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  • Lisa H.
    Edited: 06/07/2017

    Your living experience at VBH depends on your neighbor. I've read the reviews, some good, some bad. That is life at VBH . . . some good, some bad. We've lived here for quite a long time, mostly bad with some good years. Your neighbor does dictate your quality of life, and neighbors come and go. A kind, courteous, considerate neighbor . . . you will enjoy living here. Not a courteous or considerate neighbor, you will not enjoy living here. We've had both. The walls are paper thin, so if you live in the center homes in a unit, you share a common party wall in the living rooms and bed rooms. You can hear your neighbor yell, scream, blast the stereo, etc. Need to get to bed early for work, and your neighbor stays up until 1 a.m. cleaning in the bed room next to you, watching TV in bed, or simply yelling at one another, too bad for you. Complaints will do you no good, only escalate the problem. Not to mention members that refuse to clean up indoors and outdoors (rare but here). Simply put, you are playing Russian Roulette when moving in . . . have a great neighbor and you will love it here, not a courteous neighbor, and you will wish you never moved in and bid your time until you move out.

  • Van Buren Homes Inc. is a wonderful place to Live

    I am very upset with the false statements that were made by Van Buren Homes viewers. I have live here for 38 years. I raised, in a safe environment 2 boys and half of my children's friends. This was the place that most people that lived in Beaver knew wherethere children were. The children always played as a group and they are all still best friends at the age of 40 and the parents still keep contact with one another. We were like family.
    Still today as a grandmother my grandchildren enjoy coming here and playing at the park, sled riding, etc.
    This is an ideal place for seniors. They can enjoy life and live on there own, low price in renting, we own a share, we have good office staff, maintenance dept, great solicitor/attorney who cares about the people's housing and share value which is returned. I have been a former Board member and the Board gets rude if, you dare think you that someone with boo coo money wants to buy this place. We have build this co=op for
    so, we can live a simple life and enjoy our retirement.
    This is a caring place and for those who bad mouth this place don't know what they are talking about, possible what to start rumors and have nothing better to do but, make trouble and arouse people.

    This place is a blessing and those who can't get in/or have lived here before that had bad experiences-need to questionthings. Board members have a job to do and that is to keep our co-op in a safe environment, protect our share,enforce the rules and regulations. If anyone thinks they are rude or alittle harsh, I'm glad to hear that. They are doing there job.

    Times has change and it is tough to please people without firmness it would not be functioning for over 50 years. The Board and Staff knows how to deal with arrogant people as well as cooperative people. I am proud living here, You realize that material things are nothing-I have beautiful memories that is priceless and my boys have told me several times that Van Buren Homes have touched there hearts and they wished that their children would have the same environment playing football, kick ball, baseball, and sitting on porches talking with friends all hours. The parents made three meals a day, stayed home with there children which is difficult today due to the economy but, all in all most the kids that are raised here are successful and the elderly are living here without burdening their children. Most of the people here are happy. I don't appreciate those who bad mouth Van Buren Homes. I am confident that the majority of the population here would agree with me.

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