By: Proudly not from T.
Gonzalez Rosa C Md
Nice and will listen to you but unprofessional about her schedule. Her sign reads that her hours are Mon.-Thurs. 9-5 with lunch 12-1:30. It should read 10-4:30 with lunch being from 12- whenever she happens to feel like it. But she and her staff are quick to help if you can ever get in touch with them. Don't bother leaving messages with her answering service, you won't hear back. I gave her 3 stars only because she is one of the best Beaumont has to offer but that is not saying much. She also rubs her religion in your face at every opportunity so if you are not Christian, get ready to have the social majority's ideology forced on you.
By: cynthiaclack
Gripon, Edward Dr
This is the best Psychiatrist in the Golden Triangle. I have seen others in the area, and they are not concerned about your well being as much as Dr. Gripon and his staff are.I am very glad to have such a wonderful, caring Dr. and staff. I have been seeing Dr. Gripon, Jennifer, and Ben for several years now. If it were not for them, I don't now where I would be today. Among other things, they, together have save my MarriageLove them!!!!!.
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By: Jean E.
Ravikumar MD Kanneganti PA
To whom it may concern, I am a patient of ravikumar kanneganti for a long time , and for him to devote his time with his patients he does a awesome job, he takes and find time to listen about his patients concern. .. he provides a proper care with his patients ,especially on putting them on the right medication and what is best for them to help and cope with their medical issues.
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By: Admeshia R.
Ravikumar MD Kanneganti PA
Both of my children are patients of doctor Kanneganti, they are both doing very well at school due to their medications that Dr Kanneganti has prescribed for them. He is an excellent doctor and I would recommend him to any one . His staff is excellent and always friendly and pleasant, very caring and able to meet our needs, also ready to help at any time.
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By: ra7369
Joseph P Derrick MD
Dr Derrick is one of the best doctors I have ever come across. He is so kind and compassionate, and he always has a sucker for his little patients at the end of their visit. Even though he is a pediatrician, he always wants to know how the whole family is. My son is grown now, but still wants to see Dr Derrick. He is the best.
By: martha.stringer1
Garrett MD Peel Mhs
That Dr. Peel is a great surgeon. I would definitely recommend him. He is so caring and compassionate. He really cares about his patients. He makes you feel so relaxed. I was never worried about having my surgery. I fully trusted him with my life.love Dr.,Peel His patient Martha Stringer He saved my life.
By: pacman21121
Rodonaia Family Medicine & Aes
Dr. Rod is my new family doctor. He is the best doctor I've ever had. He asks me the important questions and listens to my needs. When I've needed to change my appointment day, no problem. He even allowed me to walk-in on one occasion. Generally Seems to Care!
By: tippettsrus
Rodonaia Family Medicine & Aes
My entire family uses Dr. Rodonaia for the last 1 1/2. My kids love him, He is thorough, friendly, has the best bedside manner and no matter where he goes, if I can get to him, he will be our family doctor.
By: Brenna H.
Dr. Alvin H. Prause
Everything about them is a ten star service. They obviously care about the children they are seeing, and I like that they have experience in the field. They are knowledgeable in the choices they make.
By: Susie H.
Steven Sacks MD
Dr. Steven Sacks is a personable, caring, and compassionate phsycian who takes the time to listen to you. His staff is equally awesome. Highly recommend Dr. Sacks as a pain management physician.
Tips & Advices
Radiological exams can be either diagnostic or interventional. Diagnostic exams are intended to detect the presence of a certain condition, like a bone fracture or a tumor inside the body. Interventional radiology uses imaging techniques to assist in treating a condition, usually through surgery, but the procedure itself is not intended to have a direct impact on the outcome of the disease.
The exact process of an exam will vary depending on the specific type of imaging procedure and the goal of the test. Patients will usually be situated near a machine that will direct the appropriate form of energy to the part of the body being examined. Technicians help patients perform the necessary steps to complete the process.
Most imaging exams do not have any immediate side effects. The most important side effect of many forms of radiology is the exposure to small doses of radiation. In almost all cases, a single exam will deliver a radiation dose that is too low to have any effect, but over repeated exposure, the risk of developing cancer from this radiation increases. Radiologists take several precautions to limit exposure on behalf of patients as well as themselves and their staff.
Results from an imaging procedure may be available almost instantly (as with X-rays and ultrasound), or might take a few minutes to develop. However, in some cases it will take a radiologist additional time to analyze and report on the images collected, so results may be delayed by a few hours or days.
Radiologists can perform a variety of imaging procedures depending on their specialty. Common examples include:
  • X-rays.
  • Computed tomography (CT scans).
  • Ultrasound.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
  • Positron emission tomography (PET).
  • Interventional radiology: Using specialized imaging techniques to assist with surgery, either immediately before or in the process of a surgical procedure.

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