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By: James P.
Battle Creek Westside Auto
Just bought my 3rd car from Greg over the last 7 years-no complaints what so ever, I get a great price, if he doesn't have what I want he gets it for me, and he has helped me in the past get his dealer rates at the mechanics shop when I needed repairs. My current purchase is a Chevy Silverado, looks like a million dollars but the rubber was probably 60% when I bought the truck, I don't want to have to deal with new tires this winter so I mentioned to Greg I was going to get them replaced, he jumped on the phone and saved my over 20% with one of his tire suppliers. If I need a daily driver Greg will continue to be my first choice in the future, he doesn't sell many newer model low mile vehicles but if you want a heck of a deal on a older car he is my guy. Thanks again Greg!
By: Judy T.
Car City Supercenter
I am on a very limited income, I live off of Social Security and I don't receive that much a month. They said you have to have at least $1700 in income to qualify. My income is not even close to that. I figured there would be no way I could ever get me a decent car, but my daughter convinced me to give it a try, b/c they had went thru Mike and he helped them. So I gave it whirl and sure enough with my daughter being on the loan with me to boost my income i was approved, and I was able to get the vehicle of my choice, and my payments are very affordable. If you need a car I would go thru car city and ask for Mike and the technician there Steve will answer all your questions.
By: Daniella M.
Battle Creek Westside Auto
I had to laugh at the last review, this is my first review but when I see that lady complaining about mechanical issues 7 months after she bought the car, even after her mechanic inspected the car and said it was ok is laughable and decided I would take the time to talk about my experience-where is the personal responsibility anymore..? Anyways, I bought a Honda with 155000 miles last month that required a couple minor fixes for literally 1/2 the Kelly blue book price-couldn't be happier. I bought and received exactly what I paid for, thank you WSA and Greg. I can promise you I will not be complaining in another 7 months about anything:-) lol
By: Tony W.
Battle Creek Westside Auto
paid $2400 out the door for a 2005 impala, couldn't be happier. if the car last two years it will be a huge win for my family. could have spent more for a lower mile car but everything checked out on the impala and that's all the cash I have, I drove 3 cars before I settled on the impala but well worth my time. I literally looked everywhere, private sellers and dealers, I could for a car in my price range, horror stories of some of the "minor" fixes people tried pushing off on me like bad transmissions and head gaskets in my price range, I bought a good one in my opinion. ty wsa
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By: Ellery W.
Battle Creek Westside Auto
The salesman lied to me when I specifically asked if all if the outside lights work. I don't think the price was fair either, but what can you do, right. I traveled over an hour for a specific car, and when I got there the car was nothing like they portray. The sale itself was executed in a suspicious manner. I will not return ever. Someone else may have a better experience, and I feel if you have more money to spend you would be treated better. Overall, just be vigilant and thorough when shopping here.
By: Kat B.
Car City Supercenter
Car City in Battle Creek, MI have the greatest guys(Mike and Steve) on Earth. I had an accident on Wednesday and the same day I walked out of their office/car lot with a ride. They are very helpful, courteous, and understanding to what you need and want. They were empathic to my needs and provided great quality service. I really appreciate the time that they took to make sure I understood everything and needed nothing. They are awesome!!! Love those guys! Kat Bailey
By: T.l. S.
Battle Creek Westside Auto
Best selection of quality cars that I could find after one month of shopping. I drove all over Southwestern Michigan looking for a car for my daughter. The most I had to spend was $3800 and they had a huge selection. As a father I needed a reliable car and as for my daughter she just wanted to look cute. We found several cars that pleased both of us. The staff went over and beyond to help us.
By: Howard C.
Car City Supercenter
By: ndiffendal
Car City Supercenter
Mike and Jordan were extremely helpful in getting my husband and me the car we needed to accommodate our family. Mike pulled out all the stops to ensure that we went home with a great car. We both work late, and live almost an hour away. It was some of the best customer service we have ever received, and HIGHLY recommend using Car City in Battle Creek!
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By: Sheri T.
Car City Supercenter
Jordan and Scott did everything they could to get me into a beautiful car and with a decent payment! When I had a couple of minor issues with the car, they put me in an even more beautiful loaner for a couple of days and even offered to come switch cars if I needed it!I would recommend them to anyone if you have bad credit or even borderline, like me!

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