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By: Franci L.
Oncology For Women: Margaret Alexander MD
After hearing my final diagnosis "you have cancer", I went numb. My worst fears confirmed after burying my father 4 months earlier. I could not believe my ears. While I was sitting there trying to digest my reality, Dr. Alexander was explaining the next steps slowly, thoroughly, and carefully. Her explanations were not clinical, condescending or detached. Dr. Alexander spoke to me as if i were a personal friend and broke down very complex terms and procedures to a level i was completely able to digest. Although, while i watched and listened, feeling detached the whole time. I realized Dr. Alexander had already meticulously planned out every calculating step towards getting me cancer free. I had to deal with pulling myself together to tell everyone i know, she had already scheduled and planned the operation and preparing me for the next procedure. She told me this we were going to get through; my life was not going to end over this diagnosis. Before i even left the room it dawned on me that whatever she told me. I believe her 100% because she had been through this numerous times. Because of her responses and numerous pre-procedural steps and tests to confirm her diagnosis, i knew she was armed with every last ounce of detail to preform a successful operation. Even during the operation she took numerous biopsies of lymph nodes and other areas i cannot specifically recall so she could decide our next plan of strategic action against my cancer. So when people asked me if i wanted a second opinion about my diagnosis because they knew a great doctor, I confidently within the next breath said, " No thank you." because i believed in my own great doctor. Everyday i was in the hospital i was visited early by Dr. Alexander. Even on the weekend! She not only checked my chart to make sure everything was okay but she would also shoot the breeze with me. The other nurses and nurses' attendants spoke very highly of how well Dr. Alexander treats her patients. "she is very meticulous about the care she gives each and every patient. I am extremely blessed to have Dr. Alexander as my specialist. I never doubted that i was getting the top of the line care due to her experience with my health issue, but i also received a rare gift, a doctor who also has the talent to really connect with her patients and treat them with such humanity. I hope you will allow this gifted person to touch your lives as well. by the way..... I am CANCER FREE!!!!
By: Kota N.
Oncology For Women: Margaret Alexander MD
I was referred to Dr. Alexander by my niece. The day of my appointment I was impressed by the office. Its atmosphere put me at ease immediately. The staff was very friendly. Dr. Alexander was extremely polite and soft spoken. She herself performed my routine exam in addition to sending me in for a series of tests. She is very thorough in her examinations, collecting a complete family history in addition to past medical history. Dr. Alexander was patient as she thoroughly answered all questions I might have as she sat me down to discuss my test results and possible medical options that would be best for me. Dr. Alexander looks at all possible angles of every problem you might have. In the end surgery was what I needed. In addition to prepping me for my surgery she took into account my weight issues, sending me to a cardiologist to make sure my heart could withstand surgery. On the day of my surgery, Dr. Alexander was a calming presence; holding my hand in the operation room telling me everything was to be okay. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a thorough, polite, and hands on gynecologist. Dr. Alexander is a true "professional" with a sweet demeanor and the best doctor I have had.There are not enough stars to rate Dr. Alexander who is a gifted and wonderful doctor and a phenomenal woman.
By: Yukrmlytlentg 5.
Oncology For Women: Margaret Alexander MD
Everything you want in a doctor is exactly what Dr. Alexander is. She is very knowledgeable, very confident in what she practices, very personable, friendly, kindhearted , she puts her patients first, and best of all she is professional. What more do you need in doctor she is the whole package plus the customer service is great. I felt very comfortable coming to the office. I have to say the Dr. Alexander is my favorite doctor of all time and is by far the best around.She is very thorough with her exams and that's why it takes a long time to get in, but I rather wait a little longer and get a full exam then a doctor just going through the motions and not take their time. Dr. Alexander is also very knowledgeable and she answers every question to the best of her knowledge and if she can't answer it right that second she comes back to it later and gives you an answer. That's also why I go to her because she takes the time to get to know you and the customer service is very good. She is the best doctor that I have ever gone to. I really like this doctor and yes she is professional and can dress! But mostly the idea of going to a doctor like Dr. Alexander who is one of kind and an extraordinary one too . The office is a beautiful Victorian mansion well furnished.
By: Kevin T.
