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By: Stacy L.
Eastern Healing Center
I have had a hip pain on left side for a while. So I went to chiropractor to have a hip adjustment. Unfortunately the pain has always come back only a few hours after each adjustment which only last a few minutes. Then I tried this Eastern Healing massage and I received a thorough stretch and deep tissue massage include pretty effective accupressure to release tension on my hip. To my surprise, the pain was decreased dramatically. Also I was instructed to carry a routine self- stretch exercise in order to increase joints' flexibility and strengthen the hip muscles. Now four months haves passed by I am in much better condition that I can move pain-freely. I believe it is worthy to try this service. It's not only my pain is eliminated but also my body and mind feel quite relaxed. Eastern Healing Center deserves my five star-recommendation.
By: jp.lewis.712
Eastern Healing Center
I run a lot of long distance races and have been dealing with pains in my IT bands and other leg issues. The massaged I received helped me so much that even after my 7-8 hour trail run, I have zero pains. The massage therapist was very professional and knowledgable at all times. I highly suggest this place!
By: Michael Z.
Eastern Healing Center
After received this massage service from head to feet I felt so relaxing and self empowered. The therapist was serious at taking care of me. She knew where and how to massage and made me feel quite released. I believe this is a highly qualified service and worth for the money.
By: Shine L.
Eastern Healing Center
This massage service offers unique solution to my chronicle pain in neck and shoulder. I received good stretches and accupressure that effectively release my pain. The therapists are caring and thoughtful. They make me comfortable. I recommend to those who need pain management

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