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By: ronfron
China King
We called ahead to pick up a simple order: (or so I thought). One quart egg drop soupOne quart hot & sour soupThree egg rollsWhen we arrived the cashier asked us what we ordered. We repeated our order. She replied, "that's not what we have." A young man piped up " you ordered one quart of egg drop soup, a pint of hot & sour soup & four egg rolls." He then proceeded to argue with us. Angrilly, he then pulled out the fourth egg roll & put it back in the kitchen & added a pint of hot & sour. I am going to check with the local health dept. to see if it's sanitary to put food back into the kitchen.
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By: Steve W.
China King
Best Crab Rangoon I have ever had. Its too bad its the most disgusting place to eat.Tables dirty, floor covered in grease, double door entrance impossible for handicapped to enter.I can only imagine what condition the kitchen is in.
By: gina.k.dvorak
China King
Food was hot and yummy and I'm only doing a review because of the person complaining about "A possible health code violation" I call bs!!! They were very friendly
By: nativeofillinois
China Quick
They have the BEST crab rangoon! I do not even bother to order it from anywhere else. China quick's rangoon is just so tasty I cannot find anyone to match it.
By: Montressa W.
New China Restaurant
I gotta say the food was delicious. I ordered the General Tso chicken and the Beef Lo Mein I was well pleased.
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By: Jason D.
Easy Buffet and Grill
Ok food, nothing exciting. WAY overpriced. $15 for buffet an lemonade. Not near worth bit. I will not go back.
By: Kristie L.
Easy Buffet and Grill
Large amount of choices, decent food and ok service. I come here a few times a year and always enjoy it.
By: tdm123
Easy Buffet and Grill
Ok food not the best........much as you would except from a buffet .

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