Oncology For Women: Margaret Alexander MD
I want to cite Dr. Margaret Alexander in Obstretics and Gynecology as an outstanding physician. My reasons are meany. She is pleasant, understanding, most competent, exact and reaches out to patients as one would research for oneself. I don't know if GWH had Faculty Events when a physician would be recognized by others in the MFA, but Dr. Alexander deserves recognition for the extra special care she provides. She is most worth of receiving acclaim from physicians from other departments, for as my gynecologist on my first visit, she ordered procedures that led to discovery of a tumor on my kidney.Dr. Alexander is not simply clinical. Her warmth, compassion, and sincere concern and her eager interest to assist a patient are unparalled compared to any doctor I have ever visited. She is a very special person. She is an excellent listener and she is empathetic. She engages one in conversation and address questions. You are most fortunate to have her on your staff. And I am most fortunate to have met her.
By: Jasmine F.
Oncology For Women: Margaret Alexander MD
I love seeing Dr. Margaret Alexander. You ask why, because she is an amazing doctor who has made me feel comfortable and cancer free. She is very well dressed under her white coat and is very professional and friendly. She is always very prepared for my appointment and answers all my questions. She is an exceptional doctor and don't let these negative reviews ruin your choice of coming to her. She is the best doctor and the staff is great too. The customer service is terrific She is the whole package plus more when it comes to being an oncologist and a gynecologist. The office is a beautiful white house and doesn't make me feel like I am at a office more like at a home which make me feel even better. I recommend making an appointment with Dr. Alexander and you'll see for yourself how wonderful she really is.
By: Forest P.
Oncology For Women: Margaret Alexander MD
I've had the best gyno experience going to Dr. Alexander. Every time I go to the office I come in anxious and leave relaxed. I am always nervous going to any doctors office. I feel very relaxed once I see Dr. Alexander after I wait 30 minutes which is a typical wait for any doctors office. Dr. Alexander is excellent in what she practices, she is very sophisticated, she has confidence, she takes the time to get to know her patients, makes the patients her first priority, and she is very professional.The office is beautifully furnished. The staff members are terrific. I would recommend any female to come see Dr. Alexander. If there were more than five stars i would give her more. She deserves an award because she shows her dedication to work and that is why I'm still living. Thank you Doctor Alexander.
By: Chir D.
Oncology For Women: Margaret Alexander MD
I was extremely nervous for my annual Pap smear and full examination, and expressed this anxiety to Dr. Alexander. She was completely understanding, and even offered to have 2 of the ladies that work with her come in and hold my hands! I did not need that, though, because of Dr. Alexander's gentle approach. She told me what she was going to be doing, and narrated throughout the procedure of the Pap smear and exam. Very professional, and great bedside manner. I will definitely keep Dr. Alexander as my OB/GYN, and will certainly be recommending her to all of my friends. (I am new to the area, and had a pleasant experience overall.) Her office is an old white house, with luxurious paintings and furniture. Definitely not your average hospital/doctor's office!
By: Roy D.
Oncology For Women: Margaret Alexander MD
I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Margaret N. Alexander, who was highly recommended to me by coworkers of 4 East/Gyn unit at providence hospital in Washington DC when I needed a Gyn-Oncologist. I later became a member of this Gyn unit at providence hospital where I had the opportunity to take care of some Dr. Alexander's patients. She is very hard working, conscientious and showed much interest in care of her patients. In December I became a patient of Dr. Alexander and was very pleased with the type of care I received from her while at the hospital and in her office for follow ups. It is therefore without reservations that I recommend her to anyone who needs the best services of a Gyn-Oncologist.
By: Berry R.
Oncology For Women: Margaret Alexander MD
Quick update, I've returned to the Doc's office for my regular checkup and I was pleased to see that all is well in the land of women. The office is impeccable. The whole visit seems like a trip to the spa. Doc Alexander's bedside manner is as comforting as ever. Before Dr. Alexander I really dreaded those trips to the gyn office and would make up any excuse to post-pone or delay my exam; with this office, it's entirely different experience. Anyone with anxiety about these visit would be well suited by visiting this office. I'm a patient for life!!!
By: Ree B.
Oncology For Women: Margaret Alexander MD
Intelligence, confidence, first rate education (from Yale Medical School). Dr. Alexander has all of those things. What is unknown to most women is that your average ob-gyn is not as knowledgeable in cancers that attack women below the waist--whereas this is exactly where Dr. Alexander's expertise lies. Uterine, ovarian, and cervical cancers can be tricky to spot in early stages and Dr. Alexander has all the weapons in her arsenal to combat them!
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