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Spirit Delivery and Distribution

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(215) 638-1894


510 Station Ave, Bensalem, PA 19020

Extra Phones

Phone: (267) 522-8929

Primary Phone: (267) 362-1500

Primary Phone: (267) 522-8929

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  • David B.

    If you are reading this, it's too late!!!! The only reason you'd search this company is if you've ordered from Home Depot and they screwed you...just like they screwed me.

    And that's why they are so bad. They don't need to have a good reputation, because their business comes from Home Depot, not the consumer.

    My only hope is that we, the consumers, start making a big enough stink that Home Depot starts looking at these reviews and does something about it. Remember when airlines used to make people sit on the runways for hours even if they didn't take off??? Well, they can't do that anymore because enough people bitched about it. We could do the same thing if we make enough noise. PLEASE MAKE A COMPLAINT TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU ABOUT THIS COMPANY.

    My experience:

    Spirit calls to confirm a delivery the night before. They say they will be at my house with my refrigerator between 7:30am and 11:30am. Great. I take off work, empty out my old fridge, and re-arrange my furniture so the delivery guys can get to the kitchen easily. Footnote: I'm having a dinner party the next day which is why I chose the delivery date a day before.

    I get a call around 8:30am the day of delivery saying that they are enroute to my house to move my old refrigerator. I remind the guy that a new refrigerator should also be delivered. He says he doesn't have a new refrigerator and calls the warehouse. He gets back to me, "The warehouse says they don't have a refrigerator for you Mr. Brown." SO WHY THE EFFF DID YOU CALL ME AND CONFIRM THE DELIVERY??!!!!", I asked them kindly

    This starts of ping pong of excuses from customer service reps at Spirit, then Maytag, and finally Home Depot. At the end of the day, Spirit screwed up. They should have never called me and said it was going to be delivered because it was never in their warehouse. But ultimately, Home Depot is at fault for using such a lazy, inept, and inefficient delivery company.

  • Erika A.

    Worst service ever! Delivery people were rude and liars! They didn't wanna do the job they were suppose to l. And when you contact the company they give you a run around and they lie as well! I had one person tell me there were things missing on the paper work and that's why and then there associate told me all the stuff was on the paper work! There a joke ! Terrible company

  • user avatar
    A S.

    Worst experience EVER. Home Depot continues to use this service in SE PA and SNJ. I had a delivery date scheduled, no call no show. Rescheduled. I received a call to disregard the timeslot automated call gives you - this is your timeslot. They arrive and determine that I have a valve defect - so don't hook up washer or dryer. Leave them in my foyer of the house. Washer was unpackage and dented and left before I realized. individual who did come out to install noted gas dryer hookups not provided. This company has given me the run around. Individual who installed appeared very honest and wanting to help in the situtation. The father/son duo who also work for Spirit - rude and ran off to next delivery. I have had to fight and argue re the damaged washer as it was not noted on paperwork. I had also purchased a dishwasher to installed and delivered in S NJ. They arrived 2 hrss after the window, no call to notify they were late. Canceled the order. I will not purchase from Home depot again.

  • Worst experience EVER
    user avatar

    I'm required to give one star. I was to have a stove, dishwasher, and OTS microwave delivered and installed (all ordered from HD). I received a call the day before detailing the delivery and a 1/2 hour warning the day of.

    1. They show up- no DW (it was damaged and we didn't have another one)

    2. I had to ask/remind them about gas line kit for the stove "no more on the truck"

    3. The OTS microwave dented/bent- clearly dropped.

    4. Had no plans of installing anything...

    0-4... Just terrible... Not to mention the boxes looked like they we're tossed around the warehouse with a forklift...

    I don't think I've been this disappointed with a company...

  • Rocky W.

    WORST PLACE TO WORK. i was an independent contractor for this company at the Pembroke pine,Florida location, and its SLAVERY!!!!!. I had $600 a week coming out of my check for truck insurance alone, because this company want its independent contractor using there insurance, no exceptions. I had to be buying fuel, plus paying my helper, paying for claims i did not do, while taking crap from the managers there. its a terrible place to work. They have no respect for their delivery drivers. they just wanna sit and collect money, while we are out in the field breaking our back lifting refrigerators and heavy appliances. if you want to work for free, take abuse while breaking your back on HHgreggs appliance and furnitures; this is the place to Go. HHgregg pay these guys $100 to deliver customers stuff, and independent contractors only get $30 per delivery. and dont look forward to getting back your Bond refund. they will make a bunch of excuse to not pay out. trust me..... MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Worst Delivery Company Out There

    Home depot uses them to deliver their appliances. They are horrible. The house was damaged completely and they didn't even finish the installation which is against state law. The walls were damaged and now theres a hole in my dry wall. I contacted the company after the delivery took pictures and I was told that i have to wait till Tuesday. Home Depot isn't even helpful. I waited till tuesday and now I am told tough sh*t because the delivery guys didnt tell to write down on the paper about the damages they admitted to. Worst delivery company ever. I never want to buy from Home Depot again if they choose to stay with this delivery company!

  • Beware: Dishonest and Neglectful of Personal Property

    This company is contracted to perform deliveries for my local Home Depot. Instead of driving on our driveway upon delivery of our new dryer, the driver instead missed the driveway and tore up my lawn (there was PLENTY of room). They agreed to pay $400 to cover the damages casued by their sloppiness, promising a check within 2-3 weeks. I write this review as week 5 begins and empty promises continue. Please beware of this company. While the drivers where nice, and the administration polite, neither demonstrated that they do their jobs with any level of competence. I am sure it is only a matter of time before Home Depot gets wise to their poor poor poor service and overall lack of integrity.

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