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By: selusa
King Palace
I believe this is the best Chinese buffet in Beaumont. Atmosphere is nice, they are polite, clean, and are generally pumping out fresh food. The sushi can be hit or miss. Sometimes it is good, sometimes not so much. Very small rolls though. They have a decent selection of fruit and sweets, nothing extravagant. As with ALL buffets, try and show up around the hot hours (lunch, dinner). If you show up around 3pm, you're likely to have food that has been sitting out. They aren't going to make a ton of fresh food when no one is there eating (duh). The last few times, I've had terrible servers. They are polite, nice enough, but will generally ignore you the whole dinner (except to pick up plates). After leaving my drink on the edge of the table, empty, for 10 minutes, I give up. It is obvious to me that there has been a change in management because the place has generally been having better quality of their foods. They have also introduced a large take-out menu that advertises it being fresh, cooked to order. Reasonably priced and a nice selection. I haven't had a chance to try it out, but if it's like the buffet, and for the price, I think it'd be a good deal.
By: achilles1776
China Star People Buffet
I have to laugh at the simpleness of some of the other reviewers. Complaining the raw oysters were cold? They were supposed to be cold! If you want the skinny here it is. Their food is very good, but it couldn't hurt them to replace them faster. The Mongolian grill is excellent, and the sushi is your standard stuff. Yummy yummy food, but their servers are not very attentive to the degree which I would like. They need to be trained to never be just standing in one place looking on without doing anything while the house is full. This is probably due to a management that tries to be friends with them rather than whip them into shape (once their sushi maker was an hour late, which was very disappointing). Overall 4/5 stars because their wait staff needs to be whipped into shape!
By: lori.langforddavis
China Star People Buffet
New Owner as of the first of June, 2013. Good food and GREAT service. When our waitress came to collect our plates she made the comment that I must not have been very hungry because I didn't eat very much. I told her that I was starving but that I had weight loss surgery so I don't eat very much. She said that the new owner would want to know that so she went and got him. He came to the table and asked how everything was and explained that he had just bought the restaurant and that he would not charge me for my meal! I had already paid and he went and got me a refund! I was in shock, I wish I would have at least paid for a child's plate! They will get my business again!
By: seriousreviews
China Star People Buffet
I have been here twice now and both times were poor. I give it two stars because I like how the present the items on the buffet.I had to fill our tables drinks because the server was lost somewhere. The food is obviously not from native Chinese chefs nor someone properly trained in cooking Chinese food. The only sushi they have is California style with no traditional sushi available. One sushi cook (not a chef by any means) agreed to give me some tuna sashimi, but cut the tuna into 1/2 inch thick cubes! This guys seriously doesn't know anything about sushi or sashimi.
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By: ra7369
China Hut
China Hut has very tasty chines food, I always loved to eat there. I love their egg rolls. We used to order for delivery quite often, but the last time they called they said they would not deliver to our location anymore. That is the only thing that keeps me from giving them a 5 star rating.
By: Javier L.
China Star People Buffet
FairWorld on quality of food, undercooked meat. Waiters were nice and very attentive. Clean except minor counters around food of course. Can improve on desserts, completly disagree with height money. Overall, our expierience after all my visits was good!
By: kathie.walker.7
China Star People Buffet
It is a much larger buffet than most Chinese Restuarants. The food was good. The only complaint that I have is the restuarant is too dark. Not enough lighting. With some one having a vision problem, this would not be a good place to take them.
By: txfreethinker
China Star People Buffet
I have eaten at China Star several times and I love it! About to go there today. The food is great and the service is always friendly. I especially love the fruit and the baked white fish! The BEST Chinese restaurant in Beaumont!!
By: lorrainep
Peking Chinese
The new owners of this restaurant know what they are doing! Great food. Perfect temperature (hot ), variety is great, and they are very cordial and polite. I highly recommend them over the "big" Chinese buffet restaurants.
By: Vann S.
China Hut
China Hut is located in Flavor Town when it comes to the Cream Cheese Wontons!!!! Best I have ever had! General Tso's chicken was spot on! Delivery guy funny and friendly. Definitely recommend trying this great food.

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