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By: timburton
Stampede Country Store
Stampede is an amazing addition to the already wonderful town of Bentonville, Arkansas. I do alot of work with various chainsaws & other devices that require ethanol free fuel to run properly. Normally I'll expect to pay $o.10 more for 100% pure unleaded gasoline, however Stampede is offering it for an unheard of $0.10 less than the other local gas stations. In truth there is no gas station that can compete with the price of the gas at Stampede Country Store. While inside I asked an employee named Geovanni if there was some gimmick to the price, to which he responded. "Nope, we're just selling it for what its really worth. We're not going to rip you off like the other gas stations just because we can. We aim to shake things up a bit around here." And shake things up they've done in the short amount of time the store has been open I've watch all the other stores try to drop their prices to match that of Stampede and fail to keep them that low for longer than a day. The only store keeping a close price in Walmart who sells their gas with up to 10% ethanol. At Stampede you're getting clean pure gas for the lowest price in town. Inside the store is very very clean compared to other gas stations in the area, and the customer service is extremely nice. Every-time I go in the store I make sure to grab a low priced snack & an even lower priced drink. All-in-all I highly recommend Stampede Country Store to everyone who enjoys spending less & getting more.
By: geovanni.stoppel
Stampede Country Store
Stampede Country store ,has the cheapest gas in the North West Arkansas area, staying at a super low $3.09 per gallon. Right now the only store even trying to compete with such a low price is Walmart. What's the difference? Stampede Country Store is offering their gas as ethanol free gas for only $3.09. That's right. Every-time I fill up I make sure to do it at Stampede Country Store where I can get ethanol free gas for $3.09 a full dime (or more) than its competitors selling a lower quality gas. Inside the store is also pretty awesome. Inside the store is kept very clean an clutter free compared to most of its competitors. The staff are all very friendly and willing to help you in any way they're able to. I always make sure to go in & grab a $0.99, 32oz fountain drink to fill my "personal tank" while I'm filling up my car's tank.
By: Stephanie W.
Walmart To Go
Ok, but I bought a salad there and it was frozen. I called the store and all the employee said was ok thanks and hung up! Very dissappointed in WM To Go!
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By: Earl S.
Rain Barrels Laura Lyn Inc
Did 2 rainbarrells and an above ground garden. Love my strawberries! It has also helped us control a flooding problem we were having

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