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By: Lance L.
Home Heating & Cooling
We cannot sing enough praises for Ric Secor and his dedicated team at Home Heating & Cooling for their perseverance in resolving issues with the efficiency of the heating and cooling package we agreed to purchase. Ric was the only HVAC person we spoke with due to the high recommendation from our daughter & son-in-law who had AC installed in their home during the Bend heat wave of 2014. When we met Ric in April 2015 we knew we wanted AC for the 17 year old house we purchased, and were considering replacing the furnace at the same time. Ric was thorough in his explanations of the options available along with the benefits and prices. We picked the high efficiency heat pump and an efficient furnace which was way more efficient than our existing furnace. Ric also recommended and an additional vent in the front living room and rerouted ducts in the crawl space for improved air flow and even rerouted the clothes dryer vent to improve it’s air flow. Everything was installed by the end of the following week….but the unit was not performing to their standards. They troubleshot the problem with the manufacturer, and the manufacturer even did a site visit. Ric replaced it with a brand new furnace which failed to resolve the issue, so Ric upgraded us to the high efficiency furnace at no additional cost. The upgraded furnace worked perfectly. Since the issue of efficient was only something that was noticeable with specialized equipment Ric’s team used they could have just said they were done, but with Ric and his team it is not just about getting the job done, it is all about getting the job done right. As another reviewer said, “It would be worthwhile to talk to Ric at Home Heating & Cooling if you are considering doing any sort of HVAC work on your house”.
By: Jim M.
Home Heating & Cooling
After spending a couple of hot Summers in Bend we decided to retrofit our house with air conditioning. We starting shopping for contractors to do the work in late Summer of 2014 and talked to, maybe, 5 or 6 local heating & cooling companies. Prices were all over the map. This is a difficult  area in which to do a straight 'apples to apples' kind of price comparison. One of the reason we chose Home Heating & Cooling was Ric's willingness to spend some time upfront to explain all the possible options and ways we could improve our comfort. He was also helpful in identifying any energy rebates and tax credits. After reviewing options we decided to add a heat pump unit to our system and re-route some duct work to improve airflow.The Home team was on the job at our house for 4 whole days with a crew of at least four workers. Naturally this was a bit disruptive but without exception the crew was careful, courteous and respectful even with the pets underfoot. They were also always willing to explain what they were doing and what was going to happen next. The  work started as scheduled and finished on time for the  agreed upon price.Since the work was completed we have noticed a more consistent warmth throughout the house with less cold spots. It is too early to comment on energy savings or how we will do during the next heat wave but I have confidence in the work done by Home Heating & Cooling. It would be worthwhile to talk to Ric at Home Heating & Cooling if you are considering doing any sort of HVAC work on your house.
By: Dirk S.
Home Heating & Cooling
We called Home Heating & Cooling to have our furnace serviced for winter and were very pleased with Pam and how professional she was in making the arrangements. The service personnel were polite, neat and made a suggestion to perhaps think about having our heating ducts cleaned. Ric came out and checked the ducts along with the air filter system and explained what could be done and provided us with an estimate. The ducts have been cleaned of various types of construction debris (the before and after pictures tell the story) and a new air filter system has been installed. We have found that not only has the flow air greatly increased but the furnace is operating a lot quieter. We are very pleased with the work accomplished and with the staff of Home Heating & Cooling. Nice to know we have company to call upon for all our heating needs.Mary and Dirk Sunriver
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By: Jennifer N.
Home Heating & Cooling
We initially used Home Heating & Cooling to get our ducts cleaned. We were so impressed with their professionalism and quality work, that it was a no-brainer to call them again when we ran into furnace issues later in the year. They ended up installing a new furnace us, as well as adding central AC and Aerosealing the ducts. Again, we were extremely impressed with the quality of the work, as well as very happy with the level of communication throughout the job. Further, we've also been thrilled with the unit itself, as it's worked seamlessly since. Can't recommend this business enough! Look no further if you need any HVAC work done.
By: ramair
Home Heating & Cooling
I've been active in the Heating & Cooling industry for 25 years, as a technician, business owner and globally recognized duct cleaning system inventor.In that time, I've worked with countless heating & cooling companies, and none of them have impressed me as much as Ric Secor's Home Heating in Bend, OR.He and his team are extremely well educated in their industry, show up on time, do exceptional work for a fair price, and best of all, give each client 100% of their personal attention.I highly recommend them to anybody in need of this type of service.David Hart- Founder/CEO RamAir Industries & Guarantee Duct Cleaning
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By: Jen L.
Home Heating & Cooling
Ric and the guys at Home Heating have done a great job for us twice now in two different homes. Recently we replaced a furnace, added a heat pump, and cleaned and sealed the ducts in an older house that we purchased. They did a great job in a timely manner and continue to resolve small issues to make sure everything is operating correctly and comfortably; they are extremely responsive and work with us on our schedules. We also appreciated Ric personally coming out to the house several times to meet with us and go over any questions we had. I will continue to use Home Heating in the future.
By: joe.santos.90281
Home Heating & Cooling
These guys fixed my humidifier after two other HVAC companies had failed to do so. Home Heating & Cooling came out within two ours of my service request, charged me a surprisingly low flat rate fee, and got it working. Their guys were polite, answered all my questions, and were more than willing to come back out (no charge) if any other work on the unit was required.I've dealt with a lot of different service/repair places in the past. I rarely have received such prompt and efficient service.
By: Joan Y.
Home Heating & Cooling
We found Home Heating & Cooling when we needed some work done in our crawl space - reconnecting our dryer duct to the outside world, and straightening and patching our furnace ductwork. They were outstanding in every way - excellent quality of work, along with promptness, courtesy, and answering all our questions. Highly recommend them.
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By: Kim H.
Home Heating & Cooling
Home Heating is an outstanding company providing professionalism and great customer service. We had a very challenging heating/cooling job and every aspect was handled with care and detail to personal preferences. Thank you guys!!
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