to accommodate special request like not trimming her nails (she hates having her nails trimmed and we're working with her at home). Sparky's is a great value and the customer service and pooch care is top notch.

  • Danielle is amazing with my dog

    Danielle is an amazing groomer. My dog actually looks forward to seeing her as opposed to running the other way and hiding like she usually does.
    She is very professional and knows exactly how to cut, clean my dog the way I like it.
    My dog always looks beautiful thanks to Danielle.

  • Danielle is the best dog groomer. She makes my dog pretty and she is very professional

    Everyone loves their pet. Although, if you really love your dog, take him/her to Danielle, I am always happy with the results, my dog loves going to see her.

  • The perfect cut....

    I've taken my poodle to four different groomer in her two years.....All have done a great job, but have had to work up to it. I took her to Sparky's since her regular groomer was not available. First time out, and she looks exactly as I wanted. They told me she was calm and easy to work with - she only reacts that way with true dog people who she trusts. As for price, they were a little higher than other places I've taken my poodle, but not unreasonable. I will definitely be coming back.

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